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Fast SEO Strategy:

Search Engine Optimization



A fast SEO strategy will help you rank your content quickly and without headaches.

Ranking on Google and any other search engine out there is highly competitive. The internet is enormous, and it keeps getting bigger. Everyone is trying to outdo everyone.

You don’t want to spend hours or days on your search engine optimization objectives. You need a fast strategy that will deliver results.

Luckily, there is a solution, and it’s an easy solution.

I’ve practiced search engine optimization for over two decades. I’ve learned my fair share of what works and also more than a fair share of what doesn’t work.

I’ve learned that I’m not particularly eager to spend too much time getting content to rank well on search engine results. So, I started looking into ways I could do it more quickly.

And I discovered my fast SEO strategy because of that research, and now I want to share it with you!


Fast SEO Strategy #1: Understand What SEO Is and Does

Before you can have your fast SEO strategy, it is crucial to understand what SEO is and what it does for your content.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It means precisely what the words are. You’re optimizing content for search engines. You do this in strategic ways so that search engines will see what the topic of your content is about, and it will help them determine how to place the links of your content on search results pages.

The search engine also looks at how many other websites and social networks are linking to your content and what kind of pages you’re linking to.

Before you go full speed into being the best SEO, you can back up a little.

Google and other search engines want you to focus on User-friendly content more than search engine-friendly content. This means that the content should be created at its best for the human user rather than for the search engine.

And because of that, Google will penalize your content ranking if you perform too many SEO activities, such as keyword stuffing, when you mention your keyword too much. We will go over how to prevent that further in this article.

This is the basic information about what SEO is and what it does for your content. In the end, you should focus the majority of your efforts on creating content that is unique, resourceful, and the best possible information for the human that reads what you have to say.


Fast SEO Strategy #2: Fast Keyword Research with Keywords Everywhere

I recommend Keywords Everywhere as a fast SEO strategy tool! Do note that my link is a referral link, and I will earn credit if you click it and buy credits for this tool. Alternatively, you can google “Keywords Everywhere” and skip my referral link if you choose to.

So, what I like about Keywords Everywhere is that I get the most needed keyword research data on the search results page for the keyword I’d like to target.

That same page will also show me other keywords, long tail keywords, and search term information related to the keyword I want to target.

I mainly focus on three data factors: SEO Difficulty, Off-Page Difficulty, and On-Page Difficulty.

SEO Difficulty is how difficult it will be to rank for your desired keyword or phrase. You have a score of X/100, with X being a number of 100 or less. The higher the number X is, the harder it will be to rank your desired keyword. 40/100 will be easier than 50/100. Try to get the score as low as possible, but I won’t use a keyword or phrase unless it is below 60/100.

Off-Page Difficulty uses the same scoring structure as SEO Difficulty. This follows how difficult off-page SEO activities such as link acquisition will be. How many backlinks will you need to get the content to rank better on Google? This will help give you an idea of the difficulty score. You want the X of X/100 to be low, just as you would with SEO Difficulty.

On-Page Difficulty follows the same X/100 scoring system as SEO and Off-Page Difficulty. The lower the number for X, the easier it will be to rank. Your On-Page SEO is your strategy for utilizing SEO tactics in your page’s content. We will go over all that in the next section. It also means you’ll have to create better content to rank better on search engines.

There are a lot of other great SEO tools out there on the internet. But if you want something fast, I think Keywords Everywhere is a very fast SEO strategy in your marketing toolbox.


Fast SEO Strategy #3: Use a Basic but Efficient SEO Checklist Every Time

Find your SEO checklist and stick with it.

I’ll share mine, which works wonderfully, and you are more than welcome to adopt it as your fast SEO strategy and use it as you made it.

So, here is what I do, step-by-step:

  1. Keyword Research using the Keywords Everywhere tool mentioned above. I use other tools like SEM Rush or Uber Suggest for more significant content projects.
  2. Create an outline of my article or page. The outline has headings, sub-headings, and different sections I want to include. It is essential, but it gives me a system to follow as I create the content.
  3. Write the content. I seamlessly include my target keyword in each H2 heading and every three H3 headers. I also put the keyword in the content once every couple of paragraphs. Don’t feel you need to go overboard with your keyword placement Just make sure when you read it out loud that it doesn’t sound weird with the keyword there. It needs to blend in thoroughly!
  4. Add a few internal and external links. Ensure the links are highly relevant to the anchor text to which you’re adding them. Link text should never be “click here”; instead, it should explain exactly what the reader will click on. Take a look at my links in this article to get an idea. Only add relevant links and the best content. Linking to sketchy content can harm your search engine activities.
  5. Save your title for last. Don’t create the title at first. Write the content, get fully inspired by it, and then make your excellent title. This should include your target keyword and be close to the beginning of the title. This is your H1 heading.
  6. Make sure your URL reflects the keyword precisely. Use the dash character to separate keyword terms rather than smooshing all the words together.
  7. Make sure you add some high-quality images that relate to the content you’re creating. The ALT tag of at least your first image should include your target keyword.
  8. Write a description that uses the target keyword within it. Your description is what usually shows up in Google search results. So, you also want to make that you write a description that makes people want to see your content.
  9. Use Grammarly to correct all of the spelling and grammar issues. I type fast, and I make many spelling and grammar mistakes in the process. I’m getting better, but I still do it. We all do. I love using Grammarly to help me correct those things, but some of its corrections I do dismiss because my way is more personal.
  10. Make sure it’s personal. Use words like “me” and “you.” Speak to the reader as if you are speaking to them in person. Speak as if you’re talking to one person, not a group. Make sure your content is personal.

That’s my fast SEO strategy for actually practicing SEO on my content. It has worked well for me, and it’s super simple. Feel free to use it for your own search engine optimization needs.


Fast SEO Strategy #4: Use Yoast SEO Even if You Don’t Use WordPress

There is a free SEO software called Yoast SEO, and it’s famous for WordPress users.

Even if you don’t use WordPress to create your web content, I suggest using it to help audit your content for SEO using Yoast.

It’s so simple to use, too!

You enter your target keyword, paste your text, and format it (headers, links, ALT tags, etc.).

Then Yoast will show you a score using emoji-type images (sad face, happy face, etc.) and the colors red, orange, and green. It will then allow you to expand the SEO ranking list and see what you’re doing good at, wrong at, and what needs to be changed. It gives you recommendations, too.

You don’t have to be perfect with Yoast’s SEO scoring, but you should at least be in the green.

Use this every time, even if you don’t publish with WordPress, because it’s free and by a company that has been around for a while.

Yoast SEO is one of WordPress’s top plugins for search engine optimization. I love it so much that I upgraded to the premium version. Premium is only needed if you use WordPress for publishing.


Fast SEO Strategy #5: How to Win at Search Engine Optimization

There are three simple things to win at search engine optimization.

These three simple ways are a fast SEO strategy, too!

You must understand them, live by them, and make them a habit when creating content.

These three simple things are Content, Consistency, and Community, which I discuss in more detail in my 3C Marketing Strategy guide.


Content is King

You’ve heard that phrase so often, like I have, that it probably drives you insane!

But it’s the honest truth; now more than ever, content is so important.

People are using the internet to learn more than they’re going to college. People are using Google before opening a book. People rely on the internet for information. And they’re swiping through it all quickly because our attention spans are not as robust as they used to be (thank you, smartphones).

So, not only do you need to write content to do well on search engines. You also need to write the best content. It needs to be better than what the competition has written. Whoever ranks number one on the Google search results page (not paid results), that’s your competition.

Read what their content has to say word-for-word. What does it explain best, and how can you explain it better? What does it not answer, and how can you answer it? How can you write out content that is easier to understand? How can you make the content more eye-catching than what the competition has created?

You will always compete in content creation!


Consistency is Queen

If the content is King, consistency is the Queen. The two go hand in hand and cannot survive without the other in this instance.

Now I’m not recommending that you post new content every single day. If the content is high-quality and you’re able to post every day without going insane – then, by all means, do it because that will get much attention to you very quickly. Many successful content producers gained their success by posting content every day, but the content has to be original and of the highest quality.

If you’re like the majority of us, don’t worry about having to post every day. Work your way up to that if you want to. There is plenty of example of multi-million dollar companies and brands that post once a week or even once a month. I don’t think you need to post every day to get big.

But you do want to post consistently!

I post once a week, every week, on Thursday at 10:00 AM CST. That is a part of my consistency strategy.

The other part is that I focus on specific topics of my niche with every topic. Posting about random unrelated issues to one another isn’t consistent.

We are consistent about publishing our content because it tells search engines when we will have new content, and it also tells humans when we will have new content.

Consistency is Queen, and the King needs her to continue his reign of the Kingdom.

But what is the Kingdom?


Community is the Kingdom

The King will not survive without the Queen. Neither the King nor the Queen will survive without the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is Community!

To be successful with content creation, build a community around the content you create.

A community will get you on top of search engines.

A community will get you loyal fans and followers.

A community will convert readers into customers.

A community is a requirement to be successful with the internet of today.

And luckily, developing a community is as easy as this fast SEO strategy I’m telling you about today!

Focus on the problems that the niche faces, solve them, create an easy way for people to complete problems, and develop a highly-committed community around your content.

Be a problem solver, and people will follow you to the end.

That is how you become an expert and an authority in your niche.

Community matters – without it, the kingdom will fall!


And that sums up the fast SEO strategy that will help you rank better on Google and other search engines. This isn’t some sneaky trick. It’s real, and it works. And it’s easy, mainly after you use the suggestions above a few times and make it a habit. You’ll love how this works so well with little hard work. If you found this article a good one, feel free to share it with others who might be struggling with this issue, and thank you for reading my post. It means a lot to me!

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