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Small Brands

Are you in need of social media posting ideas to boost engagement for your small brand?

Social media marketing can be challenging for smaller brands and brands just starting. It might seem almost impossible to get the marketing effort to begin working. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t impossible and that there are ways you can start your strategy through social media posting.

In this little guide, I will give you some social media posting ideas to start using today.


Social Media Posting Ideas: Text-Based Content

Text-based content still works well with social media marketing.

As long as it is done correctly.

A simple question, quote, or statement without something eye-catching doesn’t always work on every social platform. It could work on Twitter, but even Twitter users like eye-catching things in the posts, like an image of something.

The type of text-based content matters as well.

A quote might be reshared if powerful enough and your audience can relate to it. If you add a question about if they relate to it, it might get more shares plus engagement.

Questions tend to be the best type of content to get engagements. Questions don’t get shared as much unless they’re powerful or the number of comments and types of comments makes them worth sharing. With question-based text content, open-ended questions make viewers think, while “this or that” type of questions usually get a faster engagement because it doesn’t require viewers to think about the question.

If you can add some eye-catching style or element to your text-based questions, it will likely get a better view and engagement effort. On Facebook, you can choose backgrounds if your text is short enough. If you’re good with graphic design, you could create text-based content on top of a background image. The more eye-catching your content is, the more likely it will be seen by others.


Visual Social Media Posting Ideas

Visual content seems to be the best choice for social media marketing.

These are your images and photographs. It’s your videos and reels. Infographics are a great form of visual content. Anything that has still or moving pictures on it seems to be the current trend.

Long-form video content has its place in the world of marketing. But short-form video content like story videos, snaps, and reels are the big players right now.

Many people on social media decide not to use short-form video content, and they truly miss out on a lot of opportunities because of it. Everyone should be taking advantage of all the features offered by a social media platform if applicable.

If you’re hurting for short-form video ideas, here is a freebie just for you:

Instead of writing a text-based question to your audience, record a selfie of you asking the question and then publish the video on the platform. I bet it will have a better chance of getting seen and played than the text-based post.


Use Themes For Social Media Posting Ideas

There are themes for everything.

I’m sure your niche has some themes of its own. Mine does! For example, my niche is outdoor recreation, so I post a content theme for “National Trails Week.” I’m sure your niche has some holidays and week themes as well.

You can also use daily themes such as Monday Motivation, Wednesday Wisdom, and Throwback Thursday as an example. Using these daily themes can usually get you at least one post every day, and some social media strategists recommend posting at least once a day.

And be sure to make up your themes, too! Make your own custom hashtags to go with it. You never know when you might start a trend.


And that pretty much sums up this little guide about social media posting ideas. As a last tip, I highly recommend using an 80/20 strategy with your posts. This means that 80% of your content should be native to the social media platform, and the other 20% is advertisements and promotional content for your business and products. Always give away more than you sell for ultimate social media success. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it with someone who might appreciate it.

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This article was contributed by Shawn Gossman, CEO of Social Trail Media, LLC. Shawn has been in the digital marketing business for almost 25-years. His focus has been search engine optimization, social media marketing and content strategy. Shawn founded Social Trail Media, LLC. in hopes to provide a service to folks who need help with social media growth but at an affordable rate with quality in mind. If you want to grow your social media more, check out Our Services today!