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Amazing Tips to

Write Awesome Blog Posts

that are Actually Read

Do you want to know how to write awesome blog posts?

You might find articles with over 100 tips when searching for this answer. A lot is good, but if you’re like me, you don’t really have time to go through hundreds of tips.

Now I did just that! Went through hundreds and hundreds of tips, strategies, and techniques. I tried them all out and concluded that I didn’t need to use all of those tactics and tips.

So, to make life easier for you and me, I crunched it down to 10 tips to help you write awesome blog content that people will actually read.

And here are those ten tips…


1 – Write Awesome Blog Posts by Planning Your Content Before You Write

Research and planning are critical steps to creating a fantastic blog post!

The first thing to do is to decide on a topic. I recommend combining this with Keyword Research. That will help you develop new post topic ideas while also researching the best possible keywords for your awesome ideas.

Here lately, I’ve been enjoying using Uber Suggest, a nice keyword and search engine optimization tool with a cheaper price tag.

No matter what software or keyword research strategy you use, you want to ensure you target keywords that are being searched for but are competitive enough to rank on search engines.

When you write awesome blog posts, they should take a little time to write. Don’t put something together really quick. Spend a little effort on it. Plan what you will write and follow that plan.

Thoroughly researching and planning a post will allow you to make it as awesome as possible.


2 – Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies on Your Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still relevant when writing awesome blog posts.

You don’t have to be an SEO pro to be good at SEO. You must create a habitual system of integrating SEO into your blogging.

After you research and choose your keywords, there are three essential tactics to place them within your content: Frequency, Critical Areas, and Blending.

The Frequency where you place a keyword is important because you don’t want to place it too much. We in the SEO world call that keyword stuffing. Google and other search engines don’t like it, and they’ll penalize you for it. I follow a general rule of keywords in the H1 heading, a keyword in every other three or four H2 headings, a keyword in the first sentence, and then every two to three paragraphs. If you blog with WordPress, install the free addon Yoast, which will help you rank the frequency of your keyword placement.

Critical Areas are another vital aspect of SEO. As I said above, headings are essential for keyword place, mainly the H1 and at least the first H2 heading. You also want the keyword to be in the first image on your post, too. This is another reason I suggest using Yoast for WordPress because the addon will tell you the critical areas you need to include your keyword in, which is on the free feature!

And, of course, Blending is so essential for proper SEO. Blending is how you place the keyword. You need to write it in a way that makes sense. If the sentence sounds odd or awkward with the keyword in there, then you’re doing it wrong, and search engines (as well as humans) will notice it quickly!

Make SEO a habit, and you’ll start to notice BIG-TIME improvements in views.


3 – Make Every Sentence Your Write Count

Every sentence you write should keep people on the edge of their seats.

Don’t write a sentence to try to meet a word count. Filler sentences will do more harm to your blog than good.

Every sentence you write down should have a meaning. It should make people want to keep reading your blog post.

Treat each blog post you write as a book you’re trying to get as a best-seller. So, that means every sentence should make people want to keep reading. That is how books get so popular. The author keeps people reading by evaluating every sentence they create.

Master this skill by writing as much as you can.


4 – Write Awesome Blog Posts that are Scannable by Your Readers

Let’s face it – we are an impatient people!

The days of everyone sitting down and reading every part of your post, word for word, are over.

People scan or skim-read everything.

I do it.

I bet you do it too.

If you notice my sentences and paragraphs, you’ll see I keep things short but sweet. This is because we don’t like reading large blocks of text with long sentences.

Most blogging experts will tell you to write as if you’re writing for fifth graders.

That’s a good idea!

Don’t use big words that might require research. Don’t write essays. Write awesome blog posts that are easy to read and quick to read.

You can still push for 1,000+ words, but make it scannable, and your readers will love you for it.


5 – Make sure that Your Blog Posts are Top Notch on Mobile Devices

Have you looked at your device stats lately?

You know, the metric that tells you how many people look at your blog on desktop versus mobile devices?

For me, the numbers are pretty crazy. The majority are mobile. It is almost to a point where desktops aren’t needed anymore. And I am a desktop fan at that! But the world is not…

Optimizing your blog posts for mobile is essential for your marketing tactics.

You should write for mobile. Don’t worry so much about how it looks on a desktop; worry more about how it looks on a smartphone because that is where most of your audience will be coming from.

And with that being said, the #4 tip above also applies to this tip. Write awesome blog posts that people can read while keeping their fingers moving on their touch screen.

That’s how I do it. I bet you do, too, probably without even realizing it.

Mobile content creation is a priority!


6 – Get Good at Editing and Religiously Edit Your Content

Blogging isn’t Twitter!

We actually get an edit button. And that’s a good thing. Because I make a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. I miss commas constantly!

While missing a comma here and there might not be too bad, missing an entire word can cause someone to click off immediately, especially if they’re scanning your post, looking for fast information.

So, editing is highly essential when you want to write awesome blog posts.

You have to edit. You have to get good at editing. And you have to be religious about editing.

One tool that I have fallen in love with is Grammarly. It has terrific free service, but the paid version is even better. I upgraded very quickly. I’m a Grammarly fan-boy, 100 percent! It makes editing faster, and it is smart enough to understand your personal writing style.

Just make sure that your content makes sense when you read it.


7 – Find and Use Awesome Images or Take Them Yourself

Good blog content needs good images.

People like pictures. People want to look at things. Images are eye-catching and will even stop someone from scanning a post to look at it.

Images that look great are also great for adding call-to-action words to them.

Find photos that look good. I recommend accurate images over vector. People tend to like pictures of real things more than some created graphics.

I get a lot of my photos for free from Pixabay, and most of them can be used for commercial purposes for free as well.

But the best option, if you can do it, is to take your own photos – high-quality photos – and use them. Some niche bloggers can do it; some can’t.

However you do it, ensure you use images people want to see.


8 – Write Awesome Blog Posts with Awesome Relevant Links

When you write an awesome blog post, you should also include links to your other awesome blog posts.

Internal links to awesome content that is relevant to what you’re writing about are something that you should include.

This helps generate more views. It helps with SEO, too.

But you should also include awesome links to other websites you didn’t make.

External links are also highly recommended in SEO. Just make sure they’re relevant and of the highest quality content possible.

Ensure your anchor text (the text that will be the link) tells the reader what they will be going to. The old “click here” method is the wrong way to do it.

Adding links to other awesome content you’ve made is important, but adding links to other websites is also a good thing.


9 – Ask Plenty of Questions within Your Awesome Blog Post

Do a simple Google search for a keyword of your choice.

After the first few results, you should see an expandable tabbed area with “People are also asking” above it. These topics are great to snag if you can do it!

The idea is to create content relevant to those topics and include questions in your blog post.

Including questions in your post will increase your chances of getting into that section on the Google Search results page.

Questions also engage readers.

Ask questions to get comments if you’re looking for them.


10 – Write Awesome Blog Posts Without a Recapping Outro

And lastly, don’t recap in your outro or conclusion paragraph!

Look at mine below. It’s the last paragraph. It is short. It is sweet.

It recaps the title but not the numbered tactics. It assures the reader that using the tactics ABOVE will help them.

That is strategically placed there. If I recapped the tactics above in the outro, the reader would likely skip my main content and go straight to the outro to get what they want. But by saying the “tips above,” I encourage them to look above, thus staying on the post longer, which is an excellent way to rank higher on search engines.

In conclusion, I also include a call-to-action, asking people to share my post with other bloggers they know. I’m asking them to share with folks they know, so it isn’t encouraging spam. I’m asking them to share with a blogger so I can get a reader who might start following my blog.

Short and sweet!


And there you have it! That was ten great tips showing you how to quickly write awesome blog posts that people will actually want to read. Start using the tips above, and I bet you’ll start seeing its results sooner than later. If you have enjoyed reading this post, share it with another blogger that you think would also enjoy reading it.

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