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Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, every day, it seems like we’re on the road to losing Twitter as a platform.

Since the acquisition, Musk has allowed several previously banned accounts to come back to Twitter, including former US President Donald Trump, who was suspended from Twitter indefinitely for being accused of causing the January 6 capital building incident.

I log on to Twitter daily to read marketing, content creation, and SEO updates. I see more drama with the Elon Musk business than anything else, even when I mark the content as irrelevant and block people.

It seems more and more that we’re losing Twitter as a social platform, and I think we need to prepare for that reality.


How We’re Losing Twitter

If Twitter continues in the direction it’s going, it will continue to fall.

Advertisers and big companies that spend the most on Twitter are going to likely quit spending. This is because of the toxicity and drama created on Twitter. Companies do not want bad press at taking the risk of spending money on advertising on Twitter.

We’ve seen this time and time again on other social media platforms. If the environment is toxic and can offend the masses, businesses will avoid the platform and avoid conducting business with the platform.

Twitter is committing social suicide by allowing memes and toxic discussions to overwhelm its platform, and the most prominent companies are starting to take notice.


Should We Leave Twitter?

Is it time to leave Twitter and go to a different social platform?

Not necessarily. It might be unwise to purchase advertising on Twitter. This is because the toxic content will intermingle with your paid content. That will only confuse consumers and make them see that your content is somehow associated with all the drama. But as long as your audience reaches you and engages with you, you might as well stick around, at least for them.

I’m not political, and I think Elon can do whatever he wants with Twitter. But over 40 billion dollars is a lot of money to lose because your platform can’t attract investors. Elon owns most of the company, so he can do what he wants.

Playing with the company while it’s so currently fragile is why we’re probably losing Twitter as a platform soon enough.


Alternatives if we’re Losing Twitter?

If losing Twitter means you have to move on to something else, you still have plenty of options.

You can always create a Facebook page and accompany it with a social group. You can create an Instagram account or even get on the widely popular TikTok. YouTube is worth checking out as it’s the second-largest search engine online (Google being first). For business and marketing-related niches, LinkedIn is starting to be the best social platform to go to. Mastodon and other decentralized organizations are also beginning to grow ahead of Web 3.0.

But the number one thing I suggest you do is to create your own space. Social media is rented, and if you lose it, that’s it; you lose it all. There is nothing you can do about it, either. Now is the time to create a website for your business or brand and invest in a mailing list. You can lose your social audience overnight. You can’t lose your mailing list audience because you have direct access to their email addresses.

We’re probably losing at least the Twitter we knew, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end.


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