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Should you

put your Brand

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on TikTok?

Are you asking yourself if you should put your brand or business on TikTok?

TikTok is exploding with popularity and use to the point where other social media platforms have quit trying to be original and are trying to copycat what TikTok is doing. TikTok is the influencer of social media platforms.

It took me a while to get on TikTok because I thought it was just teenagers dancing and lip-singing. Once I got on there, my content was getting significant views from my kind of audience quickly.

So, let’s jump into the article and examine why you might get your brand or business on TikTok!


Putting your business on TikTok can get you customers

It is said that more than 53% of young people eat at a restaurant after seeing videos about it on TikTok.

With those statistics and studies, you can gain customers on TikTok. And the younger people are usually the ones who are looking to buy quicker than older folks. Go where your buyers are. I bet you anything that most of your buyers are on TikTok.

I’ve used TikTok to convert to subscribers of my YouTube channel, which leads to my paid products. I’ve found that the conversion rates have been very effective and positive. Personally, TikTok is an excellent resource for my brand.

To attract younger people to your brand or business, you must put your brand or business on TikTok.


How would you conduct business on TikTok?

Conducting business on TikTok doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

TikTok has made its controls pretty user simple over the evolution of its application. Of course, they would do this; it will encourage more people to use the app. But conducting your actual business falls on you. Start by posting at least one video a day. During this time, focus on using different trending music, adding words, and using different video styles. Figure out your strategy by using different techniques from the start. Look at other businesses and see what they are doing to get big numbers. Get some inspiration.

When I started, I’d post a video once a week and wasn’t getting much engagement or views. Then I started posting one video a day and started getting more activity. After that, I started engaging with related users and videos like mine, and my videos began doing well.

The more activity you dedicate to putting your business on TikTok, the better you will do.


Don’t just keep your business on TikTok, however!

Remember, TikTok is a rented space like any other social media platform.

By joining TikTok, you agreed to terms explaining that they can terminate your channel anytime for any reason. You might lose everything if you create a large following and make a simple mistake. And there is nothing you can do about it. Too many rely entirely on social media without worrying about losing it all. If you lose your social media, you’ll probably lose your customers and money!

I use social media, but I also ensure I use owned space. My owned space is my website because I have access to the code and database that makes it. My mailing list is also my own space because I can access the people and their email addresses who subscribe to me. If social media algorithms distract my followers’ attention from my profiles, I can still talk to them with my website and mailing list.

Make sure when putting your brand or business on TikTok and any other social media that you also provide an owned space, too. Don’t lose your audience! Don’t lose your customers!


And that should answer your questions about putting your brand or business on TikTok. Use the information above to help make your own decision. But be sure to take my advice of creating your own owned space, so you don’t lose any of your audience and customers. If you want more tips and guides like this, don’t miss out; subscribe to my newsletter today!

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