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Writing Engaging Content

that Your Audience Will Read!

Writing engaging content is one of the most important steps of mastering Search Engine Optimization. If you’re not writing engaging content, your audience may be missing out on what you have to say. Writing engaging content is more than just asking a question or giving something away at the end of the content. In order to master the art of writing engaging content, people need to grip onto every sentence you write on your content. In this article, I will show you exactly how you should be writing engaging content that will make your audience want more and more!


Writing Engaging Content Starts at the Beginning

Don’t make the horrible mistake of waiting to include the best content towards the end of what you are crafting. Too many people are making this mistake and failing in the end. Writing engaging content starts at the very first portion of your writing. The first sentence needs to grip the attention of the ready and make them want to learn more. You do this in your title and in the first sentence of your content creation. But you don’t stop there! The next sentence, you do the same. And then you do the same thing at the next sentence. You repeat this process all the way to the end of the content you are creating. Yes – that’s right! Every sentence needs to be written to grip the attention of the reader. The art of writing engaging content means you really have to pay attention to what you are writing.


Writing Engaging Content is Like Writing a Novel

Treat all your content like you’re writing a novel! You want the reader to be so engaged in what they are reading that they cannot put your content down. This is like how they would be if they are reading a really good book. You content needs to be really good to read. We cannot afford to waste a sentence that people are going to get bored with. It really only takes one sentence to bore someone enough where they quit reading and move on. So, this is why it is so important to really pay attention to each sentence we write. Sentences should be short and sweet. You should proofread before publishing, too! The goal with your content is every sentence should be gripping the attention of the reader at all times.


Writing Engaging Content Means Giving Something Away

When you write engaging content, you are also leading up to some sort of reward. Like I said before, each sentence should inform the reader and catch and hold their attention. However, you need to make sure the reader is getting something out of it in the end. The purpose of this article right here is to inform you on the steps of crafting better engaging content. The reward is you take with you, the advice that will help you make content that keeps the attention of the reader. But you don’t want the reader to just skip ahead and look for their prize, right? This is why it is so important that every sentence we write is like a little prize on its own.


Mastering this Skill Doesn’t Occur Overnight

Don’t feel like you need to be perfect at writing engaging content from the get-go. Writing content period isn’t always an easy task. On top of that, ensuring that each sentence grips the reader and leads them to a prize is going to be a challenge on top of a challenge. So, the trick to getting better at it and mastering the art of writing engaging content is with practice. Practice makes perfect – just keep writing content and really putting a lot of focus into what you are writing. And let your friends and family read the articles and give them honest judgement. Ask a total stranger to read it and tell you what they thought. The more work you put into it, the better it will be.


Writing Engaging Content is KING!

I remember back 20 years ago when I was first getting into search engine optimization (SEO). I always heard the phrase “content is king” drilled into my head. So, I wrote content and wrote more and kept writing content, content, and content. But guess what? My content was generic and didn’t rank all that well. Hey, the experts are correct after all – CONTENT IS KING when it comes to SEO. However, what they don’t always tell you is it takes a certain kind of content to be king. It takes engaging content written very to grip the attention of reader with every word put down. That is what truly continues to make content the king, even after 20+ years of it bring the KING. Without awesome content, there is nothing to engage or rank on a search engine. So, make sure your content is royal so that it has a chance to be king in your niche market.


Writing Engaging Content isn’t my thing, but Coaching is!

Here is the advertisement of this article! I like to be transparent about it. I am not interested in writing engaging content for your website, social media page or whatever else you have. It takes too long for me to do that for multiple clients, but I will provide coaching services for it for a reasonable fee. If you want me to review content and give you recommendations how to be writing better content, I do offer that as a service. If you are interested in that as a service, check out my coaching page for more information.


Thanks for checking out my article about writing engaging content. I hope this article has helped you write better content that gets better results. Remember, the key here is to make sure every sentence keeps the attention of the reader and that they get something out of it in the end. They’ll be back again and again for sure after you provide that for them. Please help support my article by sharing this post with others and especially on social media. Be sure to Subscribe to the Newsletter, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information. Until next time, I’ll see you on the Social Trail!

Writing Engaging Content

This article was contributed by Shawn Gossman, CEO of Social Trail Media, LLC. Shawn has been in the digital marketing business for almost 25-years. His focus has been search engine optimization, social media marketing and content strategy. Shawn founded Social Trail Media, LLC. in hopes to provide a service to folks who need help with social media growth but at an affordable rate with quality in mind. If you want to grow your social media more, check out Our Services today!