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Social Media Engagement Strategy

Do you have a social media engagement strategy? Or are you being left behind by everyone else winning at social?

Like the rest of the internet, social media is enormous and over-saturated. It takes strategy to compete with everyone else on social media. If you’re not doing things strategically on social media, you’re not setting yourself up to win.

But lucky for you, a social media engagement strategy isn’t that difficult to master. This short article will show you how to win immediately on social media.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #1: Keep it Quick

Make sure your content provides something quick for the follower.

What I mean by this is that you should ask questions that can get a quick answers. You should be posting photos and videos that can be quickly viewed. Your copy to get followers to act should be quick and easy.

Everyone is in a hurry; this is especially true on social media. It’s a swipe economy on there, and people don’t like to wait around.

A quick post will benefit your social media engagement strategy.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

Tips for Fast Social Media Engagement

Consider “this or that” questions rather than open-ended ones for quicker engagement. An example would be “Do you like the color blue or green better?” versus “What’s your favorite color?”. That type of question (this or that) lets a follower quickly answer without giving much thought. You’ll get more engagement with that style of a question!

Publish videos that are less than 30 seconds long. An ideal length is 10 to 15 seconds. Ensure you put your hook at the beginning of the video to keep them watching. Include some Call-to-Action in the video to encourage engagement. This could be a poll, question, or even a link to something.

The best kind of social media engagement strategy when it comes to photos is to use high-quality, attention-grabbing images. Instead of using the maximum amount you can upload, try just a couple. Remember, people are in a hurry on social media. Four or five photos will be best for those who want to swipe, share, or say something fast versus sitting through ten or more images.


Social Media Engagement Strategy #2: Respond to Everyone

The best social media engagement strategy is to engage with people on social media.

Don’t just respond to a few people. Try to respond to everyone as best as you can. As you grow your platform on social media, it’ll be harder to engage with everyone. But while it’s possible, you should be engaging with them. Engage with people frequently and build a community of loyal followers.

I respond to everyone as much as I can. I’ll either like their comment if there isn’t much to say to acknowledge that I’ve read it, or I’ll reply to their comments. One thing I try to do is reply with questions to keep the discussion going. That helps with your social media engagement strategy.

Engagement takes more than just your followers. It takes you, too.


Tips for Engaging with Your Followers

If you have many followers and want to do more than just like a comment, you can always give what I like to call an “emojical response.” This is where you reply with an emoji to illustrate how you feel about their comment. I tend to rely on positive emojis. I’ll usually add a heart emoji if it is a sad comment. This is a fast way to engage with followers and give them something more than a simple like.

Try to identify your top followers. Make them a priority when you’re commenting on replies. This will keep them around much longer. To create a loyal audience, you need to be faithful to them.

Try to be responsive when engaging with your followers. This means that you need to be quick about replying to their comments. You have a life, too. You have to work. You have to sleep. But if you can, be as quick as you can when they make comments.


When winning your social media engagement strategy, it’s essential to focus on the right tactics. The techniques above will keep any social media channel you have engaging if you consistently use them. I use these myself, and my social media channels are busy daily. If you enjoyed this article, please follow me on Twitter for more social media engagement and marketing tips.

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