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23 Ways to Get

1000 Visitors

A Day

on Your Blog

We bloggers would love to get 100 visitors a day on our posts. This is especially true if you’re just starting and looking to grow your blog. But 1000 visits a day sounds like a lot to a new blogger but very little to a well-established blogger. I think that getting 1000 visitors a day to your blog will help grow your blog into something special. In this article, I will show you 23 effective and easily mastered ways to help get 1000 visitors a day to your blog.


Get 1000 Visitors A Day with Awesome Content


#1 Create Your Best Content

Don’t just create just any kind of content. Create your best content when writing a blog post. Every sentence needs to matter. You need to make sure every sentence grips the attention of the reader. It is so easy for us to get bored these days while reading. Don’t use filler content to make the post look bigger, either. Everything should matter if you want to get 1000 visitors a day to your blog.

#2 Create Perfect Headlines

Your headline might be one of the most critical parts of your blog post. It would be best if you sold with your headline. It must convince a visitor to click on it and read more. Browse your favorite search engine and take note of the headlines that make YOU want to connect. It would be best to write a headline like that on your blog posts.

#3 Use Grammarly or Similar

Perfect your blog posts by using the right words, spelling, and grammar. Services like Grammarly and similar products can help you achieve this objective. People quickly notice grammar errors, which could turn them off from reading your blog. Most people reading blog posts are likely into proper spelling and grammar.

#4 Write Long, Write Short

Write longer blog posts but with shorter sentences. Try not to let a sentence take up two lines on your word processor program. Break your sentences down to multiple sentences if they’re too long. Write in a way that grade-schoolers and adults alike can easily read. Make sure you’re writing longer content for blog posts. I wouldn’t write anything less than 500 to 800 words long.

#5 Write Evergreen Content

Focus on writing content that gets viewed while it ages. Evergreen content is content that has been useful to readers for years. News reports or topics about something that will soon expire isn’t evergreen, and that content will eventually die out. But evergreen content lasts for years and keeps readers clicking on it for years to come. Write stuff that people can use forever.

#6 Create How-To Posts

How-to-styled blog posts are some of the most-read posts on the internet. We always turn to the internet for help with our problems. How-to articles are usually the first thing we search for. At least half of your content should be how-to-styled articles when starting. The more you write based on your market niche, the more people will be interested in your blog posts.

#7 Create Numbered List Posts

When starting a blog, the other half of your content should be numbered list-style posts. Like this article you’re reading now, numbered list-style posts usually get some of the most views on the internet. The idea is to write articles with numbers more than the top article based on your research. The article I was competing against with this article, for example, had 11 listings. I chose ten more plus an odd bonus number.

#8 Use Photos and Videos

Put photos and videos on your blog posts. We’re a visually loving society. We love to see beautiful pictures and watch informative videos. Your blog will do wonderfully if you integrate these into your blog posts and your visitors start noticing them. Just make sure the photos are elegant for visual appeal, and make sure the videos are relevant and helpful to your audience.

#9 Write Person to Person

When writing a blog post, write as if you’re talking to a person in front of you. Use personal words like “you” and “me.” Use combined words such as “you’re” instead of “your.” The idea is to make the reader feel like you’re talking to them one and one. It feels more personal to them. It feels more connected to us when we do this with our content.

#10 Answer Difficult Niche Questions

Question your niche market. What are the most challenging problems facing your market? These challenges are what you should be writing about. Try to solve the market’s most significant challenges and then create articles about how you did it. That will send a lot of readers to your blog and make you an expert in your field.

#11 Quantity Can Matter

Quality is way more important than quantity. However, quantity is still an essential aspect of your blog. If you’re only posting once a month, you might not get 1000 visitors a day to your blog. If you’re posting once or twice a week, you will get more visitors as long as your content is excellent and follows all the tips suggested above and below this one.

#12 Be a Consistent Blogger

And with quality and quantity comes consistency. Consistency is crucial in blogging. Make sure you’re consistent about everything, including when you post content when you send newsletters, post on social, and anything else you’re doing with your blog—being consistent in being organized and showing Google and humans how organized you are.


Get 1000 Visitors A Day with Awesome Marketing


#13 Master Keyword Research

Keyword research will be a significant factor in helping you rank better on search engines. Google is the search engine you should be focusing on as it’s the largest search engine online. YouTube is second, and Google owns it. Mastering keyword research will make the process a lot smoother. I recommend you learn about keyword research every day that you can.

#14 Master Keyword Placement

Along with mastering keyword research comes masters keyword placement. To be an effective marketer and not conduct unethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you want to know where to place your keywords. If you put too few keywords in your post, it might not rank well. If you put too many keywords in the post, it could be penalized for keyword stuffing. Knowing this strategy well will help your get more visitors.

#15 Relevant Links Only

It would help place external links and internal links on your blog posts. Each of these links should be relevant to the content you’re creating. The more relevant they are to the content, the better off your post will be. You don’t want to link to just anything out there. Your links need to be relevant and extremely helpful to those reading your posts.

#16 Use Secure SSL Service

Make sure your blog is set up to use a secure SSL service. This is when your blog’s link address starts with “HTTPS” and not “HTTP” without the “S.” HTTPS means that your blog is connected on a secure server with encryption services enabled. This isn’t just a common practice on eCommerce sites, it is expected on almost all websites online, and a blog isn’t anything different.

#17 Fast Web Hosting Only

Google Page Speed and Load Time are significant in your blog SEO. If your blog takes a lot of time to load, Google and other search engines will rank it lower. Web traffic from actual humans will also decrease as we’re a society that wants websites to load quickly, or we will look for something else. This happens in a matter of seconds, too. That is how vital page speed time is for your blog.

#18 Don’t Use Free Hosting

Free blog hosting services and free web hosting services are very tempting. I know! But they can be mistakes for your blogging career in the future. Someone who wants to get 1000 visitors a day on their blog isn’t going to accomplish this on a free site. Free services have to pay their bills somehow, and a website utilizing all their resources isn’t cut for these free hosts. It will be problematic for you as your blog grows. You can use free software like, of course, but at least use a decent paid hosting service with your custom domain name for branding your blog.

#19 Start a Mailing List

One great way to keep people coming back to visit your blog is with mailing lists. Create a mailing list for your blog. Promote it in all your articles. Send exclusive content and resources to your subscribers on the mailing list that they won’t get anywhere else. But also make sure you’re promoting new blog posts on your mailing list. I recommend sending a newsletter out once a month as you gain subscribers to your list.

#20 Share on Social Media

Make sure you’re sharing your content on social media. It would help if you did this on the pages created for your blog and your profiles. Make sure you’re following the 80/20 rule of marketing. Post 80% of your content native to the social media platform, and the other 20% is promotion content such as links to your blog posts. Get active on social daily for the best results.

#21 Establish Yourself on Social

If you want to get 1000 visitors a day on your blog, you need to be an authority in your niche market. Establishing yourself on social as an expert will help you accomplish this objective. You need to join the community, answer tough questions, and get noticed by the masses. This means you have to be active in the niche communities away from your blog.

#22 Ask People For Help

Ask people you know for help. Ask your friends to read your posts and comment. Ask your co-workers to read your post and comment. Ask your relative to read your posts and leave comments. As you establish yourself in online communities as an expert of your niche, you’ll be making new friends. Once you create these new friends, ask them to check out your blog and leave a comment.


Get 1000 Visitors A Day Bonus Tips


#23 Be a Patient Blogger

And finally, patience is going to be one of your most significant assets. You have to be patient, my friend. To get 1000 visitors a day on your blog, you got to be patient. It will not happen overnight. It might take months of creating content and mastering your marketing skill before you reach it. And not all content is going to cut it either, even if you followed all these tips when writing it. Some posts just don’t make it. But it would help if you didn’t give up because of that. Accept the challenge and take failure as a learning lesson. Without failing at some aspects of blogging, I wouldn’t be able to give you advice on this blog today.


And that’s it! That’s 23 ways to get 1000 visitors a day on your blog posts. Start mastering these strategies and turning them into a habit, and you’ll see the traffic start flowing in like crazy. My bonus tip of being patient is essential, though. You have to realize that the internet is competitive. Most markets are already all oversaturated with the competition. So, it could take a while these days. Please share this post with a fellow blogger to help support my writing efforts if you enjoyed reading this article.

Now let’s see what you have to say about this matter! Have you been able to get 1000 visitors a day on your blog? What would you add if you could use another strategy or tip to this post?

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.