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53 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2024 with Ease

You need to increase your blog traffic in 2024.

The internet is busier than ever this year. It’s time to take your blog seriously and get serious amounts of readers and subscribers.

The more readers and subscribers you gain, the more customers you can convert those leads into.

In this article, I’m going to show you 53 different ways to increase your blog traffic that are relevant to this current year.

Let’s get right to it!

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Strategic Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

You have to be strategic in 2024 if you want to increase your blog traffic. Businesses and companies have used strategic planning for years, and the results are typically successful. Why can’t bloggers follow the same efforts as these successful businesses? I’ll show you how to do it.


1 – Determine Your Niche and Blog Audience

Your blog isn’t going to grow unless you determine your exact niche and audience.

Your niche should be your biggest passion. It needs to be a topic you know a lot about. Trend and popularity shouldn’t be the reason you chose your niche. The reason should be that you have a great interest in it.

Once you determine your niche, you need to determine your audience.

You need to know exactly what your ideal reader and customer looks like. Create an avatar for them. Once you identify your exact audience, then you’ll know exactly who to write for.

Your niche and your audience are important. You need to determine both before you do anything else.


2 – Try to Match Search Intent

Search intent is simple. It’s aligning your content to what your audience is searching for.

Basically, when someone searches for a particular search term or query, your content matches the intent of their search, and your content becomes what they consume from search engine results.

There are different kinds of search intents. Informational, transactional, and local are just a few to be named. Your content needs to align with a specific type of search intent. This post is informational, as I am showing you how to increase your blog traffic.

The best way to match search intent is to thoroughly study your audience and their needs and wants.

The more you know people who read your blog, the better you can create content to meet their needs.


3 – Externally Link Your Best Blog Content

You need to start promoting your best blog content in 2024.

Make a list of your best blog posts. Put the title, description, and URL on a spreadsheet. Every time you create a new blog post, look for anchor text that would be best to link to your best blog posts on your spreadsheet.

The idea is to get more readers on awesome evergreen content that you have already created.

This will keep people on your blog and continuing to consume your content.


4 – Build Backlinks for Your Blog

You need to build backlinks for your blog if you want to increase your blog traffic.

The backlinks must be reputable. You need to be picky about where you build them. The websites that link to you should be relevant and of a higher quality. You can’t control who randomly links to you, but you can do a good job of seeking out better backlink sources.

Don’t take rejection to heart. Accept it and move on until you get accepted.

The more backlinks you have on authority websites, the better your blog will do on search engines.


5 – Use Call-to-Actions on Your Blog

Every blog post you publish should have a Call-to-Action attached to it.

A Call-to-Action or CTA is when you engage a reader to act on a certain thing you’ve intended for them to act on. It might be to buy a product or service, subscribe to your newsletter, leave a comment, or join your online community.

If you publish a blog post without a CTA, you’ve wasted an opportunity to increase your blog traffic through action-taking.

Don’t put too many CTAs on a post, but make sure you have at least one.


6 – Make Your Posts Personal and in Your Own Voice

A lot of bloggers are starting to write with AI, and it’s turning into a problem.

The problem is that people are realizing that a human being does not write the posts. That makes them not personal anymore. How can we relate to artificial intelligence? We relate to human beings because we’re human beings.

Don’t make this horrible mistake. Instead, you write the article in your own voice and use personal terms like “you” and “me.” This reassures our readers that they’re reading something from a fellow human being with relatable feelings and questions.

Write as if you’re talking to one of your readers on a one-to-one basis.


7 – Increase Your Blog Traffic with SEO

Use SEO to increase your blog traffic through search engine rankings.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means you’re using techniques to help rank higher on search engines. Most people get what they need from the first search page. You want to be on that first search page. If you are, then SEO is working for you.

Your content is more important than SEO, and it always will be. That means you must deliver high-value content at all times. But SEO is still a good thing to practice in order to boost your content.

Learn keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO, and you’ll notice significant changes to how your content ranks on search engines.


8 – Launch a YouTube Channel for Your Blog

You can increase your blog traffic by starting a YouTube channel around its topics.

Like with blogging, the more you upload on YouTube, the more results you’ll get. If you can upload one video a day, it will significantly help your blog’s growth. But once a day sounds overwhelming, right? Consider using the YouTube Shorts feature. Shorts are easier to upload on a daily basis, and you’ll get more traffic because of their popularity.

Create a shorter video version of your blog posts and upload them. Try to make sure the video is educational, dramatic, and entertaining as best as you can. Work on using eye-catching video titles and text in your short-form content.

As a bonus, once your Shorts get a certain amount of views and watch time, you can even monetize them and make money with your videos.


9 – Build an Online Community for Your Blog

An online community is another feature of blogging where search engines and social media algorithms can’t control who sees your content.

Online communities are especially important to create these days. AI, search engines, and social media can dictate who sees your content. They can’t penetrate online communities because access is restricted to them. This allows you an immediate connection with your readers and subscribers. A lot of bloggers are not using communities, and because of that, they’re missing out on loads of new readers.

Create an online community that you have control of. If you’re using WordPress, there are plenty of great membership plugins you can use to create a community on your blog. This will make it easier to convert readers into members since they’re already used to how your blog looks and works.

An online community is successful when there is a high level of engagement present, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your community active.


10 – Improve Your Blog Design

If you want to increase your blog traffic, it might be something as simple as improving your design.

A good blog is simple and easy to navigate. It’s easy for a blogger to want to use a fancy design with a lot of bells and whistles. Those options are out there, and most of them are free to implement. However, the more you add to your design, the slower the blog gets and the harder it is to use and understand how to navigate.

You should always keep user experience in mind when designing your blog. You want their experience to be simple and easy to use. That will keep them on your blog longer.

Focus on branding that is simple and easy to use and navigate, and you’ll notice an increase in blog traffic.


11 – Start a Podcast for Your Blog

Podcasting is a great way to increase your blog traffic because of how popular it has become.

People love podcasting. It’s a great way to enjoy a long commute, work out at the gym, or catch up on what’s new around our favorite hobbies and interests. It’s also a great way for bloggers to increase readers, make money, and grow their overall experience and reputation in the niche.

The great news is that you can start podcasting for practically nothing. Gary Vee says all you need is your cell phone, and that is the truth. If you end up enjoying podcasting a lot, you will want to eventually upgrade to better equipment.

Podcasting is easy to use to send your listeners to your blog. You can also find guest bloggers, people to interview, and potential advertisers to help you earn a profit with your voice.


12 – Become a Source for Content

If you become a source of content, people will seek your blog out.

By source of content, I mean exactly what it reads. Basically, you’ll create extremely shareable content. It’s a type of source that other articles link to, people share on social media, and, in some cases, students add to their essays as an informational source.

However, there is a requirement to accomplish this. You need to know your audience and what they want, and you need to give them exactly what they want. Your content needs to be a high-quality and value-packed resource. It MUST be the best.

If you become a source in your niche, you’ll most likely be one of the top blog blogs in your industry.


13 – Network with Fellow Niche Bloggers

You might think other blogs in your niche are the enemy and competition.

If you do believe that way, you’re thinking about it the wrong way and probably missing out on a lot of opportunities to increase your blog traffic. Your competition isn’t your enemy. They’re your networking peers. They will do better for you than bad.

Your competition is who you want to guest blog with. You should seek out your competition, befriend them, and network with each other to make both of your blogs better.

Not having competition isn’t a good thing, but not networking with your existing competition is even worse.


14 – Setup Push Notifications for Your Blog

Have you ever gone to a website and been prompted to enable push notifications?

Push notifications are when the website sends you alerts (over your browser) of new content. Most of us likely reject them, but if a reader of your blog understands that they can be notified of new content, they might actually accept them. It won’t hurt to add the ability to be notified of new content on your blog.

Try to create a post explaining push notifications for those who may not understand it. You could even make a video on your YouTube channel, which you should make for your blog.

This is one more feature that can help you gain a returning reader on your blog.


15 – Create Blog Audience Profiles

The best way to increase your blog traffic is to know who your blog traffic is.

This can be done by creating audience profiles. Some will also refer to this as creating an avatar for your customer or reader. Basically, you’re creating a profile of whom you are creating content for. This allows you to know your ideal reader. You can use this information to market your blog content more precisely in order to grow your audience.

In order to achieve this, you need to research your ideal audience. You want to know everything about them, especially their wants and needs.

The more you know about the people you write for, the easier it will be to write something that they will immediately want to consume.


16 – Increase Your Blog Traffic with Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the main fundamentals of blog search engine optimization.

Think of keyword research as understanding what readers will search for your article. You want to find a keyword or phrase that sums up your article to a T. Then you want to make sure that keyword or phrase is being searched for and meets the search intent of your readers. But if everyone is using that keyword or phrase, it’ll be harder to rank with it.

High search volume aligned search intent and low competition – that’s what you want to look for when conducting proper keyword research.

Lucky for you, there are all sorts of great tools available to help make keyword research a simple task.


17 – Use an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Create an editorial calendar to help increase your blog traffic by being consistent at blogging.

An editorial calendar is meant to organize your blogging schedule. You include topics that you will be writing about with deadlines on which you mean to publish them. This gives you a plan and helps you remain motivated to consistently make content for your blog.

Bloggers who don’t organize are usually the ones who fail from the start.

Creating your calendar is easy and free if you use something simple like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.


18 – Ensure Your Blog Loads Quickly

A slow blog will kill your blog.

Speed is extremely important in blogging. It’s important for SEO. It’s really important for your user experience. If your readers feel your blog is too slow to load, they’ll leave your blog and probably never come back. Your pages need to load in two seconds or less.

If your blog is slow, try to find out the reason it is slow. It could be your design, plugins, images you’ve added to posts, or even your hosting service. Find the source and make an appropriate change necessary to speed your blog pages up.

A fast blog is the best way to increase your blog traffic.


19 – Test and Improve Your Blog Frequently

You should always be looking for ways to improve your blog.

Your blog can be improved on a constant basis. You shouldn’t change the design or interface so that your audience will see too much, as it can make things confusing. But if you can do things to speed the blog up or increase user experience, then you should definitely do that.

The mobile experience of your blog audience is even more important. The majority of your readers will be using a mobile device, no matter what your niche is. You need to put your mobile audience first at all times.

Try to test and improve your blog on a consistent basis for the best results.

Drive Traffic to a Blog

Promotional Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

In order to increase your blog traffic, you have to promote your blog. Waiting for traffic to come to your blog isn’t realistic. The only way people will know your blog exists is if you promote it.


20 – Promote Your Posts on Your Newsletter

If you don’t already have a newsletter, you need to create one RIGHT NOW.

Your newsletter is direct access to your readers without worrying about AI, algorithms, or search engines controlling who can see your content. It’s a direct line to your readers. When you create new content on your blog, you can use your newsletter to share that you have created new content. It’s a great way to keep readers returning to your blog.

You should also make sure there is some exclusivity to your newsletter. Exclusive content will keep people subscribed as long as it is value-packed content.

Get your newsletter going, start building up subscribers, and promote your blogging content on it to keep people coming back to read your latest material.


21 – Promote Your Blog on Online Communities

Online communities are a great way to promote your blog content.

First of all, don’t spam these communities. You need to make sure that you’ve developed a relationship with members of the community before you start promoting your content. When everyone knows you and enjoys what you have to say, it’s easier to promote your stuff.

Just make sure that you don’t overly promote. You need to be posting on a 90/10 scale. 90% of your content should be non-promotional, while the other 10% can be focused on your blog links and such.

An online community is more about promoting your blog through developing your online expertise and reputation by developing relationships using the community.


22 – Share Your Blog Content on Reddit

Reddit is a perfect way to increase your blog traffic as long as you don’t spam.

Reddit can get you a lot of audience-specific blog traffic. It can be one of your best sources of traffic. But you can’t just join the platform and start promoting unless you want to be banned right away, which will definitely be the case if you do.

As you would in an online community, you need to build up your engagement and activity. Don’t promote for months after you’ve joined Reddit. Instead, focus on becoming known and liked in the Reddit communities you are a part of.

Getting to promote on Reddit takes time but once you can do it the right way, it will definitely pay off.


23 – Repurpose Blog Content in a Twitter Thread

Twitter (or X) is a great platform for promoting your blog content.

Don’t rely on pure promotional Tweets. The algorithm will do what it can to stop most people from seeing it unless you promote it. Instead, use your content to create micro-versions of your content and then point people to the full article on your blog.

Take your latest article and minify it into a Twitter Thread. Then, tell people in order to see the full article, they should check out your blog that’s linked to your Twitter profile. This keeps external links out of the threads and gives a better chance of them being read by more people.

Threads are popular on X, but it helps if you have built a good following to begin with.


24 – Get Your Blog Linked on Niche Newsletters

Find niche newsletters and try to get your blog link on them.

There are typically four ways to get linked to someone else’s newsletter. You can ask them to link your blog. You can do some sort of link exchange with them. You can create content that is so valuable that they want to link to you. You can also pay for a link in most newsletters. However, you get the link; these links can often increase your blog traffic with people who are actually looking for your type of content.

If you want to create highly shareable content, make sure you thoroughly study the content linked on the newsletters to understand what type of content the creator often links to. Then, you’ll understand what type of content to create that will likely be linked to newsletters.

Try to get your link on many different niche newsletters in order to take full advantage of this wonderful promotional tactic.


25 – Run Ads for Your Blog

If you have a budget, you can spend money to increase your blog traffic.

If you have money to spend on promotional techniques, then you should consider buying ads for your blog content. In most cases, you should only buy advertising if you have a goal of earning more than you spent in profit from sales that occur because of the ad. However, you can also do low-risk advertising in an effort to increase traffic to your blog.

You should fully understand where your audience is likely seeing ads on niche blogs like yours. It could be Google Search or Facebook. This will help you determine where you should purchase ads. You want to make sure you learn how to watch the analytics of the ads to understand if it’s working or not.

Paid advertising is still a great way to increase traffic to your blog if done correctly.


26 – Increase Your Blog Traffic with Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic.

If you’re not promoting your blog and brand on social media, you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic, subscribers, and customers. You should be on a few social media platforms where your audience is mostly found at. You should be active at scale on these platforms, posting multiple times a day, every day. I suggest using a scheduling service (I use Buffer) to be able to scale up your social media presence.

You also have to engage with your followers. Reply to every comment, reshare content from your followers, and build a community.

You don’t have to be extremely active on every social media platform, but you should be on at least a few of them.


27 – Repurpose Blog Content on Other Platforms

Repurpose your existing blog content on other platforms when applicable.

I’m not telling you to copy and paste onto another platform. Duplicate content isn’t a good idea. However, you can scale your existing content down and publish it on other platforms when appropriate. Do this with Twitter threads, short-form video content, or even similar shorter article versions on Medium or Tumblr.

When you create a post on your blog, you create content that can be repurposed again and again. Don’t just assume that after you create it, that’s it.

You just have to make sure you create content that is valuable enough to be worthy of repurposing.


28 – Promote Your Blog on Quora

Quora is a great place to promote your blog and your expertise in the niche.

I use Quora for everything. I use it for ideas to write posts about. I use it to answer tough questions so that I can build my expertise and reputation in my niche. I also use it to promote my blog. You should join Quora and become an active contributor to the site. It’s where a lot of niche bloggers have gained a lot of authority over the years, and it still works great for that.

Create a credential that links to your blog (like “Founder of”) and use it when answering questions. Write articles that link to pages on your blog. Create spaces where you can post links to your blog posts.

There are many ways to use Quora to increase your blog traffic.


29 – Enable Social Sharing Buttons on Your Posts

Your readers will share your content on social media if you make it easy for them to do so.

The idea of copying a link, going to social media, pasting in the link, and trying to create a message for it can be pretty daunting to a lot of your followers. No one really does that. But to press a button where they can easily and quickly share a link to your blog content is something they already do a lot on social media.

Provide social media sharing buttons on each blog post you write. Make sure the buttons stay visible as the user scrolls the blog post. You want them to have the ability to share the content at any time. Use popular social media buttons where your audience is.

You should also take advantage of the social media sharing buttons and share your content, too.


30 – Add Your Blog Link to Your Signature

If you have a signature anywhere, add your blog link to it as a way to promote your blog.

There are a few different places where you can make a signature. Most discussion forums enable you the ability to add a signature. You can link your blog there if that is allowed. Your email address also gives you the ability to add a signature. You should definitely add your blog link to all outgoing emails you send.

Keep your signature simple. Use text and an anchor link. If allowed, you could also create a small banner and use it as your signature, which is often popular on discussion forums.

A signature is a great way to increase your blog traffic.


31 – Tell Your Family and Friends About Your Blog

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to increase your blog traffic.

Send your blog link to your friends. Send your blog link to your co-workers. Send your blog link to your family members. Ask your friends, co-workers, and family members to share your blog with others. These people are typically closest to you and will often want to help you out. It’s a great way to find more readers for your blog.

You don’t have to worry about spamming when you’re sending it to people who actually know. However, you should oversend it to them or take advantage of them.

Your closest friends, co-workers, and family want to help you when possible.


32 – Ask Your Personal Social Media Friends to Share Your Blog

Social media, as I mentioned above, is a really good way to drive traffic to your blog.

Aside from creating your own business page for your blog, if you have a personal page, share your blog and blog posts on it, too. Your social media friends and followers will typically enjoy reading your blog content. They’re also more likely to share it with others, especially if you ask for shares.

Your close social media friends will be more likely to share your content than followers of your blog’s main business page.

Just be sure not to post links too much; otherwise, the social media platform might automatically assume your links are spam and suspend your posting access.


33 – Share All New and Old Blog Posts Routinely

Don’t neglect your old blog posts, especially the high-value ones.

You should share your new posts frequently after publishing them. But you should also be sharing older posts, too. This is especially true if your older content is evergreen, which means that it doesn’t lose its value over time.

Share older content routinely on social media, Reddit, and online communities where you’ve already established your brand.

Your old content can help increase your blog traffic just as much as your new content can.


34 – Engage with Influencers on Social Media

Find influencers on social media and engage with them through your blog page.

Follow influencers on social media. Comment on everything they post. Make sure your comments are engaging and spark a discussion. Do that as much as you can. Share their content frequently and be an active contributor. The influencer will take notice, and so will their followers. This is a great way to get more traffic and potential shares from the influencer.

Try to do this with influencers that are within your blogging niche. These are going to be the best types of social media influencers to engage with.

Just be careful about what you post.

Blog Strategy

Content Creation Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Most of your blog traffic will depend on how well you can create content on your blog. Content is and will always be king when it comes to blogging and getting readers to your content.


35 – Blog About Topics that People Search For

Search intent is creating content about what people are searching for on search engines.

It’s one of the best ways to get more users from search engines. You’re basically creating content that aligns exactly with what readers are searching for to consume. You give them what they want. You have to create a good title and make sure your content delivers in order to win at search intent.

If you try to trick the system or use clickbait, search engines will take notice and start to rank your content lower because of the false information.

Creating exactly what your audience wants is critical for blogging these days.


36 – Mention People in Posts and Tell Them About It

Try to mention other bloggers, experts, and influencers in your content, and then let them know what you did.

One of the best ways to get shared or talked about in blogs and social media from experts in your niche is to mention them first. You might have to mention them quite a bit. But once you do, and you inform them each time, most of them will return the favor. You are effectively helping them, after all, and they’ll appreciate it.

If they respond and thank you for mentioning them, let them know that you’d be more than happy for them to share your content if they want to. Tell them it will help you while also helping them. Your content will effectively give them social credit.

If you do this enough, you’ll likely earn friends who are well-known in the niche, and people will take notice of that and see more of what you and your blog are about.


37 – Create Shareable Images on Your Blog

Create shareable images around topics associated with your blog.

Infographics are images that explain how things work and how to do something or give informational facts and awareness about specific topics. They’re a great resource for niche bloggers who want to cover certain topics in a shareable graphical format.

You can put your domain name on the graphics (for example, to help promote your blog and encourage people to visit it.

Just make sure the images are of the best quality possible and are visually appealing.


38 – Update and Republish Old Blog Content

Don’t let your old content go to waste.

After a year, you should audit your older content. If the content can be updated, then you should update it for the new year, make changes where needed, and republish the content. Share the updated content with your readers. This is a good way to keep older content evergreen and up-to-date.

Your goal when writing content is to keep it evergreen. This means that the content can be useful indefinitely. Some content can’t be evergreen, like news flashes and version updates, but 99% of your content should be evergreen if you can help it.

Your older content can help increase your blog traffic if you update and promote it.


39 – Create Click-Worthy Blog Headlines

Your headlines might suck.

You need to focus your attention and efforts on creating better headlines. You need to create click-worthy headlines. Use powerful words that invoke emotions. Research other great headlines and mimic what they have done to win their audience. People judge a book by its cover. Your headline is the cover of your book.

However, don’t confuse a great headline with clickbait. Clickbait is when you trick readers into reading your content with headlines that don’t deliver what they promise. Clickbait won’t increase your blog traffic; it will decrease it.

Making a perfect headline takes time, trial, and error. Experiment often in order to make the best one.


40 – Publish Original Research with Your Blog

Original research will help you get more blog readers.

Original research, depending on your niche, can help you gain not only more traffic but also get more backlinks. Many bloggers out there love to link to research articles and statistical assessments. You should try to make one or two of these types of posts each year around important topics about your niche.

Original research requires serious research skills. You need to be able to spend some time gaining factual information about the topic you wish to cover. It should be a big project that you spend a lot of time on.

The more original research content you put out, the more likely you’ll earn more readers.


41 – Consistently Create Compelling Blog Content

The best way to increase your blog traffic is to create the best content possible.

You need to research your audience. Find out their biggest challenges and their toughest questions relating to the niche. This is the information they are seeking the most. Then, research the information, find easy solutions, blog about them, and promote them.

Do this and watch your readership significantly grow. This is the kind of content that will make your blog the best blog in the niche.

If you solve problems in your niche, people will flock to you for all their needs.


42 – Be a Guest Blogger on Related Niche Blogs

Contribute guest posts on other blogs in your niche.

Find the more popular blogs in your niche. Look to see if they allow guest blogging. If they do, thoroughly research each guest blog post they’ve recently added. Understand what kind of content the blog is after. Read any editorial guidelines. You need to create the kind of content that fits their blog perfectly.

Guest blogging helps your reputation as an expert in the niche more than it helps you gain a backlink. This means that you need to write a post that meets the quality of what you would create for your own blog.

If you get rejected, don’t let it stop you. Learn from the rejection and move on to the next until you get accepted.


43 – Comment on Related Niche Blogs

Frequently visit, read, and comment on blogs related to your blogging niche.

You want to comment on blogs in your niche to attract readers to your own blog. Most blog comment systems have a field for you to add your blog link. If not, that’s fine. As long as you can add your username which should be what your blog name is. Read and comment on the blogs frequently.

Make sure your comments are engaging. They need to add to the blog and encourage a discussion. This will get you noticed more, and people will want to learn more about you.

Try to do this on a daily basis and be very active in the blogging community of your niche.


44 – Give Away Free Stuff on Your Blog and Newsletter

The more free stuff you give away, the more you can increase your blog traffic.

People love free. Everything is getting so expensive nowadays. If you can give something away for free, people tend to flock to it. Content is the easiest thing to give away for free. It can be something like an eBook, a template, or a guide of some sort.

Add this exclusive free offer to your blog or as a subscription bonus to your newsletter and gain more readers and subscribers.

These lead magnets are some of the best ways to get more readers on your blog.


45 – Publish Long-Form Blog Content

The best way to get more readers on your blog is with long-form content.

Short-form content is good for social media and videos. However, when it comes to blogging, the best length is often 1,500 words or more. As of this sentence, this post is already at 5,985 words. It will do better than a blog post with less than 1,500 words simply because it’s longer and gives the reader more information than other blog posts like it.

It’s easy to create long-form content, too. Just look at your competing content and try to make yours bigger than what they have offered. My article offers 53 ways to increase your blog traffic. Other posts like mine are nowhere near the 53 mark.

The bigger your blog posts, the more likely they’ll be read and used for links in other material made by other bloggers.


46 – Blog About Trending Topics in Your Niche

Not everything has to be evergreen on your blog.

Non-evergreen content can also increase your blog traffic. It’s a good idea to write about topics that are current events and current trends. These are often hot topics that many people in your niche are currently consuming. They’re like a craze or what we would call “the now.” Write about these topics as they become trends and promote them like crazy on social media.

You just have to make sure you know your stuff. If you write about trending topics with a generic or inexperienced tone, chances are, your content won’t be viral like other bloggers writing about it.

This is why it is so important to blog about topics that you’re extremely passionate about.


47 – Create Courses Around Your Blog Niche

Courses are a great way to increase blog traffic and even make you money.

Courses are popular in most blog niches. You can practically teach anything to anyone. People are often willing to pay for a course, too. It, of course, needs to have language that sells it to them. You’ll need to turn yourself into a great salesperson. Make a great course related to your niche, promote the heck out of it, and then earn a profit.

It’s also good to create smaller courses with less content and give them away for free. This is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog and give you reviews and ratings for your courses. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get people to upgrade to the premium courses you offer.

I suggest you take a few good courses yourself to get an idea of how to present your own.


48 – Add a Blog Newsletter Subscription Landing Page

Landing pages are important for newsletter subscription growth.

Newsletters are important to help generate traffic to your blog. These are a direct line to your readers and potential customers. It’s a good idea to add a dedicated page telling people why they should subscribe to your mailing list. This page needs to be created very well. You need to use copywriting skills, visually appealing media, social proof, and emphasis on the benefits of subscribing.

A landing page for a newsletter is basically a sales page, even if you’re not charging for a subscription. Getting the subscriber is the actual payment you’re looking for.

Keep a goal in mind when creating the landing page that it should convert visitors into subscribers.


49 – Solve Problems, Give Easy Answers

Create the ultimate value in content by solving problems.

Research your audience thoroughly. Try to understand their wants and needs. Look for any major problems and difficult questions they have in relation to the niche. Start researching for answers and solutions. Don’t give up until you find them. Then, create a blog post that gives the answer or solution in the easiest step-by-step instructions you can make.

If you do this and present it to your audience, your blog readership will grow bigger and faster than you had ever imagined.

This is how you become the top expert in your blogging niche.


50 – Make Content Scannable for Mobile Users

The majority of your subscribers will be using their mobile devices.

This means that you need to create blog content for mobile users first. Keep mobile in mind when making your blog better to increase your blog traffic. An important aspect of it is your blog content. Mobile users (me included) scan content rather than read it all. We look for the good pieces. Because of that, you must make it easy for readers to scan.

To do that, create shorter paragraphs and sentences. Use words that are easy to understand and not too big. Make reading your content very informative and valuable, but make it easy to read, too.

If you don’t make it for your mobile readers, you might as well throw in the towel because it’ll all be mobile one day.


51 – Use Images and Video on Your Blog Content

No one wants just words these days.

Mix up your blog content with media. This means you should add images to your posts. It also means you should add audio and video if appropriate. Your images, audio, and video should be of the highest quality but small enough that it won’t slow the page load down. A slow blog is a bad blog that most will not read.

You don’t have to take the photos or make the video and audio. Find relevant media that you’re allowed to add and use. But make sure you don’t violate copyright licenses.

Feel free to add as many images as you want, as the more visual appeal you add, the better your post will do.


52 – Use User Generated Content on Your Blog

People like to see proof that your blog actually does what you advertise it as.

You can use comments and feedback from your previous readers to help strengthen the social proof of your blog. Display positive comments and feedback tidbits on your homepage. You can even link to the original comments if that is possible.

These are great to stick on the footer area of every page of your blog. You should put different comments on different pages. It could help with your goals to increase your blog traffic.

Use everything you have to your advantage, especially what others have given to you.


53 – Create Your Own Social Community for Your Blog

Social media offers the ability to create communities, and you should be creating them.

I have a social group on Facebook that is nearing 40,000 members. Every time I post a blog in it, I get tons of traffic from social media. When you build large social communities, they’ll be great for promoting your blog content.

If the social platform you’re on has a community-building feature, take advantage of it. You should be taking advantage of all social media platform features that you could use to increase your blog traffic.

Just make sure you spend plenty of time making your social community as best as it can be because it’ll pay off as it grows.


Final Thoughts About Increasing Your Blog Traffic

If you want to increase your blog traffic, it’ll take some work to do it. But you can use the steps above to help you accomplish it with the ease of knowing what and how to do it. However, if you do nothing and expect your content to go viral, you’re going to see what failure looks like really quickly. In order to see success, you will have to work for it.

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