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You need to become a great online storyteller to see the full spectrum of success for your brand, business, or whatever you’re trying to be on the internet.

Storytelling is how you develop your reputation and expertise in your industry. People will start to notice you because of your fantastic storytelling abilities. Storytelling is how you convert content consumers into loyal customers. Storytelling is how you can improve the world and become a pioneer in your market.

I tell stories with my content for those who can relate to it. That’s because that is what people want. If you’re reading this post right now, still, then you want to know how to become a great online storyteller. And I want to tell a story to you with this article to show you how to do just that.

So, focus in, friend, because this is going to be one hell of a story to make you a better storyteller in the end.


A Great Online Storyteller Understands Why

Storytelling is vital in content creation and marketing because it allows your audience to connect with what you have to say.

A good story that someone can relate to is the definition of compelling storytelling. You need to tell a personal story for the reader so they can put themselves in your shoes through your story based on their own personal experiences. That is how you connect with a reader. You have to let them into the story you’re trying to tell.

I create content online to get personal with you. I write in a manner that it feels like you and I are talking face-to-face. That’s because it’s personal, and it feels realistic. If I didn’t write like this, it would probably feel like you’re reading an advertisement.

To understand how to be a great online storyteller, you must know why it is essential to tell a story that your audience can immediately connect with.


Listen to Other Stories to Become a Great Online Storyteller

A great online storyteller is an excellent lister of other people’s stories because that is how they improve their own.

The only way you can truly become the best storyteller you can be is to be good at listening to other stories. Find people, blogs, influencers, and peers with a similar story to yours or that talk about things that passionately interest you. Let them tell their stories to you about why they love doing what they do. If you feel an instant connection with them after they tell you their stories, try to dissect what made you connect to what part of their stories.

I love a good story. I listen to books and storytelling online, usually every day. I love hearing stories of senior citizens and how they lived their lives. I love hearing about the history of the area where I live and reading about it. People intrigue me with their stories, and I can’t get enough of them. But because of those stories, I’ve learned little secrets about telling a good story with my own words.

Before you tell a good story, you need to get good at listening to other people’s stories and relating to them so that you know how to tell stories that others will relate to.


A Great Online Storyteller Gets Emotional

If you don’t tell a good story to your content consumers, they’ll probably quit consuming your content.

Imagine spending day after day creating content only to get zero views as an ending result. You’d feel like you wasted your time. It would be depressing. It would be a good reason to be upset. But it would be a cold reminder of why it is vital to integrate compelling storytelling into your content creations.

This part of the article might have made you feel sad, angry, or fearful. I told a story you could relate to, with an emotional result being the primary goal. I wanted to upset you with the idea that you worked hard on content, and it failed in the end. That’s something we all dread! But I did it to show you how emotion integrated into your storytelling can draw people closer to the overall message of your story.

Tap into the emotions of your content consumers. Don’t be afraid to make them sad or fearful but make sure you give them happiness and excitement to get their full attention, too.


Being a great online storyteller is one of the best ways to build a loyal audience. But storytelling requires tactics and an understanding of a great story. I tell a story with everything I create so that you can relate to it somehow. If you want to be the best storyteller you can be, you need to know what a good story is and start telling them every time you create.

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