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10 Great Blogging Niche Ideas to Give You Inspiration

You need a great blogging niche to do well with your blog.

But sometimes, it’s hard to come up with the best niche. A niche is the blog’s topic, in case you don’t know. It’s the topic you blog about, the industry if you will.

You should always go with a topic or niche you’re passionate about. Choosing something you know a lot about has benefits because you typically wouldn’t run out of topics to write about, and it remains interesting enough to further your expertise.

But sometimes, it’s hard to find your passion because you’ve not discovered it yet. In that case, looking at some great blogging niche ideas is recommended to get your inspiration.

This article will tell you about 10 great blogging niche ideas to help you understand what to blog about.

I gathered these ideas by looking at multiple popular sources explaining what top 10 blogging niches were used in modern times based on the amount of money made and their popularity.

Great Blogging Niche 1: Personal Finance

Personal finance is a great blogging niche to start creating content in. In these uncertain economic times, people always seek personal financial advice.

It can become a great niche to get into if you can provide the advice and be legit about it. You can even make quite a bit of money with it too.

Some sub-niches that might interest you include making money online, credit cards, startup ideas, debt relief, investing, careers, retirement, accounting, passive income, saving money, and student loans.


Blogging Niche 2: Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another great blogging niche to get involved in if you know how to give advice on these topics. Health and fitness are more than ever now that the pandemic is starting to lift. More and more people realize exercise and health are essential.

This is a great niche for developing your expertise while improving your own health and fitness and developing new ideas. But, of course, there are many money-making opportunities with this great blogging niche too.

Some sub-niches of the health and fitness niche include yoga, bodybuilding, weight loss, baby health, women’s health, stress, sleep health, depression, dental, cycling and triathlon, and vitamins.


Blogging Niche 3: Food and Drink

Food and drink are one of the top blogging niches out there. Many full-time bloggers are blogging about food and drink topics. There is a lot of interest in these topics on a worldwide scale. And with the problems and high prices of the food industry, this might be a great blogging niche to get into.

This is one of those niches that most people can blog about. Many of us are into some food or drink lifestyle. This is a great blogging niche to make a lot of money in if you do it right.

Some great sub-niches of the food and drink topics include family meal planning, wine, coffee, veganism, baking, healthy eating, pressure cooking, grilling, recipes, and restaurant reviews.


Blogging Niche 4: Travel and Outdoors

Travel and outdoors are also great niches to start blogging about. Since the pandemic, more and more people have been traveling and partaking in outdoor recreation activities. As a result, national Parks are seeing all-time highs in visitations over the years.

One of my daily blogs concentrates on local area hiking. I get thousands of visitors a day, and I’ve earned a healthy amount of money for a few years. My traffic and profits keep growing too.

There are many great sub-niches of travel and outdoors, including hiking, camping, visiting National Parks, international travel, bucket list trips, adventure travel, and van life.


Great Blogging Niche 5: Marketing and Online Business

Marketing and online business make for a great blogging niche. The marketing topic is what this blog is about. I will say it’s a harder niche to master, but the rewards are usually excellent if you can do it. There are a lot of great sub-niches for these topics too.

You can blog about general topics concerning marketing and online business. But I recommend you look into niching down further and focusing on one or a few topics.

Some of the best sub-niches to consider blogging about are search engine optimization, lead gen, WordPress, online business startups, side hustles, freelance writing jobs, and social media marketing.

great blogging niche

Blogging Niche 6: Science and Technology

Science and Technology make for great blogging niche topics to write about. Science and technology are advancing more and more these days. With the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics, more blogging opportunities are arising.

And don’t forget the technology in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The push for a Web 3.0 is an emerging niche market all on its own.

Some great sub-niches to choose from for these topics are NFTs and crypt, biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, climate change, solar energy, computer science, programming, and graphic design.


Blogging Niche 7: Video Gaming

There is not a single year where video gaming doesn’t get stronger as a great blogging niche. Video gaming was a kids’ activity back when I was little. Now it’s a multi-billion dollar industry for people of all ages worldwide.

Video gaming is the kind of niche that you only get better at as you play games. It’s a great blog niche for making money and getting viral content too.

Some sub-niches to consider blogging about include gameplay, funny game commentary, game reviews, game development, live stream gaming, news around the gaming world, and Esports gaming.


Blogging Niche 8: Fashion

Fashion is a topic that everyone can get into. There are so many types of fashion outlets for all ages and genders. There are many different fashion ideas all across the world. And there are great sub-niches to get into blogging about.

If you get popular with your fashion blogging, you can make a lot of money, and many designers and companies will want to send you their clothing to test out.

Some sub-niches to start your blog about include DIY fashion, plus-size fashion, makeup, thrift store hauls, athleisure, international looks, kids’ fashion, swimwear, handmade, and celebrity styles.


Blogging Niche 9: Tutorials

Tutorials are the type of blogging topics that can get you many views and a lot of money. Everyone is always looking for help or how to learn how to do something. You can niche down to a specific topic for tutorials or teach about multiple topics.

It’s essential to choose the suitable topics to create tutorials about. You must ensure you know what you’re talking about, or you can harm your reputation and expertise.

Some great tutorial sub-topics to start blogging about include gaming tutorials, coding tutorials, educational tutorials, language tutorials, gardening tutorials, and auto tutorials.


Great Blogging Niche 10: Product Reviews

Product reviews make for great blogging niche ideas. Everyone is always looking for the best reviews before they buy something. So not only can you make money, but companies will send you products to keep and review for free.

I advise finding some of the best product review blogs online and taking notes about what makes a great review. The better review you make, the more authority your blog will gain.

You can create reviews about many products, including eco-friendly products, health and beauty products, kitchen products, smart home devices, travel accessories, and toys.


These 10 great blogging niche ideas are a great starting point for creating the blog of your dreams. I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration. If they have, please comment and tell me what idea you plan on going with. I’d love to know. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter for more blogging tips.

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