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How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

You should promote your blog on social media.

Social media offers bloggers many benefits. Aside from the little to no cost, there are many reasons to use social media for marketing your blog content.

Everyone is on social media, and most of your audience will be there. You have a better chance of reaching more people and having your content seen by more people in a short amount of time.

Some people choose to stay away from social media. In blogging, that is often a mistake. You’ll miss out on a lot of traffic-building opportunities, and your competition will likely stay ahead of you if they’re utilizing social media.

However, there are right ways and wrong ways of using social media to promote your blog.

In this guide, I’ll show you the right way to promote your blog on social media. So, let’s get started!

Why Promote Your Blog on Social Media?

As I said above, there are many reasons why you should promote your blog on social media.

For starters, it’s free. It doesn’t cost anything to create a page on any of the popular social media platforms. It’s even free if your page is a business, too! You pay nothing to establish yourself and start building your brand. Take advantage of any free marketing method that will likely help you grow your blog readership.

Social media platforms have billions of people using them. The chance of your direct audience being on practically every popular social media platform is really high. Social media is often the best way to find your audience. It’s typically the easiest way to do it, too. You should promote your blog on social media because your audience is already there waiting for a great blog like yours.

Social media is all about sharing, engagement, and emotional responses. The chance of content going viral on social media versus anywhere else is really high. If you keep posting consistently on social media platforms, your chance of publishing viral content will significantly increase. This will result in your blog getting more readers and followers.

Promoting blog content on social media has more benefits than not doing it. Social media is a very useful tool that you should utilize.


Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

You shouldn’t start a presence on every social media platform out there. It would be extremely overwhelming, and you’d likely burn yourself out.

If you want to promote your blog on social media without being overwhelmed, start by understanding what platforms your audience is using the most. Pay attention to the statistics of each platform. Join them all to do observational research before you decide to use one to promote your blog. Learn about what networks will benefit your blog the most rather than joining them all and trying to figure out that way.

Before you can promote your blog on social media, you need to fully understand who you’re promoting it to. If you don’t know your audience, social media is not going to be helpful. You need to know who your audience is. You need to know exactly who your audience is. Create an avatar of your perfect reader, and then you’ll know exactly who you’re publishing content for.

Post at the right time. There really isn’t a magical number for what time of the day you should be posting. You should experiment with posting at different times. Post at a certain time for a few days. Then, post at another time for a few days. Look at your engagement metrics and analytics and determine what times are the best. Experimentation is really one of the best ways to win at anything when it comes to social media.

There is the right social media platform for you, but if you choose all of them, you might quickly overwhelm yourself.


How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

There are many ways to promote your blog on social media. The following are often the best ways for those seeking engagement and followers.

Use high-quality images on your social media pages. Social media is a very visual medium. The better your presentation is, the better chance people will stop scrolling and see what you have to say. Use more images and make sure they’re of the highest quality.

Be consistent and active on social media. The more you post, the more likely you’ll get noticed. However, you should at least post the same amounts each day you post. I post five times a day on social media at certain times so that my audience knows when to expect content from me.

Abide by the rules on social media. You do want to promote your blog on social media, but you don’t want to be a spammer about it. Every platform has rules and terms that you should read and follow at all times. The last thing you want is to get banned from the platform.

Share content from other people and your own blog. You should share your blog posts on social media as you create them. However, you should also share the work with other people and pages on the platform, too. It looks better and gives you an opportunity to earn more followers.

Pay attention to the trends on social media. Try to mimic or participate in the trends on social media if you’re able to. These trends often allow you to gain more traffic and convert users into loyal followers. There are many trends on social media to follow, too.

Invest in social media advertising services. Social media is one of the best platforms for purchasing ads because it’s so easy to fine-tune the ad to show to your target audience. You should at least consider doing some low-risk advertising and see if it helps you grow.

Use the direct messaging feature on social media. Use this feature wisely. Don’t use it to spam the inbox of other social media users. Use it to start and build a relationship with people you’d love to follow you at some point. Don’t promote your blog until you’ve made a new friend.

Use hashtags, but don’t go wild with them. Hashtags still work on a lot of social media platforms. You need to research the hashtag to make sure it’s being used for your type of content. You should also try to use just a few hashtags as using a lot no longer does much for your content.

Post as your page on some social platforms. Promote your blog on social media by posting as your blog’s page. This is common on platforms like Facebook, where you can post as your personal page or your business page. Post as the page that promotes your blog.

Join social communities on social media platforms. If the platform has a group or community feature, find relevant communities and join them as your blog’s page. Become active in the community and share valuable content. This will help you gain more readers and followers.

Network, network, and network some more. Find other people and brands that are relevant to your blog and its niche. Network with these people and brands every chance you get. You’ll both be able to share traffic and content resources with one another.

Collaborate with other creators and influencers on social media. Find influencers and creators on social media who relate to your niche. Offer to collaborate with them. It’s best to choose the ones who are about equal to your level of followers and popularity.   

Engage on social media to be seen by your audience. Posting content is important, but engaging is just as important when it comes to social media. You need to engage with your audience and help them with their needs and wants. This is how your page will grow.

Don’t make it all about you. Make it all about your audience. They want to be the center of attention. It’s okay to share your own stories as long as the audience can resonate with them. Otherwise, try to keep it about them if you want to promote your blog on social media.

Keep a watch out for loyal followers. Social media is a great way to gain loyal followers. These folks will like and comment on everything you post. Pay attention to these people. Befriend them and form a relationship because they’ll be your most loyal followers.

Ask people to share your content on social media. When you post something on your social media page, ask readers to share it if they enjoyed seeing it. Getting more shares will help you grow your social media pages and effectively gain more blog readers.

Find a mentor or two on social media. Find other bloggers who are using social media to promote their blogs. Follow them and watch them. Learn from their success and their failures. Make them your mentors and learn what you can do to improve your own presence on social media.

Don’t spam or attempt to cheat. The social media algorithms of today are really intelligent. It will detect spam and potential cheaters quickly. Doing these things can get you shadow-banned or even kicked off the platform altogether. Play it safe and follow the rules.

Doing the things above will ensure a very successful effort on how to promote your blog on social media.

How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Integrate Social Media on Your Blog

Make sure you promote your blog on social media utilizing your actual blog websites as well.

You can accomplish this by adding share buttons to your posts. Add the buttons somewhere that will be seen quickly into clicking on the post. Make sure they’re functional when using a mobile device, too. Encourage readers to share your posts on social media.

You should also include links to your social media pages on all pages and posts of your blog. I suggest putting them at the top, in your bio area, on your about and contact pages, and in the footer of your blog. This will give readers ample opportunity to follow you on social media.

Your blog is a great way to send traffic to your social media, which in turn will often encourage followers to invite others to follow you, and they’ll make their way to your blog content.


What to Share on Social Media

So, you want to promote your blog on social media, but you don’t know what to post. This is normal; many bloggers get stuck at this point. The following type of content is often the most popular for growing your social media pages.

Share your new and old blog posts. Share your freshly created blog posts after you publish them. You should also share older posts. It’s okay to share a post more than once on social media as long as it’s spaced out and relevant. However, this should never be your only posting format.

Share questions and polls. Share posts that ask relevant questions about your niche or include a poll. These posts are native and don’t have any sort of link back to your blog. You want to post more native content than promotional otherwise, the algorithm will not play in your favor.

Post image posts if it’s applicable. Most niche blogs make it appropriate to post content on social media that features the image more than anything else. This could be a regular image or even an infographic of some sort. Make sure you upload it to the network you’re posting it to.

Post native video posts. Don’t post TikTok videos on Facebook. Don’t post Facebook videos on TikTok. Anytime you share a video on social media, you should upload it directly to the platform you’re sharing it to. Video posts are in demand and often very popular.

Reshare content from your followers. Try to share great and relevant content from those who are following you. This is especially important for the ones who follow you the most and are always very loyal to you. This shows that you’re watching their pages and that you care for them.

Post comments from your blog and respond to them. You should reply to all comments on your actual blog. But if you find one that really stands out, share it on your social media pages and comment there as well. You can share an image of the comment or paste it in quotes. If you can tag the comment author, do so.

Take snippets of your blog post and post them on social media. Promote your blog on social media by posting snippets of a blog post. Post snippets that are the most valuable portions of the blog post. Then, you can link back to the full blog post for followers to check out.

You might find other post formats the more you use social media to promote your blog. To be successful, it’s important to be open-minded and experiment with different posting strategies.


Facebook Quick Tips

The following tips will help you promote your blog on social media using Facebook.

Facebook is algorithm-heavy and will put fewer views on external content. So, try to post more native content to build up your brand and authority in your niche rather than a bunch of links to your blog posts. Don’t worry. As you gain popularity, your followers will find your blog.

For the best results, post a few times a day on Facebook. Use the scheduling feature or an automated service such as Buffer. While posting a few times a day will greatly increase your following, you also need to make sure you’re engaging the same amount.

Facebook is a great platform for investing in paid advertising. You can utilize that feature if you want to boost your blog post links. You can use ads to get more followers on your Facebook page, too. You should fine-tune your ads to make sure they’re targeting your specific audience to get the best bang for your buck.

Facebook is also a great platform for resharing content. Reshare content from other pages that follow you, who also reshare content from others. Reshare relevant content from your actual followers. Reshare your older blog content from time to time as well.

Facebook is a great platform for promoting your blog because you can do so much with a Facebook page and post with it as well.


Instagram Quick Tips

Instagram is another great way to promote your blog on social media.

The best way to promote your blog on Instagram is to use Reels. Suppose you can utilize short-form video to show a video version of your blog or snippets of your blog, add trendy music, and mimic a video trend. In that case, you can potentially make your content go viral on Instagram. Reels do better than photo posts.

You should also use the Stories feature multiple times a day. Share your new content and your old content, and share content with your followers. You can also share unique content such as behind-the-scenes and daily life vlogging. Many people start looking at the stories before anything else when they get on Instagram.

Get verified on Instagram if you can. If you have a big enough following, you might be able to get this for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for it. It’s worth it. It gives you a more professional look and shows others that you’re the real deal. It also helps you in the event that you lose account access due to a scammer.

Make sure your Instagram bio is optimized. Add a good link to a start page that shares your blog, mailing list, and anything else that you want readers to see first. Make sure you use emojis and wording that best describes what you do. The bio is prime real estate, so make whatever you put in it count.

While you should post Stories multiple times a day, you should at least post once a day on Instagram. One Reel a day will help you grow significantly. However, two to three times a day can also help you gain a following much quicker. If you can do it without overwhelming yourself, then by all means, post a few times a day. Just try to remain consistent about it.

Don’t go wild with your hashtags. You only need to add five to ten (or less than) to your posts. Keep the hashtags as relevant to your content as possible. Using hashtags that are too broad or not relevant to your niche will only hurt your views. It might get you banned from Instagram, too. Hashtags are not as useful as they once were.

Find and follow Reel and Story trends on Instagram. Try to mimic these trending styles and formats on your own page with your own videos and stories if you can. Using trending music will often get you a substantial number of views and followers.

Instagram is a great way to promote your blog on social media if you use it properly.


X Quick Tips

X is a great way to promote your blog. X is what used to be Twitter.

Threads are a great way to promote your blog on X. Create high-quality and value-packed Threads with SEO in mind. One Thread a week will likely get you a lot of views and followers. If you can make one a day, that might be even more beneficial.

Years ago, when X was Twitter, hashtags were popular. Today, hashtags are losing popularity. You can use one or two in your content here and there, but I wouldn’t rely on them to increase your following or engagement. Hashtags are a dying breed on all platforms.

X is great for resharing content. You should reshare content you’ve added that you want to get more views on. You should also reshare content from the past that did well and is still evergreen or useful for the modern time. Reshare content from your followers, too, if it’s relevant to your niche.

X is a lot like Facebook in terms of how the algorithm works. If you post nothing but links to your blog posts, don’t expect many views or followers. You need to post native content more than promotional stuff. Upload videos and images directly to X and utilize their features.

You should post a few times a day on X. I use a scheduling service to make this easier on me. However, you should engage way more than you post. If you post 5 times a day on X, try to engage at least 15 times a day with other accounts. Engagement is how you grow.

Get verified on X. It costs money, but it unlocks more views and features. X is worth investing in if your audience is present on the network. I suggest paying by the year and utilizing all the features that come with it. Plus, it’s nice to be able to edit your post in a pinch.

X is a great platform for promoting your blog on social media as long as you use it correctly.


LinkedIn Quick Tips

LinkedIn is best for professional and business-related blog promotion.

Long-form content is popular on LinkedIn. If you can create additional articles for the platform and link to your previous blog articles, it might serve as a great way of promoting your blog content. You could also minify your blog articles and link to the full post at the end.

LinkedIn is a popular networking platform. It is one of the best platforms for forming partnerships and collaborations with other bloggers relevant to your niche. Just keep in mind that everyone is trying to accomplish the same thing, so it’s better to be a professional businessperson than a salesperson.

The Direct Message feature on LinkedIn is great for many things. You can use it to network and form a relationship. You can use it to “cold call” a potential customer or subscriber to your content. You can even buy advertising for it, though LinkedIn does get expensive when it comes to advertising. Just don’t use it to spam; otherwise, you won’t last long on LinkedIn.

Like with any social media platform, you have to be active and consistent for LinkedIn to actually work in your favor. You should be posting at least once a day. A long-form post every day will go a long way. The more active you are, the greater chance you will be seen.

LinkedIn can be a very powerful way to promote your blog on social media if done the right way.


Pinterest Quick Tips

Pinterest is one of the easiest and best social media platforms for promoting a blog.

When creating pins on Pinterest, you need to use high-quality images. Visual appeal is very important for the audiences that commonly use this network. If your images are not good-looking, don’t expect too much attention from anyone.

Create a new pin for every blog post you create. Don’t create a new pin for the same post you’ve already created a pin for. Utilize all the tools and features available for creating a new pin. Platforms love it when you use all the features they provide.

Use SEO with Pinterest. Include SEO and keywords in your pins and anywhere else you can put written content, including your profile. Like with blogging, target a different keyword for each instance and never use the same keyword more than once.

Create boards with strategy. You should create boards that you plan to keep active and updated. The boards should relate to your niche and be relevant to your blog. Make sure the content you include in the boards is of high quality and packed with relevant value.

Pinterest works best when you’re active and consistent about making new pins. You should at least try to create one to five new pins a day. You should engage in every opportunity you get to engage with others. Use all the features that the network provides consistently.

Pinterest has been a way to promote your blog on social media for many years, and it still works very well.


YouTube Quick Tips

Utilize YouTube to help promote your blog posts with this very popular video platform.

YouTube Shorts is where it’s at. A regular traditional YouTube video might get a few hundred views in 24 hours for a medium-sized channel. A Short could get thousands and thousands of views in 24 hours. YouTube wants you to use Shorts and gives you more views for using them.

Share your blog post links on the Community tab and your video descriptions when relevant to the video. These are great ways to spread the word about your blog and its content. You just need to make sure you’re also putting out the best video content possible.

Try to post one video or one Short a day. Posting every day will significantly increase your views and subscribers. This can help you gain more readers. You should be engaging multiple times a day, too. Reply to every comment but also watch other related videos and Shorts and reply to them, too.

You can still utilize long-form video and podcasting features if they are applicable to your blog content. Long-form is still widely used, and podcasting is becoming increasingly popular on YouTube as well. Just make sure you deliver high-quality and value-packed content.

YouTube is a great way to promote your blog and build up your brand.


Final Thoughts About How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

That concludes my article about how to promote your blog on social media.

Remember that consistency and value are the two most important traits to consider when utilizing social media to promote your blog. This is no matter what the social media platform is, too. Follow the advice above and you’ll be increasing your readership in no time.

Please share this post with other bloggers you know if you found it helpful today. You can also give me a one-time tip if you’d like to support me further, but only if you want to.

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