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5 Online Cycling Businesses to Start Today

Online cycling businesses are a wonderful way to start earning money with your love of cycling.

If you enjoy cycling and want to start a business around it on the internet, you have quite a few options. You can run these options as side hustles or even turn them into full-time jobs.

Let’s start and look at 5 online cycling businesses to start a business Today.

Which one interests you the most?

1 – Social Influencers make Great Online Cycling Businesses

Social media influencer is probably the easiest of the online cycling businesses available.

The idea is that you start a social channel around cycling. It’s good to niche down as much as possible and attract a specific audience. This will enable more success for you in the long run.

For the best results, you should choose the social media channels where your audience is. That might be Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and even YouTube.

While many social media strategists recommend getting on every social channel, sometimes doing so can be overwhelming and might make you burn out.

Instead, you should focus on activating a few channels and building your reputation first.

Once you grow, you can evolve into new social channels.

The money-making aspect of the social online cycling niches is to earn through social media monetization features, sell something, and get brand deals. Many social media influencers in the cycling niche use affiliate marketing to earn a profit.

The hardest part about being a cycling social influencer is growth. It takes consistency, content, and community to grow your influence and create a brand.


2 – Cycling Apparel Brand

If you enjoy making your own cycling apparel, why not consider turning it into a business?

You could start a small cycling apparel company and sell your homemade garments. This can especially be one of the more popular online cycling businesses if you’re creating products in the United States and aiming to sell to Americans. We’re always looking for Made in America.

You can create bib-shorts, regular shorts, knickers, tights, jerseys, gloves, caps, arm/leg warmers, and cycling socks. The product line is endless.

You can niche down, too. Target a specific audience, such as all women.

There are ample opportunities to turn this side hustle into a full-time job.

And if you make the apparel items yourself, with the best materials, you can usually charge a good amount per item. I’ve seen full kits go for upwards of $500 from some American-made companies.

You can earn even more in custom apparel online cycling businesses.

Online Cycling Businesses

3 – Cycling Blogs Make Great Online Cycling Businesses

Do you like to write about cycling? If you do, then why not start a cycling blog?

Cycling blogs make great online cycling businesses. This is because you have more control over the content and can contribute your activity to make the blog thrive.

Like most online cycling businesses, narrowing the niche down is a good idea. Focus on a specific topic rather than general cycling topics. You could focus on road biking or gravel cycling. Maybe your blog is all about gear reviews. There are no limits to ideas to write cycling articles about.

Successful blogs take work, however. You need to be consistent about posting. You can post once a week, but more successful bloggers report that posting two to four times a week delivers better results.

When creating ideas to blog about, focus on the most difficult challenges and questions within your cycling niche. Solve those problems and then create blog posts about them. That’s how you’ll win your audience over.

Regarding income, there are many ways to monetize a blog. You can use Google AdSense or affiliate ads to earn a profit. You can review products and do brand deals. You can sell products and services. You can sell advertisements directory or offer sponsored blog posts.

If you play your cards right, you can easily turn your cycling blog into a full-time job.


4 – Sell Used Bike Parts

Take a lesson from Gary Vaynerchuk on the art of going to garage sales. You can buy used bikes and remove components to sell online.

Bikes are getting harder and harder to get these days. This is because of the boom in the popularity of cycling after the pandemic started. Because of that, used bikes could create wonderful opportunities for online cycling businesses.

You can sell whole bikes outright or part them out and sell components separately.

The logistics of the business will be your main concern. Do you have enough room to store the bikes and parts you buy? Once you profit, you could rent a storage shed nearby to store your product.

The great thing about bikes and components is that they don’t typically lose their value too much. If you buy the bike for the right price, you can easily double your profit margin if it’s the right bike brand.


5 – Sell Cycling Photos and Video Clips

This is probably one of the most fun types of online cycling businesses out there.

All it takes is you, a camera, your bike, and a riding route.

Take photos of your bike and you on your bike. Take little video clips of you riding your bike. Think about the photos and video clips used in articles, news stories, etc.

Edit the photos and video to look professional by looking and sounding great.

Then sell licensing to use the photos and videos. You can choose different levels of licensing based on the type of content it will be shared in. For example, you can charge more if the buyer wants to use a video clip in a paid product.

This is an excellent way to start a cycling business on the internet.

You need to be somewhat decent at photography and video. But editing software can fix most issues and turn something generic into a work of art if you use it properly.


That sums up my 5 online cycling businesses you can start today. Be sure to share this post with others if you enjoyed it. Head over to my homepage and subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already. And follow me on Twitter for more outdoor recreation content and marketing advice.

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