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How to Get 10K YouTube Subscribers in 6 Easy Steps

Are you finding it difficult to get 10K YouTube subscribers?

It almost seems impossible to get to 1,000 subscribers, let alone 10K.

You’re definitely not alone. But it isn’t always as difficult as it may seem. You do have to do things, and you have to be consistent about it. But it’s not that hard if you put your mind to it.

Or you can pay someone to do it – that’s always an option. But it’s typically an expensive option.

If you don’t have the capital for that and are willing to do it yourself, I have 6 easy ways for you to get 10K YouTube subscribers, and we’re getting into it now.

1 – Get 10K YouTube Subscribers by Creating the Best Content Possible

The first thing you need to do is develop your content strategy. What topic or niche do you want to focus on? You should focus on one niche per channel, and it’s even better to niche down to more specific topics. Just make sure there is an audience for it. Research first and then develop your plan.

Plan your videos out before you create and publish them. Ideally, when you plan for something, executing it and gaining success is easier. Doing stuff at a whim usually results in errors a lot easier than it would have if you planned content out.

Invest in quality filming and related equipment. You can use your phone for most circumstances if the camera is of good quality. At least shoot in 1080p, but 4K and higher will have the best quality. Make sure you get good lightning and microphone options. The better the quality, the easier it will be to get 10K YouTube subscribers.

Edit videos carefully and really get to know every feature of your editing software. You want to become a pro at editing. Get some inspiration by watching other editing pros, such as Casey Neistat. Learn all the tricks for editing and experiment with them.

Focus on trends in your niche and create videos with them. This might be a certain format of video, sounds, or song used and related. Ensure you always follow copyright rules when using content and media that belongs to someone else.

Take advantage of all features on YouTube. This includes the Shorts feature, which will give you tons more traffic and potential subscribers than the traditional long-form video format. Use the community feature. Use the built-in Shorts video editing features. Use everything YouTube provides to your advantage.


2 – Consistently Upload Videos to your YouTube Channel

Set a schedule for when you will be uploading your videos. Decide how many times a week or month you plan to publish videos. You don’t have to do it every day, but the more you post, the better the chance that more people will see your content.

Plan your content out thoroughly. This ties into your content strategy, which I explained in the section above. Keep a schedule of planned content so that you can be organized. Organization will help you remain consistent.

Create a recording, editing, and publishing plan. Know what days and times you will be recording your video, editing it, and then publishing it. Try to stick with that plan. Eventually, by sticking with this plan, it’ll turn into a customary practice.

Batch record your videos so that you have plenty of content. Maybe you can do several review videos in one day. You could always do a wardrobe change to mix it up a bit. Or maybe you can record enough footage to break videos down into several videos.

Take advantage of the scheduling features on YouTube. You can schedule videos, live streams, Shorts, and even community posts. By scheduling ahead, you can stay ahead of the game. If life gets in the way and you’re scheduled ahead, then you don’t have to worry about breaking consistency.

Try to always ask for viewer feedback and then optimize your strategy based on that feedback. You could be posting too much or too little, and by continuing to do it, you might lose subscribers. Listen to the ones who make your community what it is.

10K YouTube Subscribers

3 – Optimize your Videos for Search Engines Results

Discover relevant keywords to target. Research the keywords to ensure they’re being searched for but not too competitive. Insert the keyword in your title, description, tags, and captions. Never target the same keyword more than once. Always try to target keywords related to your particular niche.

Optimize your thumbnail for search and for viewers. You need to make it pop out and catch the attention of people searching for your content. It’s what they’ll notice before anything else, including your title. You do want to make sure your title catches their attention, too. Make sure the thumbnail and title are optimized for mobile users first because that will be most of your audience, no matter what niche you choose.

Name your video file with your keyword. You would practice this same thing when uploading images to a blog. Use hyphens to put spaces in between words if it is a multiple-word keyword. In most cases, it should be multiple words, as it will be easier to rank for longer tail keywords.

Mention your keyword in your video. Do this by saying the keyword. Auditable SEO is on the rise. Captions and translation tools will often pick it up. Soon, we’ll see algorithms that can understand audio content and media. Jump on board early and start optimizing your own voice on videos to stay ahead of the game.


4 – Promote your YouTube Channel Organically and Paid

Social media is a great way to promote your YouTube channel. But just promoting videos on social isn’t going to be plausible. You must also build communities on each social platform you’re a part of. Promoting your videos will be much easier once you establish communities and a large following.

Collaborate with other creators to promote your channel and gain 10K YouTube subscribers. You and the channel you collaborate with can share each other subscriber base. Just make sure you’re collaborating with channels that share the same niche as your channel.

Optimize for SEO, as I suggested above. It really concerns your chosen keyword and your research into that keyword. As your channel grows, more people will link to your videos, which will help your video do better on search engines. This is why making the best content possible is important so people want to share it.

Engage with your audience to promote your videos and channels. This means you should engage with them on and off your channel. Find them on other platforms such as social media, chat, and message forums. Find them in your local region offline. Engage as much as you can with those who are in your niche.

Paid advertising can help you get 10K YouTube subscribers. This typically works better if you have a large budget for advertising. You can still do fair if you can’t spend that much money, but, in the end, you get what you pay for. You need to make sure your ad copy is up to par and that you use visually appealing material in your advertisement to attract people to it.

Email marketing is a great way to send traffic to your channel. You can do this by maintaining an active newsletter. You could include the latest videos in your newsletter or even send a newsletter out each time a video posts. Ensure you don’t annoy your newsletter subscribers enough when they hit the unsubscribe button.

Attend events about your niche online and offline. These events could be meetups, conventions, and presentations. You could also be doing these events and presentations. This is a great way to meet new people in your space, start to develop your reputation and expertise, and gain more subscribers on your YouTube Channel.


5 – Engage with Your Audience on and off your Channel

Respond to every comment that someone posts on your videos. This will be easy to do if you have less than 10K subscribers. Eventually, it will be harder to do, but while it’s easy, you should reply to every comment. Try to provide a great comment that is helpful and encourages more engagement. Solve problems and ask more questions to keep people loving your words.

Regularly ask for feedback from your followers and subscribers. You can do this in your videos or by leaving a survey link in your video description. Ask for feedback to help you improve your videos and channel. Then start implementing changes based on that feedback. That’s a great way to win people over and retain their subscriptions.

Engage on social media to get 10K YouTube subscribers. Engage with people, pages, and communities using your channel’s name as your page name. Build a social community and become very active in it. It only takes a few minutes every couple of hours or so to give some engagement to help you grow your channel subscription.

Collaborate with others to help gain more subscribers. Collaborate with other creators that are in your same niche or space. Collaborate with brands and companies in your niche and space, too. And make sure you accept collaboration requests from smaller creators, too.

Create engaging content that makes people want to respond. Engaging content includes Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that entice people to make replies and discuss topics with you. Your CTAs could be questions, polls, subscribing, and other actions. Every video you make should be engaging. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage with people in your space.

Host Q&A and live sessions to engage with your audience and attract new potential subscribers. Try to host a live Q&A session once a week if you can. If that is too much, try once a month. Try to be consistent about when you do it so your audience knows when to catch you live.

Create a community based around your brand and niche. A community will turn subscribers into loyal organic ambassadors, and they help you market your YouTube channel and get 10K YouTube subscribers without you even asking for it. While creating a community of your own, be sure to find other communities in your space and become a member of those, too.

Engage away from your channel, too. Too many creators make the mistake of not engaging with other channels and people outside of their own subscriber base. Find other channels that relate to yours and engage with the community on them. Common videos with the best comments possible aim to be seen and liked. Be active in your own community but in outside communities, too.


6 – Keep Learning and Perfecting your Marketing Strategies

Learn something new every day about your niche. Whether you spend eight hours a day learning something new or 5-10 minutes, learn something daily. If you can figure out the biggest challenges, gaps, and questions in your niche and answer them based on everything you’ve learned, it will be simple for you to get 10k YouTube subscribers.

Become an expert in your niche and be seen. This will significantly grow your subscriber base. You’ll get over 10K in no time. People want to follow and connect with experts in their spaces. Just make sure you’re helpful and kind. Becoming an expert will put you in the public’s attention. If you do anything negative, everyone will know about it.

Become a video expert to get more subscribers. Learn everything you can about shooting video, your camera and equipment, and all the setting included. Learn more about resolutions, transitions, and filming styles. Try to upgrade your camera and equipment as you’re able to. I understand it can be pricey at times. Don’t be afraid to buy used as long as it works and improves your film.

Become an expert at editing your videos. Get inspired by other video creators and learn how they make perfect edits to their videos. Whatever editing software you use, try to learn and master every feature of it. Read the user manual front to back. Join any groups or forums about the editing platform and become an active member. Learn as much as you can.

Become an expert on YouTube to get more subscribers. YouTube has a lot of features. It has a lot of bells and whistles. You should try to become an expert at it. The more you know how to use it, the more you can use it to your advantage. It can even open a new niche of helping people in your niche get better at YouTube.


Now you can see that it’s easy to get 10K YouTube subscribers. You will have to do work. I don’t want to sugarcoat that factor. But doing the work isn’t as hard as you likely thought, as you can see from the advice above if you enjoyed this article and want to see more like it, subscribe to my newsletter.

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