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How to Avoid

the Failures

of having

a Bad Niche

A bad niche can lead you down a road of failure and pitfalls.

Not every niche is a good niche. Some niches are not worth attempting to create something in. Only some niches are going to pay you a lot of money. Many niches are so over-saturated that getting a prominent position in them will often take years of hard work. Knowing if you’re getting yourself into a struggling situation with your niche is essential.

I blog about content creation and digital marketing. That niche is very over-saturated. One of the reasons why I started blogging every day is because it might be the only way to get higher within my niche. I have another niche that is local and focuses on the outdoors. I’ve become the leading competitor in that niche, so it isn’t as tricky.

Understanding that not every niche will be successful from the start is essential, but you need to understand what a bad niche is as soon as possible so you know when to stop before you get in too deep.


Avoid a Bad Niche by Choosing a Passionate Niche

You can easily avoid having a bad niche by going with a niche you are genuinely passionate about.

Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong niche because of popularity versus passion. For example, a gaming niche is one of the most popular, but if you’re not a gamer and choose it as your niche, you’re eventually going to run into a wall because it isn’t something you know anything about. You must choose a niche about something you know a lot about and are passionate about because you always want to create around the topics within that niche.

I have a hiking and outdoor recreation Facebook page. Because I consistently post content about hiking and the outdoors multiple times a day, every day, I have built my follower count to over 10,000 followers. I’ve done this because I am a passionate hiker. I hike every week, usually three or four days a week. I love hiking and everything about it. I could never create a gaming page because I don’t game, and I would run out of ideas before anyone even started to know who I was.

You can avoid the wrong niche if you choose a niche that relates to something you are genuinely passionate about rather than something that is just popular and trending.


Sometimes your Passion is a Bad Niche, however!

Your passion isn’t always the best niche to choose from, and it’s essential to understand that fully.

To avoid a bad niche, the topics you want to create need a market for them. For example, let’s say your passion is specific to pickleball. You’re highly passionate about pickleball, and you play it every day. You want to create a website and directory for local pickleball, but no one in your area is playing it. There is no interest in it in your area at all. If you focus on that niche, you could fail because there is no audience for it.

I always ensure I am passionate about what I start a blog for. But before I started the blog, before I even planned for it, I looked online to see if there was an audience for it. I look for other blogs, social media communities, forums, and more. If there is an audience and they are actively engaging about the topics of the niche, then I know it isn’t a bad niche.

You have to make sure that the niche you want to focus on has an online audience.


It does take passion and an active audience to have a great niche. But if you don’t meet the basics above, your niche isn’t that great. I’ve learned the hard way over the years and had to teach myself how to avoid having a bad niche. And now I’ve given you the knowledge to avoid it without having to do it the hard way.

Shawn Gossman

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