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19 Ways to Get More Newsletter Subscribers the Easy Way

It’s hard to get more newsletter subscribers these days, isn’t it?

It almost feels like newsletters are a thing of the past. Everyone is on social media. Video seems to be all that matters. It almost seems like it would be pointless to have a newsletter.

But the reality is that many people still subscribe to newsletters, and by having one, you don’t risk losing your audience as you do on social media. That’s because with a mailing list, you have access to your contacts, and there are no algorithms working against you. You don’t get that with social media!

But what are you supposed to do then? For starters, you can take a look at these 19 easy ways to get more newsletter subscribers.

But! There is a BUT! All of these methods below will not matter unless you have good storytelling and quality content in your newsletter – so please keep that in mind at all times.

1 – Create a Landing Page to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Create a page dedicated to encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Keep the page URL short. (Example:

Focus on persuasive content that would initiate an emotional desire to subscribe to your newsletter.

Show the subscribe form at multiple points on the landing page.


2 – Offer Something Extra for Free

Whether you provide your newsletter for free or it’s paid, offer a big freebie.

This could be an eBook, templates, reports, or other digital resources.

This is one of the most proven ways to get more newsletter subscribers. People love FREE!

Try to make sure you include the freebie content at the beginning of your copy.


3 – Get More Newsletter Subscribers with Social Media

Use social media as a tool to gain more subscribers to your newsletter.

Promote it in posts, stories, and media content.

Add the newsletter landing page as a link on your bio page.

Focus on social channels that are most popular or where your niche audience goes.


4 – Use Lead Magnets and Copywriting Techniques

Intentionally write content that drives people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Use sales speak and create lead magnets for your newsletter subscription form.

Use copywriting techniques to persuade new subscribers. I use the PAS system more than anything else.

Master copywriting and you’ll have no issues getting more subscribers.


5 – Ask Subscribers to Forward Emails to Friends

Word of mouth is an excellent way to get more newsletter subscribers.

Ask your current subscribers to forward your latest email to their friends and family.

Provide a link on each newsletter explaining to those who got the forward that they can click it to subscribe.

Your loyal followers will help you get more subscribers without even being asked.


6 – Install a Popup Program on Your Website

Install a newsletter subscription popup on your blog pages.

I know popups are annoying, but everyone is using them for newsletters these days.

They use them because it works.

Keep the popup noticeable and short with great copywriting language.


7 – Host a Giveaway for New Subscribers

Create some custom forms to show a giveaway on your blog or website.

Require that for someone to enter; they have to subscribe to your newsletter.

You could give away a gift card or something like that with more value than free digital items.

Just make sure you follow the rules on giveaways and sweepstakes in your area.


8 – Integrate Your Newsletter into Sales Functions

If you have a store or you sell anything on your website, add your newsletter to it.

On checkout, give customers the ability to subscribe to your newsletter.

If you require membership on your website, have a box to tick to get the newsletter.

Add a link to your newsletter form on payment confirmations and receipts sent to email.

Get More Newsletter Subscribers

9 – Get More Newsletter Subscribers with Your Blog Post

Create a magnet for subscribing to your newsletter and add it to every blog post.

Try to add it at a few different spots on the blog post.

You can add it to the footer of the blog but also after the first section, too.

Just make the easy to subscribe to, and you should get more subscribers.


10 – Put Subscription Form on Top of Regular Pages

To get more newsletter subscribers from your blog, put the form on every page.

I typically put my form right after my logo or header navigation.

I try to keep the fields and buttons on one horizontal line.

Just make sure it looks good on mobile before you decide on it.


11 – Decrease Newsletter Opt-In Steps

The more steps it takes to subscribe to a newsletter, the fewer subscribers you’ll get.

People don’t like to waste that much time.

All you need is a first name field, an email address field, and a subscribe button.

Make subscribing quick, and you’ll see an increase.


12 – Conduct A/B testing on Changes

Every time you make a change to get more newsletter subscribers, try to split-test it.

Compare it to the previous changes.

Which one does better? Once you find out, use the better version.

You should be A/B testing every chance you make.


13 – Change the Subscribe Button Color

Sometimes the only change needed is a simple change.

Start out by changing the color of the newsletter subscribe button.

Make the button stand out from everything else.

If you keep it your brand color, it’ll likely be overlooked.


14 – Take Out Any Distractions

Take a look at all places where your newsletter CTA is shown.

This can be the popup, pages, form, blog sections, and email signatures.

Are there any distractions at all that might keep people from subscribing?

Get rid of those and make sure you A/B test that change.


15 – Share Everywhere to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

You should be sharing your newsletter feature everywhere.

Share it on social media. Share it in your email signature. Share it in communities.

Don’t spam!

But share it when appropriate to get more subscribers.


16 – Get Out in the Niche Community

Find out where your niche is online and make yourself known in it.

Provide answers. Share content. Be active every day and multiple times a day. Join communities.

The more people see you and know who you are, the more they want to connect.

Offer newsletter links in DM or email after you’ve established a relationship with them.


17 – Become a Niche Expert

The more expertise and authority you have, the more people will subscribe to you.

If you want to get more newsletter subscribers, you need to develop your expertise.

When you are known in the niche to know a lot about it, people will flock to you.

Just make sure you’re willing to deliver the best content you can to retain that expertise.


18 – Solve the Biggest Problems in Your Industry

Look around your niche community for the most asked questions and the biggest problems.

Answer those questions and solve those problems with thorough research.

Create an easy way for your audience to see how to solve the problem and publish it.

Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest news.


19 – Redirect to the Landing Page After the Comment is Made

If you have a blog and you allow comments, use redirect features.

After someone comments, redirect them to your newsletter landing page.

After they buy something, redirect them to the page.

Make it a goal to somehow get a redirect to the page from every user.


Follow these 19 different ways to get more newsletter subscribers, and you’ll start to notice a huge increase fairly quickly. You just need to make sure your content is the best content you are able to provide. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe to my newsletter for more articles like this one.

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