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30 Effective Strategies


Make Money Blogging

in 2022

Do you wish to make money blogging but just can’t wrap your head around how to start doing it? Well, quit stressing because I’m going to not only tell you how to make money blogging but I’m going to list 30 effective ways to do it. The best about knowing 30 different strategies is that it will give you plenty of options to decide how you want to monetize your blog. Maybe you’ll pick one, or a couple, or even all 30 strategies – it is solely up to you. So, let’s start digging into these 30 effective strategies to make money with your blog.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 1: PPC Ad Networks

There are many PPC ad networks out there to choose from. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. This is where you pay the publisher when your ad is clicked. To use PPC ads to make money blogging, you effectively get paid each time an add is clicked. You will have to make sure you aren’t luring people to click the ads, so you get paid as that is fraudulent with most ad networks and you’ll likely be banned for it. The best PPC Ad Network to go with is Google Adsense. Just make sure that your blog meets the requirements for the ads before applying in order to make the experience smoother.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 2: Niche-Targeted Directories

Niche-targeted directories are a great way to make money blogging by selling links to the directories based on your niche. Now Google doesn’t want people to buy links, so a traditional directory isn’t going to be the best move. Instead, create a directory completely based on your niche and make it professional business listings with not only the link but information about the business, its social page, and maybe a link to its blog as well. It is like you’re giving a whole page to a business. You can usually charge more for something like this as well.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 3: eBooks

The eBook craze is a Godsend to digital marketers and business owners. No more do we have to deal with costs of printing. With eBooks, we cut so much cost while being environmentally friendlier. It is a step in the right direction of being a green business. Write an eBook which is a completely digital book. You can use PDF format to make it easy. And when you’re done with your eBook, you simply sell them. Usually, people pay about half the price of a physical book, but you can also get away with making the eBook a bit shorter, too. If you sell an eBook, you might consider trying to put out at least one eBook a year to maximize your profit.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 4: Coaching

Coaching services is a good way to make money blogging on the side. Coach others in the area of expertise associated with your blog’s niche. If your blog is about cycling for example, you can coach people on the steps they should take to become a better cyclist. If your blog is about investing, you can coach people on how to make wiser investment decisions. Coaching can make you a lot of money and it can all be done online with Zoom and other great technologies. Just be very selective with your clients and make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many of them.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 5: Brand Merchandizing

If your blog is built around a brand, monetize your brand by selling branded merchandise. You can sell things like T-shirts, beanies, hoodies, hats, water bottles, bags, and even stickers and stationary items. You can either spend money to have it all made and maximize your profit or you can use a service like Printful (affiliate link) or Tee Spring to print stuff on demand to be sold but your profit will be lower since the printing costs are not on you. If you have a 3D printer, you might be able to make things on it as well – use your imagination with those skills.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 6: Sell Products

If you can, create actual products related to your niche and your business and sell them on your blog or its associated website. If you’re a fitness blog, you might decide to create a fitness drink or protein powder and sell the product on your blog or website. This often means expenses in manufacturing your products but often times it will be your main source of profit as well.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 7: Sell Services

Can you offer any services to readers of your blog? If your blog is about Yoga for example, maybe you can offer a virtual yoga session as a service or subscription. Almost any type of blog niche can easily have services created for them, too.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 8: Consulting

Consulting is a good way to make money blogging by selling your expertise to your readers. For example, I sell consulting to my blog readers in the form of blogging consulting. I will show you how to become a better blogger for content creation, marketing, and profit earning solely based on your niche through my own experience and expertise as well as thorough research completed during an audit of your blog. You just want to make sure you know how to do the type of consulting that you are offering.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 9: Job Boards

If actual career could be associated with your niche, you could create a job board where readers can search for jobs for free, but companies pay a fee to list and promote their job openings. This is the standard way all job and career sites make their money, too. For example, if your blog is about cameras and photography, you could make a job board for photographers and photo studio personnel.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 10: Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is when you write for other blogs but sell the rights to the articles. So, basically you set a price to write an article for a blog and then when the blog posts your article, they post it as if they made it. You do not get any credit in ghost writing. But the good news is that this allows you to usually charge a higher amount for writing and selling the rights to your articles.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 11: Donation Drives

Donation drives are an excellent way to make money blogging. Many people hesitate to ask for donations. However, it could be an excellent way to earn a profit. Your readers are often your fans and they want to help you succeed. They want your blog to stay online. You could do a donation drive to help cover expenses. You could keep the blog ad-free to set a goal for profit since the donations would be used as profit instead of putting up advertisements. Wikipedia has done this exact type of drive for years and years and it works.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 12: Podcasting

Podcasting is the new thing in 2022. Everyone is doing it. Soon, even I will be doing it for this blog and my other brands. Create a podcast show as a companion to your blog. Make money with it by selling commercial space. It is just like a radio show – you sell ad space for commercials. You can charge more if you have to talk for the commercial or charge less for a pre-recorded commercial from the one purchasing the ad space. And services like Anchor are free to use to get your podcast show going in not time. And a lot of podcasters start out using their smartphones, too!


Make Money Blogging Strategy 13: Niche-Based Conventions

Start a convention to make money blogging! Really! Make it huge like Social Media Marketing World or keep it local. Take your niche and figure out a way that people could meet up and have a conference about it. Different speakers. Different booths. Different events. Because the world is currently on edge with the ongoing pandemic, you can always make your convention completely virtual as well. Technology is amazing, take advantage of it.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 14: Social Page Sponsorship

If you have social media pages for your blog, and you definitely should, you can sell sponsorship and mentions on those pages as a service of your blog. This is a great way to make money blogging and with all the abilities to pin posts, comments, videos, and etc. it makes it easier to sell these types of services. Just keep in mind that a lot of social media platforms are on a campaign to demote the views on external links so, I would go charging too much for social sponsorship unless you know they will be seen by your fans.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 15: Selling Ad Space

You can also make money blogging by selling ad space on your blog. There are many locations on your blog to sell ad space and you can usually dictate the price a little with all the different locations. You will need to ensure that you’re getting a good amount of traffic in order to make a good amount of money. But selling ad space alone can be a second to even a primary source of income for bloggers if it is structured and planned right. But web traffic is going to be the big kicker here for how much you can make from an ad.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 16: Sponsored Posts

You can create posts, or the advertiser can write the post and you earn revenue for hosting their post on your blog. It is always important to write for the human and to make sure your audience understand that the post is sponsored. By not telling your audience that things are sponsored in blogging, it can be misleading to what you’re trying to promote and make you look bad. Some advertisers will want their sponsored post to look as authentic as possible and ask that you mention nothing about being sponsored. Shady stuff there – avoid that.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 17: Pinned Sponsored Posts

As a sponsored post upgrade, you could charge more to pin the post at the top for several cycles of new content submissions. I would charge something like XX amount of dollars to keep your sponsored post pinned for the next 2 new articles (give a posting schedule). And if they want it to stay pinned longer, they can pay more. But I wouldn’t keep it pinned for too long – nothing after 4 to 6 new article submissions as it could harm your new content marketing regime.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 18: Promote Affiliate Links

Join an affiliate network and start using affiliate links in your blog posts. Now, do remember that Google now requires that we post alternatives to our affiliate links to make it fair. So, I would say you can go to some website (without the affiliate link) to get whatever but then say or use my affiliate link to help me out by going through my name. You should always identify when you’re using an affiliate link – not doing so is kind of shady.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 19: Webinars

Since 2019, webinars have become pretty popular – for obvious reasons of public health concerns. Tap into this market and host a webinar using Zoom or something like that. You can sell access to it and offer resources to attendees to make it worth their wild. Many social networking platforms are also enabling creators to earn revenue with event sales on their own event so that might be something to look into as well. Webinars are in that first stage of being really popular and should consider jumping into that market while it is still young in popularity.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 20: Offer Courses

Like webinars, courses are a good option to offer for a fee. But you don’t have to be live with courses. You can make some videos, install an education management system to your blog, setup the course and pay gate, and boom – start making money by educating your followers on your niche market. Just be sure that you actually teach them something they can use otherwise you will lose trust.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 21: Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are a good way to make money blogging. You simply charge a fee to enter and participate. You could take a portion of the fee to create a price with it such as a gift card or straight cash. Be sure you check your local and regional laws concerning this method before doing it. Some areas require special activities be done to make money using this specific method.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 22: Membership

Create a private community and sell membership. Your community could include exclusive content, social media features, downloads, courses, discussion forums, articles, and more. You definitely want to offer something really nice for those willing to pay for membership. A lot of bloggers successfully use paid membership features to monetize their blogs.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 23: Email Marketing

Aside from using a mailing list to generate an income, you should be sending out a newsletter anyways as it really assists with marketing. For profit earning, you can use a mailing list to promote special offers, products, advertise on them, or even affiliate links (be sure to explain that you’re using them to be truthful, though). You could even offer an entire newsletter as a paid subscription if you have something critical to offer to people who’d pay to get it.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 24: Niche-Based Templates

Templates are a great way to earn an income with a blog. Whatever your niche is, you could come up with some sort of template. Heck make a template showing people how to create their own blog in your niche. In blogging, competition is good thing because we tend to collaborate more than compete. There are templates for everything, and they make good money to those who are creating and selling them.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 25: Premium Gated Content

Write paid articles and sell them. Although gated content appears to be falling in interest, it could still be a good way to earn money if you can write the right type of content that people would pay for. A good strategy is to offer a portion for free to leads up to the most important part or solution and gate the articles from there. At that point, you would require a fee to see that article or a subscription to see all paid articles. Be sure you offer something unique and demanded here otherwise you will not make much money.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 26: Speaking Events

Whether in person or virtual, you can make a good amount of money by speaking at other events put on by other people, businesses, and organizations. I always recommend doing some free speaking events so that you can get better at it and earn a reputation. But at some point, you should start charging for them. I usually charge anywhere from $100 to $300 for speaking events. I do most of them on a virtual platform and they turn out great. You make money while also gaining more traffic to your blog. That is a win-win situation.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 27: Paid Reviews

Once you enter the public as a creator or an influencer, which you should do even as a blogger, you’ll start getting more and more free product offers. Companies will send you products so that you review them in return. Now you can offer paid reviews or just take the product as the payment. I would say that a free review would mean you keep the product and that you give it an honest review (with cons included). But if they wanted something more extensive, then they should pay as well. Just be very selective of what products you’ll accept and don’t ever lie to anyone otherwise your reputation will fall out quick.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 28: Paid Tutorials

Everyone wants a tutorial for something. You can take advantage of this by selling tutorials on your blog. Choose a competitive price but give them a wonderful ROI. ROI stands for Return-On-Investment which is basically the positive return they get after buying and using your tutorial. So, I suggest you research free tutorials and find out what more you could offer that the free ones don’t as a reason to pay for the tutorial.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 29: Full Site Sponsorship

Full site sponsorship means the buyer gets advertised everywhere on the main page, other pages, resources pages, all article posts, social pages, and everything else. This is the whole package deal when it comes to paid advertising space. Charge a significant but competitive price for something like this especially if the advertising buyer wants to be the only one who can sponsor the entire site – then you should be entitled to a very healthy chunk of revenue.


Make Money Blogging Strategy 30: NFTs

This one is going to have mixed opinions, but I thought it was worth including. I am personally on the fence right now with NFTs and crypto currencies. But some of the biggest players in blogging and social media creators are jumping on board with NFTs. Even some of the biggest social media platforms are offering services relating to these. NFTs are something to look into and decide if you want to use them to monetize your blog with. I will say this – I remember a time when people said the internet was a fad. I also remember when everyone said touch screen smartphones wouldn’t last long. The same things are being said about NFTs and it is still early enough at the moment to invest into it while it’s young.


That ends the 30 effective strategies for you to make money blogging in 2022. Before you go, understand that in order to truly monetize your blog, it is going to take work. You have to ensure that your content is original, unique, and accurately depicts what you’re trying to promote with it. You cannot just put generic content on a post and expect the money to start rolling in. It takes a true passion to monetize a blog effectively and successfully. On this monetization journey, you should continue to focus on improving as an authority of your niche and better your skills as a blogger and content producer. Please consider sharing this article to support my efforts in writing it.


Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.