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How to Create a

Facebook Posting Strategy

that gets

Measurable Results

Creating a Facebook posting strategy on an over-saturated and widely used social platform can seem impossible.

But with an effective strategy, like the one I use, it’s not only possible, but it isn’t that difficult to turn into a reality.

I’ve done all the hard work finding a strategy that gives you measurable results. Now it’s time for me to share with you, so you don’t have to work so hard.


Tools for a Measurable Facebook Posting Strategy

A good Facebook posting strategy that can be measured will often require using tools.

Lucky for you, these tools are already well established and available at your disposal, primarily for free.

I couldn’t imagine a posting strategy being successful without tools unless you were doing it full-time. But even then, it would take up so much of your time.

Check out the tools below and integrate them into your posting strategy to make things easier and measurable.


Scheduling System

Use a content scheduling system to get your posts on Facebook.

Facebook offers a lovely native scheduler with their business dashboard, or you can get a paid scheduler like Hoot Suite or Buffer.

I use the Facebook Business mobile app and schedule from there. It is fast and very efficient. I can also check on the scheduled content to make sure it is pushed through.

Try to schedule content a week ahead to be ahead of the game, but keep an eye on the content publishing.


Content Repurposing

In a perfect world, you’d use unique content for each social platform. But this world isn’t perfect.

Unique content on each platform would require you to be full-time and spend a lot of time getting content. Don’t be afraid to repurpose content. Just make it an original repurpose of each platform.

I post reels on Facebook, and I’ll post the same reel on TikTok. But I’ll ensure I add different text and music to each one to keep it original but repurposed.

Make sure you’re not posting something with a TikTok watermark on Facebook, or the platform will demote your content.


Content Calendar

Having a content calendar for each month can help ease the process of a Facebook posting strategy.

Use something as simple as a spreadsheet or a word document. Just create a month’s worth of content ideas for each day. This will help you track what you posted and what is coming up.

I use my default calendar on my iPhone for this. I have an additional Google Calendar app for my actual events. This makes it easy for me to access my content plan anywhere I go.

Having a plan before you do something will make doing it so much more effective.


Content Distribution for Facebook Posting Strategy

Having a plan in place for the content you’ll be posting to Facebook is essential.

Many people go wrong in this process. You might have ideas for content, but there is no real plan for distributing it.

I have a plan for every piece of content I post on Facebook and other social platforms. I plan each post based on the time of day that people are likely to read my content found on the analytics Facebook provides.

A good Facebook posting strategy will be measurable based on your strategic posting tactics.


More Native Content

Facebook has repeatedly said it will rank promotional content lower than native content.

You should be following the 90/10 content rule. Post 90% native content. Post the other 10% external content. Facebook will favor content and pages that keep people on their social media platform versus content that takes people away. Facebook needs people to stay to click ads and make their money to stay online.

My page is all about hiking and outdoor recreation. Out of the 5 to 6 pieces of content I post daily, 1 to 2 posts are external content. I will link a YouTube video and a blog post. The rest of my content is native.

Stick to native content. You won’t get anywhere on Facebook if you just post promotional content.


My Posting Strategy

Sometimes it’s best to follow the posting strategy of another creator until you find your methods.

Finding your posting method may take a little while. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and trying different things. This is especially true when your brand or page is new. Experiment away and try everything until you find what is best for you.

I post three to five times a day, every day. I do this with the help of a content calendar and the Facebook Business mobile app for its scheduling feature. I post a question in the morning and then an assortment of reels, photos, and links throughout the day. I let all that be automated while I focus on engagement throughout the day – actually talking to people who interact with my content.

If I can suggest anything, it would be to focus more effort on manual work on engagement and make posting automated.


External Content

While native content is the actual content for your Facebook posting strategy, external content still has its place.

Focus 90% on native but make sure 10% is focused on what you want to promote externally.

I promote YouTube videos three days a week. I promote a blog post every day because I also blog daily on my hiking blog, too.

When you build up an audience and turn them into a community, they’ll see your external content, too. But the algorithms will still be against you on that note compared to native content.


Gaining Followers with a Facebook Posting Strategy

Now that you have a Facebook posting strategy, it’s time to get followers to your page.

This is where many people give up on trying to be successful with Facebook. Getting followers sounds like it is difficult. In reality, if you focus on precisely the kind of people you want to follow you, it isn’t that difficult to find them. It isn’t difficult to convert them, either.

I can specifically target the people I want to entice with my Facebook page because I target certain people with specific interests. I used to target everyone, and getting people to convert into followers was always complicated. You have to be precise!

Let’s look at ways to get people to follow your Facebook page.


Posting as your Page

Whether you’re promoting yourself as a profile or a brand/business as a page, you should post off your page.

This means what it is! Go to other pages, groups (that allow pages to join), and profiles and post on them. Engage with people. Make yourself known. Post the best content you can post. Make people laugh. Make them cry. Make them smile. Tap into the emotions of your audience.

My page is about hiking. So, I post on other pages as my page that are related to the topic. Nation park pages, other hiking pages, hiking social groups, and pages like that. I post on my local news page and businesses in my area. My target audience is my local region and the states that border them. Those are the people who will most likely enjoy and consume my content.

Putting yourself on your page is essential, but getting yourself out in other parts of Facebook is also crucial.


Consistency Matters

When it comes to the part about your Facebook posting strategy, consistency is critically important.

Consider content as the King. Engagement with your followers is the Queen. But Consistency that’s something different. That’s that Kingdom that holds everything in place. Without it, your king and your queen will fall. The people watching you and the algorithms need you to be consistent so that they know when to look.

Using a content scheduling feature, I can remain consistent ahead of the posting schedule. I scheduled ahead a week early. Too much can be a chore because new stuff could come up, and schedules need to be moved around and changed.

How much you post a day, week, or month doesn’t matter. It matters how frequently you’re posting in your routine. Random is not going to cut it on today’s internet.


Building a Community

Once you develop your audience, you must turn them into a community to support your efforts.

A community will buy your products and services. A community will follow you to other platforms and subscribe to your mailing lists. A community is loyal to you.

I learned that to build a community from an audience; you have to recognize the individuality of each follower. You have to understand their needs and wants. You have to deliver that to them. If you genuinely want to build a community, you’ll give away more than you sell.

A community will take you, your page, and your business/brand to the next level.


And that is how you create a Facebook posting strategy. It is as easy as using the simple steps above. These steps are what I used to grow a Facebook page to over 10,000 followers for a small local niche. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it, and follow me on Twitter for more.

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