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How to do the Gary Vee Content Strategy without Going Insane

Have you read into the Gary Vee Content Strategy?

Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee for short) is an American entrepreneur specializing in social media strategy. He’s known for his inspirational speeches, profanity, and being a content publishing GOAT.

He created the $1.80 strategy for Instagram, which helps you gain followers and publicity by actively posting on other profiles on the platform.

Lately, he has been pushing for people and businesses to publish more social content.

The Gary Vee content strategy is simple: Post 60 to 100 pieces daily.

Simple is not so simple after all.

In this article, I want to break down posting 60 to 100 pieces of content daily. Then, I want to explain why it could significantly help you or your business. Next, I want to note the tools available to assist you if you have to do this alone. And finally, I want to give you a realistic strategy at the end of the article.

So, let’s begin to dissect and exploit the Gary Vee content strategy!

What Platforms do you use for the Gary Vee Content Strategy?

Typically, most social media gurus will tell you to choose one or two social media platforms to post on.

In the case of the Gary Vee content strategy, you need to post on 7 to 10 social and other platforms.

Let’s choose 10 now:

  1. TikTok
  2. Snap
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook
  5. YouTube
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Twitter
  8. Pinterest
  9. Quora
  10. Your Blog

If you posted 10 pieces of content on each of the 10 platforms above, you’d get 100 pieces posted daily.

But is posting 10 on every platform realistic? I couldn’t imagine posting 10 blog posts a day!

So to post 100 things a day, you’d need to post more on some platforms than others.

You could follow a strategy where you post content every two hours on social platforms. Post at 5 AM, 7 AM, 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, 11 PM, 1 AM, and 3 AM. That’s 12 times a day on one social platform. Taking your blog and Quora out of the list above, that’s 96 pieces of content.

You could post three articles on Quora and one on your blog, and that’s 100.

But 12 pieces of content on every social network doesn’t always make sense.

Like YouTube, do you know anyone who posts 12 videos a day on YouTube?

Most social networks have multiple content features. So that’s what you want to take advantage of when posting this much content.

So for YouTube, you can post one long-form video a day, a quick live video towards the end of the day, 8 community posts (previous videos, questions, photos, shoutouts, etc.), and two shorts. That’s 12 pieces of content on YouTube. That sounds a lot better than posting 12 videos every day.

On other social platforms, like Instagram, you can post reels, photo galleries, single photos, quick live broadcasts, and stories.

Once you start breaking down the features of how you can post, doing the Gary Vee Content Strategy starts to get less overwhelming.

Gary Vee Content Strategy

But Posting 100 Times a Day Still Sounds Impossible

And it should. Because 100 pieces of content every day sounds horrendous.

You have a business to run. You have other things to do. You have kids. You want nightlife. You have to cook dinner. You have to go to the gym. So much to do, so little time.

So how do you post 100 pieces of content every day?

For the most part, you would repurpose content!

You would post the same piece of content on multiple platforms. You might have to take screenshots with your phone and edit the image to make it unique for the platform. But you would have to repurpose content to post that much daily.

Not even someone dedicated to posting 100 pieces of content daily could do it without repurposing. It’s not just one day. It’s every day. It can’t be done without repurposing!

So you could post a video on TikTok and then edit the copy saved to your phone, not to display the TikTok logo on the video. Then you can use that video everywhere that takes video (IG, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, etc.)

That one video can add up to a lot of the 100 pieces of content a day. That makes it a whole lot easier. The same goes for a photo or even a text post that you save as a photo on your phone.

If you don’t have a smartphone, this won’t work. There is nothing more to say about that. Without a smartphone, you will not accomplish the Gary Vee content strategy.

And before we move on to the next section of this article, I have an essential word of advice. Don’t over-make anything! Of course, your content needs to be of excellent quality. There are so-called “social experts” who say quality doesn’t matter. Those are not the people you should take advice from. When in the world of human intelligence, has quality never mattered? Especially when you’re trying to convert followers into customers!

Keep content in good quality but don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of time making the music right, choosing the right filter, and all that. Instead, keep it quick and helpful and then release it in the wild.


Use Tools with the Gary Vee Content Strategy

Use the tools that are available for you to win at this strategy.

Use a social content scheduling feature. I use Buffer, and I like it a lot. I pay for it. This isn’t sponsored.

With Buffer, I can schedule my social media content weeks or months (or longer) ahead. In addition, I can schedule multiple pieces of content every day. And I do it from my phone!

That means if I wanted to spend a few days a week creating content at scale, I could do so and then schedule it using Buffer (or whatever you prefer) and be ahead of the game.

Not having to create 100 times a day to post 100 times a day is nice. When you schedule stuff ahead, that’s less than you have to make.

If you blog with WordPress, that platform also enables you to schedule content ahead of time. For example, I try staying ahead with this blog for a few days by using the post-scheduling feature.

You want to make sure everything you write uses proper Grammar and spelling. A great freemium tool for that is Grammarly. It will help you become a better writer.

Take advantage of your smartphone camera. I preach that with your smartphone, everything is content. That’s because everything can be made into content with a smartphone at your side. So use it to your advantage.

Many great apps are available to help you modify your content, add text, make videos, and use your smartphone. One app that many people use is Canva. Another one is Adobe Lightroom for mobile.

And pay close attention to AI breakthroughs because they will change everything, and you want to ensure you’re in the know.


How will this Help My Business?

Using the Gary Vee content strategy and posting 100 times daily on multiple platforms will work wonders for your business.

It can get you more attention and followers because you generate more content.

Platform algorithms might also give you more rank and boost because you’re creating more content for their platform. Just ensure the content is native so that you’re not mistaken as a spammer. Posting 100 links daily is an excellent way to get banned from most platforms.

It can convert followers into customers, especially if you use a lot of copy in your content.

You have a greater chance of a piece of content becoming viral when you post 100 times a day.

To sum it up, the more content you post at scale every day, the greater the chance of someone new finding and liking your content.


The Gary Vee Content Strategy Takes Work

Gary migrated over to America with his parents from the Soviet Union. He grew up working in his dad’s liquor store. He likely had a hard life full of hard work. That’s the reason for his consistent work ethic and ability to hustle as he does.

Because he has been a hard worker all his life, skipping weekend parties to work on making his wine business get better, everything he designs for strategy is nothing but hard work.

Posting 100 times a day on multiple platforms will not be easy. It will not get easier the more you do it. You can use tools to make it a little more bearable, but it still requires attention and hard work.

And even if you don’t use the Gary Vee content strategy, you’ll still have to work hard to get anywhere on today’s internet.

The internet is too vast and competitive for the work not to be complicated.

It’s now more important to have a strategy and use it effectively.


And if you can’t post 100 times a day…

Please don’t beat yourself up about it.

I don’t post 100 times daily and have no plans to start.

I’m still seeing success and growth. It might not be as fast as it could be with 100 pieces of content flowing each day, but it’s still successful.

My content strategy consists of this:

  • Post twice a day on TikTok (videos)
  • Post six times a day on Facebook (posts and stories)
  • Post six times a day on Instagram (posts and stories)
  • Post three times a day on Twitter (Tweets)
  • Post once a day on LinkedIn (post)
  • Post once a day on my blog
  • Post once a day on YouTube (video/short and community posts)

I post about 20 to 30 pieces of content every day. That’s half of 60. That’s even way less than 100. But I can still do that, enjoy my outdoor recreation passion, work full time, and get a good night’s sleep every night. And I’m doing well with what I’m trying to promote.

If you want to do the Gary Vee Content Strategy, go for it!

But if not, don’t feel like you’re going to fail.


I hope you enjoyed this article about the Gary Vee content strategy. Comment below and let me know if you’re posting 100 times daily! Also, please share this post with someone else who might enjoy it. Finally, follow me on Twitter for more business growth and social media marketing tips.

Shawn Gossman

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