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How to Maintain

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Going Insane

Maintaining a daily blog sounds like something that is complex and overwhelming, right?

What if I were to tell you that I’ve been maintaining not one daily blog but two of them for almost an entire month? And what if I told you it isn’t difficult or overwhelming to do it?

If blogging once a day is something you’ve always wanted to do, I suggest you keep reading this article because I will show you how I do it.

Daily Blog Tip #1: Go Personal or Go Passion

How to Maintain a Daily Blog without Going Insane

Before you jump into daily blogging, decide what your blog will focus on.

You should either maintain a personal blog where you blog about life and whatever or a passion blog. A passion blog is a niche blog, but it concentrates on something you’re passionate about so that it will not be overwhelming to publish daily blog posts.

I maintain two daily blogs. One is about hiking in my local area, which I’m incredibly passionate about. The other is this blog which is about content creation and digital marketing. I’m also passionate about it. If I were to consider a third daily blog, I’d maintain a personal one where I post about my life.

Don’t go with whatever is most popular because if you’re not passionate about it, you’ll run out of ideas quickly.


Daily Blogging Tip #2: Write Ahead Every Day

Don’t just write one article a day for your blog – write two or three, or more.

Writing one blog a day is good. It would be best if you wrote every day. But you should write more than one blog if you get the time to. You might even write a bunch of blog posts before choosing to publish a daily blog so that you have plenty of content on standby. This is so that you don’t break your daily blogging streak when something happens and you can’t write a blog that day.

I try to write every day that I can, but some days, I’m not in the mood to write. I try to keep at least two to five articles ahead on my daily blog websites. This allows me to take breaks when needed without breaking my balance. I’ll focus on days I feel the best to write as many blog posts as possible.

Writing ahead will keep you motivated because you don’t have an extreme deadline.


Daily Blogging Tip #3: Grammarly, Baby!

Get your hands on Grammarly, a grammar software that will increase your editing times by a hundred!

Grammarly is a free grammar/spelling software that helps you write and edit your work. It still requires you to make editing decisions, but it helps make your daily blog posts look much better. It will offer word and sentencing replacements, corrections, and things you overlook, like commas.

I have to be transparent here. I’m a Grammarly Ambassador (Grammbassador). But I’m new in the role. I started using Grammarly six months ago and upgraded to their premium plan within a few days. It has helped me triple my writing because it’s made editing much more effortless. After joining the ambassador program, I can tell you that this company cares about its customers. I highly recommend them.

Speed up your editing process, so you have more time to create daily blog posts.


Daily Blogging Tip #4: Create Your Framework and Use Outlines

The best way to keep writing every day for your blog without going insane is to write outlines and use a common framework.

An outline of your article will help you determine what you’ll write about. You have the ideas in front of you when you start writing. Otherwise, you’ll sit there trying to figure out what to write about. Try to create or adopt a framework and use it routinely. Turn it into a habit to make the blogging process more simplistic.

I create a basic outline with a title, section headers, sub-headers, and an introduction and outro. Then I fill in the blanks as I make the post. I use a common copywriting framework with a BAB formula at the beginning and end of it and an AIDA formula throughout the post. I make sure I inject my keyword for SEO throughout the article. I decide on the links before I paste the content into WordPress. This has made my daily blog life so much easier.

If you develop a familiar cadence and system for blogging every day, it will be much easier to accomplish it.


Daily Blog Tip #5: Create a Goal for Your Daily Blogging Routine

Before starting a daily blog, make sure you have a goal for what you want to accomplish.

If you want to blog every day to get better at blogging, that’s your goal. If you want to write every day to increase your ad revenue or acquire more eyes on your content, those should be the goal of being a daily blogger. Having a goal will help motivate you to accomplish something.

My goal for my hiking blog is to increase ad revenue and my domain authority since the blog has been going on for five-plus years. This blog aims to increase my authority and expertise in the digital marketing and content creation niche. I hope to one day start an agency, and this blog is meant to help get people to know who I am.

By creating a goal for your blogging activities, you have an objective to work towards, which will help you improve.


Daily blogging sounds like a terrible idea. But in reality, it isn’t that difficult and if you miss a day, make up for it by not missing the next. For more tips about daily blogging and other content creation advice, follow me on Twitter.

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