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50 Easy Ways


Become a Niche Authority

in Any Industry

You want to become a niche authority in your industry to succeed with your business.

The internet and industry, in general, are highly competitive in practically all niches out there.

By becoming a niche expert in your industry, you significantly increase your chances of making sales, being the top player in the industry, and making it big with your brand.

Whether or not you’re trying to sell anything or not, if you have some kind of online presence that is a brand, business, community, blog, or whatever – you need to focus and become a niche authority to truly be successful.

And there are a lot of easy ways to do it. In this article, I’ll give you 50 easy ways. You don’t have to do all 50 if you don’t want to, but the ideas are there for you to exploit at any time.


Become a Niche Authority with these Easy Ideas

Enjoy these 50 easy ways to help you become a niche authority in any type of business or industry that you have online.


#1 Get Noticed – The only authentic way people will know about you is if you’re noticed. Make sure you are active in the online communities of your niche.

#2 Build Trust – An authority is a trusted community member. You must ensure that your potential audience trusts you as an expert if you wish to go anywhere with it.

#3 Be Friendly – An authority in a niche should be friendly. No one wants to follow people who are rude and arrogant. There is enough of that on the internet already.

#4 Always Helpful – A genuine trait of an expert is when you love helping people with their challenges. If you don’t like to be helpful, you’ll fail at being an expert no matter what.

#5 Answer the Same Questions – A niche authority will answer the same question more than once. Heck, they’ll answer that questions more than once a day. And they’ll be okay with it.

#6 Solve the Impossible – Find the impossible in your niche, solve it, and provide an easy path to overcome it. Do that, and you’ll win authority times a million.

#7 Attack all Challenges – Look for every challenge in your niche and thoroughly research and solve them. Provide an easy way for followers to complete those challenges, and you’ll gain expertise points.

#8 Follow the 1% Improvement Rule – Each day or as much as possible, try to improve 1% of every process in which you’re trying to build authority. This will further develop your expertise.

#9 Follow the 80/20 Marketing Rule – 80% should be fun and entertaining content and information, and the other 20% is what you’re trying to sell or your calls-to-action.

#10 Build Social Communities – Create pages on social media and build communities. Post more native content than external to get seen more. Make sure the content is awesome.

#11 Use One Identity – Make sure you use the same name on all websites, social media, and communities. Make sure you use the same avatar and color structure if possible. Build your authority into a brand.

#12 Start a YouTube Channel – The second largest search engine is YouTube. Take advantage of that and start your own channel. Try to post at least once a week consistently.

#13 Start a Facebook Page – Create your own Facebook business page (different than profiles). Post more native content (questions, upload photos, upload videos, etc.) than non-native content (website links, etc.) Try to post a few times a day.

#14 Start an Instagram – Create an Instagram account and post a few times daily. Reels (short vertical-styled videos) tend to get the most attention. Learn how to be creative.

#15 Start a TikTok account – TikTok is growing rapidly and is one of the best ways to get your content out in a viral fashion. Be creative and consistent to get success from this social app.

#16 Start a Twitter account – Twitter is still very useful in developing your authority online. Focus on posts with photos and videos for better results. Try to post a very useful Twitter Thread at least once a week.

#17 Answer Questions on Quora – Join Quora and answer questions frequently. Don’t try to advertise websites. Instead, promote your expertise and answer questions with the most creative and unique content possible.

#18 Your own Website – Become a niche authority with your own website. A dot com is better than any other domain name.

#19 Start a Blog – Start a blog on your website and write about your niche. To be successful at blogging, you should be consistent about how much your write and when you publish.

#20 Numbered Articles – Write articles with numbered details such as “50 Easy Ways to…” and “Top 10 Ways to….”

#21 How-To Articles – Write how-to articles showing your audience the easiest ways to solve a problem or a challenge.

#22 Start a Podcast – Podcasting is growing and is a great way to become a niche authority in your industry. Interview guests in the industry and make unique and interesting shows.

#23 Post Daily – If you have a blog and can do it, post daily. It sounds overwhelming, and it is for many people. But daily content will get you noticed 100 times more than others.

#24 Write the Best Content – Your content on your blog, social media, Quora, and everywhere else should be your best work.

#25 Master SEO – Learn everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Research. Then integrate that knowledge into your expertise development strategy.

#26 Google Analytics 4 – Google has released its newest Analytics called GA4. Master this now while it’s new, and then you’ll know how to grow your audience on your website, which is vital for developing your expertise.

#27 Start a Mailing List – Send a weekly or monthly newsletter about your business or brand. Make it easy for people to sign up. Offer exclusive free benefits for signing up.

#28 Create Merch – Create merchandise around your brand and sell it. This could be apparel, water bottles, mobile accessories, and related.

#29 Guest Interview – Try to get interviewed on as many podcasts and blogs as you can.

#30 News – Try to get interviewed or published on news websites, TV news, radio news, and newspapers.

#31 Guest Writing – Become a guest writer for print magazines, digital magazines, blogs, and online and offline content sources.

#32 Verified – Try to get the Verified Symbol (blue checkmark) on social media profiles. This is a complicated task, but it can be accomplished, especially if you’re on the news a lot.

#33 Trademark – Get your brand name nationally trademarked if it is offered in your country.

#34 Advertising – Purchase advertising for content that will show others that you’re an expert in your niche.

#35 Comments – On a daily basis, try to post as many comments as you can on social media, YouTube videos, blog posts, and anywhere else where you can leave a comment online in your niche industry. Make sure the comments are helpful, and they stand out.

#36 Donate – Become a niche authority by making public donations to causes around the niche and by starting donation drives for such causes as well.

#37 Social Group – Start your own social group, discord server, or discussion forum based around your niche and grow it up into a large community.

#38 Public Speaking – Start speaking in a public forum to grow your expertise. Do this for free as much as you can but accept payment if it is ever offered.

#39 Webinars – Conduct webinars (using Zoom, etc.) on topics and challenges of your niche. If invited, accept spots on other webinars made up of experts or issues of the niche. This is an excellent alternative to public speaking if you don’t like doing it.

#40 Diversify – Look at other topics closely related to your niche that could also develop your expertise. For example, I blog about hiking, but I also blog about cycling outdoors as well to further my knowledge of outdoor recreation as a whole rather than just hiking.

#41 Avoid Toxic Controversy – Avoid getting involved in the discussion or debate of highly controversial topics that result in toxic aftermaths. These are often religious and politically embodied topics.

#42 Be Unique – Write your own content. Take your own photos. Make your own videos. Never use the work of others and call it your own. A true niche expert creates their own work.

#43 Industry News – Stay on top of the news and updates of your industry. You might even consider being one of the sources to get new updates and news about the industry if you can accomplish it.

#44 Wikipedia – Try to get your information added to Wikipedia pages about your industry. This can be challenging as many editors might see it as a spam technique. You have to be strategic about it.

#45 Collaborate – Try to find others in your niche that aligns with your beliefs and styles and collaborate with them. Their audience will see you, and your audience will see them. It is a win-win!

#46 Don’t Criticize Others – Don’t be critical of others in your niche even if they make a mistake. It can backfire on you in the end. Don’t be aggressive towards your competition, either. It will make you look bad.

#47 Don’t Spam – Spamming should never be a tool in your toolbox to become a niche authority. Spamming will destroy your reputation and can get you banned from many sources that will be required to help build your expertise.

#48 Don’t Cheat or Lie – If you cheat and get caught, you’ll always be considered a cheater. You’ll always be considered a liar if you lie and get caught. Avoid these two things by not cheating and by not lying.

#49 Accept Hate – Not everyone will like you or agree with you. Some people get a kick out of watching you suffer. There are plenty of haters out there. They can turn you off from continuing to develop your expertise. Don’t let them get to you. If you can block/ignore them, do it!

#50 Be Patient but Consistent – Don’t be impatient about becoming an expert. You have to give yourself plenty of time to become an authority. But you also have to be consistent about it; otherwise, it confuses people, algorithms, and systems to help promote you as the authority in your niche.


BONUS TIP: Always Learn Something New – A true expert is willing to be a lifetime learner. You will never know everything about the niche. You’ll develop into a mega-expert by learning something new every day. Take a few hours or even a few minutes each day to learn about the niche, big and small.


And there you have it – 50 easy ways to become a niche authority no matter what your industry is about. Anyone can do this if they follow the advice above. And the great news is that you don’t have to do everything listed unless you want to.



Shawn Gossman

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