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BAB Copywriting Formula

Like any system, the BAB copywriting formula sounds complicated and hard to master.

I’m here to tell you that it’s super easy to catch on to and use to effectively generate leads, convert people to customers, and get readers on your content.

In this article, I will show you how to do it step by step with the utmost ease in mind because this stuff shouldn’t have to be complicated at the end of the day.

BAB Copywriting Formula Explained

The BAB Copywriting Formula can be broken down into three words that make B.A.B.

BAB Copywriting Formula


The BEFORE part of this formula is the current problem or situation.

This is what you want to stand out and relate to the reader. The initial hook will catch their attention and get them interested in the rest of what you have to say.

I usually focus on problems in my niche and their most challenging questions. These are what people want to know about the most.

Tackle the most significant problems of your industry. Integrate SEO into your copywriting techniques, and you’ll hook them right at the start or the BEFORE.



This is where you give your reader hope that their problem can be solved.

This is just as important as the initial hook (BEFORE) because it keeps them reeled in. For the fishing analogy, the BEFORE statement is more like bait. The AFTER statement is like the hook that keeps the fish on the line. You need to audit what wording you’re putting here.

I like to be blunt with the reader, but I also make sure it explains the ease of solving the problem. The BAB Copywriting Formula, or any other framework, presents ease to solving a problem for those consuming your content.

You told them what their complicated problem is, and now you have to explain that solving it is easy in a way that catches their attention.



This is usually your Call-to-Action (CTA) or your next step to earn a reader, customer, sale, or whatever you’re trying to achieve using the BAB copywriting formula.

This is where you show the reader how to solve the problem. You might put the information on the page as the Before and After statement. But most of the time, the bridge goes to some external link or Call-to-Action.

I used this formula in the introduction statement of this same article. I showed you a problem, told you it was easy to fix, and then instructed you to read this article. My instruction to read the rest of the article was my Call-to-Action and Bridge.

Usually, your Before and After statements will complete your Bridge CTA, but to beef up your marketing skills, you should audit what words you use as a Bridge and ensure it helps encourage action.


BAB Copywriting Formula Examples

Here are a few examples of the BAB Copywriting Formula for different scenarios.


Blog Post Introduction

“Every fish tank seems to start leaking at some point during their use. Did you know you can stop leaks in just about every fish tank without even having to drain them? Keep reading this blog to learn how to start doing it today!”

The first sentence was the BEFORE which presented the problems that every fish tank is bound to leak. The second sentence is the AFTER which explains how easy it is for the problem to be solved. The third sentence is the bridge or CTA that encourages the reader to continue reading the article.


Social Media Post

“Most people think you need to know a complex code to build a website. I’m here to tell you that I’ve never used code once to build any of my 30 websites, and neither do you. Click this link to find out how I easily do it and how you can too!”

The first sentence presents a problem that most people assume. The second sentence explains that the problem isn’t as complex as they think. The third sentence is the CTA which encourages the reader to learn how to solve the problem with ease.


Newsletter Subscription CTA

“Do you know about all the hidden hiking trails in the National Park? There are seven other trails that no one hardly ever uses, and they offer so much to see. Subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll send you a free guide with directions to every one of these trails!”

The first sentence grabs the reader’s attention by showing them something they might not know about. The second sentence explains what they’re missing out on. The bridge offers them how to discover the trails while performing the action you want them to complete.


Getting Better at the BAB Copywriting Formula

Getting better at using the BAB Copywriting Formula isn’t as hard as you think.

You need to use it more than once. Try to use it in every content project you create. Use it on your blog posts. Use it on social media. Use it on your email list. Use the examples provided above. But it would be best if you also researched other uses of this formula by searching for examples. There are many great examples of it out there on the internet.

I help myself get used to the BAB Copywriting Formula and other marketing frameworks by keeping a content schedule or calendar. This allows me to create the content before I publish it. Then during editing, I can ensure I’ve implemented my copywriting techniques.

Copywriting isn’t just how you get attention; it’s how you get actionable attention from your target audience for whatever objective you have.


The BAB Copywriting formula is just one of many different marketing techniques available. You can learn many more copywriting formulas as quickly as you’ve learned about this. Follow me on Twitter for more of these and other digital marketing tips.

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