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Buffer gets a 5.0 rating for their new feature that allows scheduling Twitter threads.

Are you a Buffer user? Buffer is a social media content-scheduling tool that supports the most popular social media platforms. That includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the works. Their free version can do a lot, and now it has a feature for scheduling Twitter threads. That’s right! That feature is free!

I’m a big fan of Buffer. They’re affordable. Like some competitors, they don’t overvalue themselves with more features than you can handle. They give you the features you need. Scheduling Twitter threads were the only feature they lacked before this week, and it was my biggest gripe. But now they’ve changed that, well, sort of.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Twitter thread scheduling feature and the pros and cons.

Scheduling Twitter Threads on Your Desktop

Scheduling Twitter threads is super easy to do from your desktop.

Go to your Buffer Dashboard and the channel where your Twitter is programmed.

Press the Create Post button, and the creator will prompt up.

Type your first Tweet and press the Start Thread button to get each thread page. Then that button turns into a plus sign circled to keep adding new threads.

Then you schedule it like you would in the first place.

It’s super simple to do, and best of all, it’s on all the plans, even the free plan.

I use the premium version of Buffer. I only use it for Twitter because the mobile app makes it easy for me to be consistent with Twitter from my iPhone. The premium is worth it because you can schedule more content.

Scheduling Twitter Threads

Scheduling Twitter Threads Not the Best on Mobile

The web app allows scheduling Twitter threads which you can do on a mobile device, but it isn’t that user-friendly. It’s just a responsive design. You have to turn your phone sideways, zoom in and out until it’s perfect, and all that noise.

The Buffer app for my iPhone is where I do most of my scheduling. Smartphones make all that easy. The current app works so well for what I use it for.

Sadly, the iPhone app does not include a feature for scheduling Twitter threads.

I hope it’s something they’re working on for a future release. I feel like it’s possible. I don’t think creating a feature on the app would be that difficult.

Everyone is mobile these days, and even though I’m writing this blog on my desktop, I still do most of my social media posts on my iPhone, as many businesses and brands do.

It’s a mobile age.

I hope to see the feature available on the app soon! I have faith in Buffer to make that happen, but I can still use the web app from my desktop if they don’t.

I don’t want to complain too much about it because scheduling Twitter threads is a big deal, and I’m proud of Buffer for listening to their customers and getting that feature going.

It makes me happy enough to write a blog post about it!


And that’s my two cents about Buffer’s new feature for scheduling Twitter threads. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you do and want to see more, follow me on Twitter. And Buffer, maybe you should start your own ambassador program. I’d represent you!

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