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Social Media Automation

The Buffer Scheduling Tool for Social Media is an excellent form of automation if you want to save time to focus on the more essential things.

I’ve enjoyed using this tool so much that I upgraded to a paid version. But the free version of the Buffer Scheduling Tool may be all you need to start.

It has been a lifesaver for me to use this tool to save time to focus on engagement which is essential in social media marketing, as you know.

So, let’s jump into my review of the Buffer scheduling tool and how it has impacted my abilities to engage more with my audience and automate my content consistency.


What is the Buffer Scheduling Tool?

The Buffer Scheduling Tool is a social media scheduling system that allows you to schedule content on all the different social media platforms in one place to save time and focus.

I primarily use it for Twitter on my brand because the tools on Twitter just don’t cut it. I use it for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on a client’s social media campaigns. It is so lovely to go to one place to remain consistent.

That’s the challenge of social media. To gain on social, you have to be consistent about posting content. The more content you post, the more often you have better results. Manually posting content can be a life sucker. The Buffer scheduling tool makes content scheduling so easy that you can focus on things that matter more.

It is definitely a tool that I would want in my toolbox. Check out their website to learn more about their tool and its benefits.


What I like about the Buffer Scheduling Tool

I like many things about the Buffer Scheduling Tool that set it apart from other social media scheduling platforms.

I’ve been using Buffer for over a year now. It has enhanced my productivity in social media marketing by keeping a consistent content calendar and focusing on the community aspects of building up my social media networks.

Automating marketing efforts is a big deal when you’re trying to take your brand to the next level. So, tools like the Buffer scheduling tool make automation much more manageable.

Now let’s take a look at why I enjoy using Buffer and think you would too.


The Simplicity of the User Experience

There are too many platforms with a terrible user experience. Buffer is simple and easy to use whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

I immediately started getting used to Buffer’s user controls and features without the need to watch a video or take a product tour.

Nothing is worse than taking the time to sign up for something and then ending up not using it because you can’t figure it out. I never had that issue when using Buffer, and I appreciate that.

So, if you’re looking for a social media scheduling tool that is easy to use, I would definitely recommend the Buffer Scheduling Tool.


The Ability to Upgrade Channels and Team Needs

Do you ever notice that many software and marketing services come with a huge price from the get-go? This is because they assume you’re coming in with a team of people to use their service. They forget that some of us may be one-person shows. Buffer doesn’t forget that!

They offer a tier system that is based on your needs. I don’t have a big team yet. I’m a freelancer just getting into developing an agency. So, I need something I can work with for now and upgrade later. I don’t want to pay for more than one person using a service when only I am using it.

It’s nice to be able to use a scheduling tool that has an edition for one user. This allows you to become an expert at it. Then, when you upgrade because you have a team, you can teach them how to use it. But like I said earlier, it is so easy to use that you don’t have to put in that much effort.

So, if you need something just for you or you need something for a team, the Buffer scheduling tool has different plans that should quickly meet your requirements.


Campaigns and Analytics Features

Social media marketing campaigns are essential. They allow you to conduct promotional campaigns that usually meet your brand’s goals or objectives. And you need a way to analyze what you have done in the campaign. Buffer enables these options with its campaign and analytics features.

While I don’t usually run campaigns aside from important themed weeks concerning my niche or holiday promotions for selling my products, I rely on analytics quite a bit. Analytics allows me to judge which content was good and what wasn’t good. It allows me to create content that does well based on the stats and engagement rate of the posts.

Not being able to see analytics would be like conducting social media in the dark. Sure, every social media platform provides an analytics page, but it’s better to access all of them on one suite using the Buffer scheduling tool.

So, I am sold on their analytics, and their campaign feature has always worked as well as I’ve expected it the times I have used it.


The Buffer Blog and Community

A social media software service should be an expert in social media. Buffer is one of those experts! They have a spectacular blog and social media presence.
I look forward to every blog post they write and every social media post they schedule. I want to see Buffer’s Buffer Dashboard!

They’re such community-driven that just this past week, they asked on Twitter what their blogging team should be posting about next. I’m a growing marketing content provider in this space. I’m no one well-known yet. But I suggested an idea, and they responded to me by saying they would send it over to their team. Engagement in social media is essential, and Buffer is on top of that.

To me, a software or service provider that doesn’t post about their software or their industry is just in it to sell. I think developing a community is essential, and Buffer has done just that.

So, not only do you get an excellent social media scheduling tool, but you get tons of valuable blogs and social media posts that help you achieve more success in your social media marketing efforts.


The Price

Could you imagine paying over $100 monthly to schedule a social media post? Many scheduling tools charge more than most beginners and one-person shows can afford. The Buffer scheduling tool is the cheapest I’ve found that delivers the benefits that are just as good as the expensive tools.

I started out with the free version of Buffer, which was all I needed at first. I had access to three channel projects (three social platforms). I could post ten posts on each channel. This allowed me to get started and get used to being consistent with my content on social media. Then I upgraded to a $5 per channel plan that gave me more features than I’d ever need – for $5 a month!

In most cases, you’re using a social media platform to build a community and not earn a profit. Sure, you might be trying to convert customers, but your overall ROI with social is developing a community. Why would you want to pay much money to do that? Using the Buffer scheduling tool, I can schedule unlimited content for three channels for only $15 a month. Talk about a deal!

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a social media scheduler that isn’t going to destroy your wallet, then I highly suggest using Buffer. The free version gets you the basics you need to start, but I’d consider upgrading when you can.


What I don’t like about the Buffer Scheduling Tool

I can’t just do a review all about what I like about something. Buffer isn’t paying me to do this review. I do have some complaints about the service.

Let’s take a look at those complaints.


No Twitter Thread Support

Twitter threads are probably one of the best features on the social media platform. At least for us marketing-type folks. If you’re using Twitter, I’m sure you agree.

I love making threads that usually get more shares, likes, and engagements. But the Buffer scheduling tool does not have a feature for threads. I thought I was missing it, but when I looked it up, they suggested a different service for thread creation.

I hope Buffer eventually includes a feature for this. I’m not a prominent software developer. I only know a little here and there to get me by. But I’m sure it can be done during their roadmap project. It would make their service much more desirable, at least for us Twitter people.

But that missing feature isn’t enough to make me not want to use their service. I enjoy everything else Buffer has to offer.


That’s About It

Really – that’s it! I could think of no other thing that I don’t like about Buffer.


Final Thoughts on the Buffer Scheduling Tool

Get the Buffer Scheduling Tool if you want automation to focus more on engagement. That is my final thought on this service.

All the benefits I described above will help ensure that you can consistently create content for social media and post behind the scenes while you engage, sleep, and play away from your work.

Being married to social media is no way to live, and Buffer helps to prevent that.

So, I recommend going to the Buffer website and at least trying out their free version to get used to it (which is quick) and then upgrading when you’re ready. You won’t regret it. Thank you, Buffer, for creating and providing such an excellent social media marketing tool!

Shawn Gossman

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