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It’s 2023, and you’re going to dominate social media this year!

Get excited! Get pumped up! Because I’m going to show you how to make the best of your social media with four simple processes.

2022 and the failures of social media are a thing of the past.

Let’s focus on 2023 and dominate social media this year together.

We got this!

Dominate Social Media by Choosing the Right Channels

Do you know how you don’t dominate social media? Instead, you choose to use every social channel out there because you make the mistake of thinking you’ll miss out.

Unless you have hired a team of social media strategists to act on your behalf, you’ll end up overwhelming yourself by focusing on every channel.

You can dominate social media by focusing on the channels that matter. Go where your niche is. Go where your community is at. Go where your people are. Research each popular platform and find where your audience spends most of their time.

Focus on one platform or a few if you can handle it. Just try not to overwhelm yourself this year. Overwhelming ourselves is so 2022.

Dominate Social Media

Dominate Social Media with Daily Scheduled Content

If you’re not scheduling your content, you need to get on board with it in 2023. By scheduling content, you can focus your efforts on more important things.

Don’t feel like high costs are stopping you from using scheduling features. Most platforms have a free feature for you to accomplish this. For example, I use Meta Business to schedule my Facebook and Instagram content from my phone.

There are plenty of great third-party apps that are free or inexpensive, too. For example, I use Buffer exclusively for Twitter, and I can even schedule Twitter threads, which is a free feature.

If you want to dominate social media this year, you must stay ahead and schedule your content.


Dominate Social Media by Emphasizing Engagement

This may be the essential tip to dominate social media with. It is engaging with your audience and potential audience.

The tip before this was scheduling your content so you can focus on more important things. Engagement is one of those things. You need to focus a lot of effort on engaging with your audience and others you want to turn into your audience.

Most of the time spent on social media should be through engagement. You can’t schedule or automate engagement. And that should never be automated. Your people want to hear from you, and your future people are waiting to hear from someone like you.

Spend time every day engaging with your audience. Try to reply to every comment and encourage further engagement. Comments of pages that are not following you and insightful so that you can encourage others to start following you.


Dominate Social Media with Community Development

If you truly want to dominate social media more than ever, then you need to adjust your social strategy to focus on the community. The community will be your best leverage to create a successful social media following.

When you build a community on social media, you develop not just any followers but loyal followers. So if you want your followers to act, it’ll be easier to accomplish with a community rather than a regular following.

But with a community comes responsibility and commitment. First, you must try your best to please your followers and focus on building relationships with them. Then, you need to let your followers decide the next step for your brand. That’s how communities are built.

Make sure you create something for your community to join away from social media. This could be a membership site on your website. It could be a discussion forum. It could be a mailing list. This is because social media is rented in the end, and if something happens, you don’t want to lose your community.


Now that 2022 is over, it’s time we dominate social media during 2023. Using the four easy processes above is an excellent start for creating your strategy for accomplishing success on social media. I know I will double down and put a lot of focus into these strategies. If you enjoyed this article and want more tips about social media management, follow me on Twitter.

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