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Does SEO

Domain Age

matter for ranking

a website?

SEO Domain Age is a ranking factor of Google’s 200+ ranking elements for how your website does on search results.

Domain Age is as simple as it reads. It is the age of how long your domain has been online. A domain is the main top-level address of your website. For example, our domain is

Before you assume that you need to get a domain that has been around for years or you won’t rank well, please take a deep breath and be reminded that isn’t the case; otherwise, all the new websites out there wouldn’t be doing that well like they are now.

So, let’s take a deeper look at SEO Domain Age, how it would impact your website, and what you can do to improve the age of your domain for search engine optimization.


Should you buy a website for SEO Domain Age optimization?

The short answer is no.

You should buy a website only if you don’t want to start one from scratch or want to make a monetary investment that will pay you back.

Buying websites for domain age may never really pay you back in return, or it might take a while to pay you back. I wouldn’t recommend doing that method for an ROI (return on investment).

Now Google does indeed use domain age as a ranking factor. They even filed for a patent to collect historical data on domain names.

However, Google has stated that Domain Age isn’t as big of a ranking factor as some would expect it to be.

From the video linked above, Google says that as long as your website is a few months old and is being developed, you should have no problems starting to show up on Google search results.

But should you consider buying a domain name that has been around for a long time?

My answer would be no. But that isn’t the case with all SEO authorities out there.

Domain Age can be used to gain trust and show that the domain has been around for a while. But you should take steps to research the domain before you acquire it thoroughly. Just because it has been around for years doesn’t mean it is suitable for SEO Domain Age.

The domain might have been used for spam or malicious purposes. Those factors could hurt your website in the long run.

Use a service like the Way Back Machine or simple Google search the domain using the quote method. Thoroughly read into how the domain name has been used over the years.

Sometimes domain names for sale can cost significant amounts of money even with no content.

You don’t need to buy an old domain name to gain SEO domain age. But if you do, make sure you’re researching to ensure that the investment is worth the cost.


SEO Domain Age Factors that Matter

If you want to skip buying an aged domain name, let’s move on to how you can obtain success with this factor with a brand-new domain name.

Content Consistency!

That’s it!

That’s all you have to do.

Consistently create the best content you can and apply it to the website for your domain name. Whether you post once a day (like we do) or once a week (like most websites do), you must ensure you’re doing it consistently.

Google will look at domain names that are starting to age based on the great content published on those websites.

Because, in the end, people aren’t searching for domain names that have been around for ten years. People are looking for answers to their questions and challenges. And that is where content comes into play! That is what matters at the end of the day.

So, ranking for SEO domain age on your website should start with content.

To be consistent, you need to have a content creation plan and stick to that plan. I recommend writing multiple forms of content ahead of time so that you have something to publish on the day or if you can schedule content ahead of time.

Organizing your content consistency strategy will be your best search engine optimization weapon.

Writing a day before or on the day you wish to post is much more challenging.

If you’re like me, your website isn’t your only hustle. I have a family. I have other work and projects. I’m an avid outdoorsman. I have exercise routines. And I enjoy getting a good night’s rest. So, writing on the day wouldn’t work for me, just like it doesn’t for most people.


Your Brand New Domain Name isn’t Showing Up!

Don’t worry just yet!

There are a few things to note during this phase of your website.

For starters, a brand new domain name or website with no content will not appear.

Google also has said that it has someone of a waiting period to ensure new domain names are not being used for spam purposes. The internet spam problem only evolves, so big websites must take precautions with that evolution of spam issues.

Instead of worrying about you appearing on Google for the first three to six months, you should focus on content. That is your goal! Determine how often you can post content for the first year and become consistent.

After that, start searching for your website and its content titles because I bet you will start seeing them in the search results.

And another good thing about this period is that you have a better option to pivot.

Pivoting is rebranding or restarting your business or brand.

So, if a few months go by and your website isn’t showing up, and you find through research that maybe the domain name was used for bad things, you have time to start from scratch.

Put your already-made content on a new domain name you’ve researched and go from there.

I suggest you hook your brand new website up into Google Search Console. Google will alert you when your website has issues impacting your search results. And it’s free, and it’s Google, the search engine you’re effectively optimizing for in the long run.

Use the tools to help you improve your website and content.


And that sums up SEO domain age questions and considerations. The above information has helped you determine if you need to start with a brand new domain name or try to buy an older domain that is already established. Make sure you research the matter I have listed in the article because those are very important. If you’re new to my blog, consider Following me on Twitter, or if you’ve been a longtime follower, could you tell another website owner about this blog?

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