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What Makes



Twitter Thread?

What do you think makes a good Twitter thread these days?

While writing a recent article about Buffer’s new Twitter Thread Scheduling feature, I started contemplating what makes a great Twitter thread in the first place. So many people in the marketing world who are on Twitter are no strangers to the barrages of Twitter threads.

Some of them are consuming them. Some of them are writing them. Some are sharing them. Some just like them. And some people do it all.

But are these all good Twitter threads? I think some are. But I know some aren’t.

So, what makes a good Twitter thread? Let’s explore that topic now.

A Good Twitter Thread Mimics a Good Story


That’s what makes a good Twitter thread.

Tell a story from the very beginning. The idea is to make your thread so captivating, so gripping that the reader goes to the following thread. And then, the following thread should mimic the same result.

The story should keep getting better and better with each thread.

And it shouldn’t end with just a boring action. The action should say, “click me if you want to know the end of my story.” That is if you include action with your Twitter thread. There should either be action or a perfect ending.

And every Twitter thread you create should be a great story.

You can make a good Twitter thread that people read, but if you want people to keep reading other threads you create, you need to keep telling great stories with them.

Every thread doesn’t have to be better than the last. But every thread needs to be good. They need to tell a story.

What Makes a Good Twitter Thread?

What Makes a Good Story?

Storytelling moves emotions and causes actions to be taken when people relate to the story.

You should tell stories that the reader relates to or feels a part of.

A story should be strong with emotions and feelings. There should be drama. There should be suspense. There should be controversy. There should be a happy ending, but there can be a sad one, too. And if you combine all these, you’ll have a memorable story.

Making a good Twitter thread will not be complex if you make a good story.


A Good Twitter Thread is an Original Concept

So many Twitter threads are the same as the other 5,000 being created.

Many people see a good Twitter thread taking off, and they try to mimic it by changing some words and sentencing structures.

But the problem with that is that the thread isn’t original. It’s already been seen in its original form. Therefore, there is no more originality to be gathered from it. Now it’s just a repeat of something someone has already said. It’s already been shared. It’s already been liked. It’s already been engaged about.

It’s old news on Twitter.

But if it’s original, then it’s new news.


A good Twitter thread is an original story that connects with its consumer. It’s your job to create the next great threaded Twitter story. Are you up to the challenge? Speaking of Twitter, follow me on there for more social media marketing tips.

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