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Content Creation Tools

that I Use

for Daily Blogging

Content creation tools are essential if you’re a daily blogger.

I’ve been a daily blogger for close to two months. I don’t just post on one blog; I post on two. Every day! This blog is one of them.

For my content to be rich and serve my community (you), I need to ensure I have plenty of great content creation tools to ease the process. This is especially the case when you do two daily blogs, as I do.

I work with ten great tools to help me blog daily on two blogs without it becoming overwhelming.

Here’s my list of content creation tools that help me.

Content Creation Tools for Content Creation

First, we will look at the content creation tools I use for the content creation process.

Content Creation Tools

1 – Office 360 for Word Processing

I use Office 365 for my word processing. I use the Word application to write out my blog posts.

I know there are many great free options for word processing that do just as well, but I was used to using Word when I was getting my MBA, so I stuck with what I’m used to.

I write all my blog posts for formatted headers. I then edit with the following tool listed below. And when I copy and paste into my blogging software, it saves the headings, bolded text, links, and all the formatting, which makes life easier.


2 – Grammarly for Editing

I use Grammarly for editing my blog posts. I’m using the premium version of the service. It recommends better sentence structure, helps with typos and grammatical errors, and helps to ensure my personal tone is being used.

I started using the free version and loved it so much that I quickly upgraded. And apparently, I recommended it so much that I was recently invited to be a Grammbassador, the official Grammarly Ambassador program.

I edit as I write my blog posts. Then at the end, I’ll usually go through Grammarly recommendations again. I don’t always use what it recommends, however. But most of it I will use. It’s an excellent service!


3 – Photoshop for Graphic Design

I use Photoshop for quick edits and adjustments to images I use for my blogs. It is a graphic design platform that many people use. It isn’t free, however. It does cost quite a bit of money.

I mainly use it for minor image modifications. I’m not a graphic designer by any means.

But if I want to crop an image or resize it. It is perfect for that. I use some features that other software doesn’t offer, making it worth the cost.



4 – Lightroom Mobile for Photo Editing

The Lightroom app for iOS is not only a great image editing app, but it’s also free.

I use this to edit all the photos I take with my iPhone. iPhones take nice pictures, but filters on the Lightroom app can make the photo pop.

I use premium filters to make my photos stand out. I mainly use this on my hiking blog. It’s nice because I can use my own images without worrying about copyright issues.


5 – WordPress for Publishing

I use WordPress self-hosted software on my VPS for publishing my blog posts. You can use blogging software for anything, even a CMS.

I’ve always used this software because it’s free and widely used—over 40% of all internet websites use it.

I use the software as a website and blog. I use the scheduling feature to keep myself ahead on daily blogging.


Content Creation Tools for SEO

Now let’s look at the content creation tools I use for search engine optimization.


6 – Uber Suggest for Keyword Research

I use Uber Suggest for most of my keyword research. It’s a freemium software (I used the paid edition) that allows you to search for and research keywords. It also tracks your website ranking and helps you make better SEO decisions.

I use this software because it isn’t overpriced. SEMRush and Ahrefs are expensive. I’m not running an agency, so I don’t feel like I need something that costs that much. Both are great software, but they cost a lot.

I will research keywords and monitor how many blog posts are on search engine results pages.


7 – Keywords Everywhere for Keyword Ideas

I also use Keywords Everywhere to research keywords for my blog posts. It’s a freemium service allows you to explore keywords by searching on Google.

I use this because I want to mimic how people search for content by searching how I would. That allows me to find long-tail keywords to target with my content.

I added a browser extension to Chrome. I use the premium edition, where you buy credits (they’re cheap), and I get results each time I search. You can disable the extension to save credits when not doing keyword research.


8 – Google Search for Top Content Auditing

I also use Google Search for keyword research.

Google Search has so many great features that are entirely free.

Start typing in your keyword, and Google will suggest searches. You can also use the “People also search for” questions on the results page. These are great content creation tools for SEO.


9 – Yoast SEO for SEO Scoring

I use Yoast SEO for scoring my search engine optimization practices. It’s an add-on for WordPress.

Yoast SEO is completely free. There is a premium version, but the free version is all you need to start with. It will tell you what good and bad practices you are doing for each post.

I paste my content into WordPress and then select my target keyword. That tells Yoast to score my content for SEO best practices.


10 – Social Media for Backlink Production

Use Social Media for backlink production. It works if you play your cards right.

You need to have a good community and audience following your social pages. Once you accomplish that, promoting your blog posts to your audience will be easier.

I’ve built up a community on Facebook so well that when I share an excellent hiking article, it gets shared anywhere from 30 to over 100 times.


That was ten of my favorite content creation tools for content and optimization activities. I hope you enjoyed my list. Please feel free to comment with other great tools you like to use, especially if you’re a daily blogger like me. If you enjoyed this article, please follow me on Twitter for more tips.

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