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How to Create Helpful Content to Boost Authority

Create helpful content if you want to be known more in your niche or industry as an authority figure.

Many marketing experts will tell you that content creation is essential. They will recommend that you create, create, and create. They will tell you to create as much as you can. Some even say that quantity is more important than quality.

The truth is quantity has NEVER been more important than quality.

Why it Matters to Create Helpful Content

You will fail if you put quantity over your decision to create helpful content and focus on the amount instead of how helpful it will be.

The proof is in the algorithm of Google Search.

When someone searches for something on Google, the algorithm serves results to them based on the keywords. So if your content shows up in the results, the searcher may click on it. However, if your content does not answer their question, they’ll typically hit the back button. That will tell Google that your content didn’t help.

In the end, it will hurt the ranking of that content for the keywords it is targeting.

And you won’t be seen as an authority in your niche or industry if you’re not providing solutions for those seeking them.

Create Helpful Content

The Internet is Way too Vast for Bad Content

Every niche, every market, every trade, every industry – all these things will be competitive.

The internet is way too vast for a topic to be original anymore. This means that bad content or content that isn’t helpful will be nothing but a waste of effort.

Why waste time on something that will not help your brand or business at any time?

Create helpful content for your audience if you want your stuff to be seen. You don’t have to create something every day. However, you need to create the best content when you do create.

You need to help people with their questions and problems. That’s how your content will get seen and enjoyed enough to help you rank better on search.

I blog every day.

I don’t blog every day because I’m trying to win at the system. Instead, I do it because it makes me feel accomplished and improves my writing skill.

But I make sure whatever I publish is helpful to the audience I am targeting with my content.

Otherwise, why make the content public?


How to Create Helpful Content?

It’s easy to create helpful content if you take your shoes off and put them on your audience’s shoes.

What’s the most asked questions in your niche or industry?

What’s the hardest challenges or the biggest problems in your market?

What is stopping your audience from being successful and gaining happiness from the area you create content, products, or services about?

Try to understand your niche or industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then you can create a content distribution strategy focusing on solving the most significant problems and answering the most asked questions.

That’s how you create helpful content. That’s how you win at developing your authority in your market.

Too many content creators focus on duplicating existing content when they should be solving the biggest problems in the niche.

Be an innovator instead of a follower.


Your Solutions Should Be Simple

To create helpful content that gains significant attention from your audience, you need to provide simple solutions and answers.

Creating content in any niche or industry can be difficult. However, this is exceptionally true if you’re creating the kind of content in which you have created a strategy to gain authority or develop your expertise.

You must find the hardest questions and problems, crack them through research and experimentation, and then create helpful content that provides the simplest solution possible.

Your content will fail if the solution is as hard to understand as the initial problem.

It will be a challenge for you for sure. But that’s part of the job of helping a content creator who innovates instead of follows.

You’ll easily move to the top if you answer tough questions with easy solutions.

It’s a challenge, but the reward is beyond your expectations.


It isn’t hard for us to create helpful content if we genuinely want to succeed. As mentioned above, there will be challenges, but it’s nowhere near impossible to achieve. So you need to start doing it now. The perfect time is now. Thank you for reading another one of my daily blog posts. For more content creation and digital marketing tips, follow me on Twitter.

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