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59 Ways to Generate Blog Topic Ideas to Beat Writer’s Block

Are you having trouble coming up with new blog topic ideas?

Writer’s Block is a real thing. It happens to book writers and bloggers. It can do serious damage to your consistency when it happens, too.

Sometimes, we just forget how to come up with new ideas.

It’s a horrible feeling, too. It makes you almost want to quit blogging at times.

But you definitely shouldn’t quit blogging. There are plenty of ways to easily generate new blog topic ideas without missing a beat.

In this article, I’ll show you enough ways to generate new ideas that you shouldn’t have this problem again.

Get Blog Topic Ideas with Google Search

Google Search is a great resource for new blog topic ideas. It can also be very beneficial to use Google Search to rank your content better in terms of search engine optimization.


1: Google and YouTube Auto-Complete

Using your desired keyword or topic, start typing it in on Google Search or YouTube Search.

Then pay attention to the auto-complete text that is suggests you search for.

These are popular search terms that make for great blog topic ideas when you need them.


2: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for generating blog topic ideas.

Enter a broad keyword into the platform and search for related search terms that your audience is looking for.

Then, utilize the related terms to create content on your blog.


3: Google Related Searches

Another great tool for getting blog topic ideas is Related Searches on Google.

These are identified as related keywords with magnified glasses next to them.

They’re search terms people are looking for, and it’s always a good idea to create content around them.


4: People Also Ask on Google Search

The People Also Ask section of Google search results can give you an unlimited amount of topic ideas.

This is because, for every question you expand, more questions related to it will appear.

This feature alone could be all you need to write new posts that are actually trending on Google search.


5: Google Trends

Google Trends is another great resource for getting new blog topic ideas when you’ve run out of them.

You can also view search trends for those ideas to see if they will do well or not.

Put in some keywords associated with your blog niche and explore more topic ideas.


6: Recreate Top Posts on Page One of Google Search Results

Search for keywords related to your blog niche on Google Search.

Look at the top results and research them, looking at all the information they included and failed to include.

Then write a better article than theirs that is packed with more information and is longer.


Get Blog Topic Ideas with Social Media

Another great way to get blog topic ideas is to utilize social media. Social media is filled with infinite amounts of content that gets shared day after day.


7: Facebook Groups

Look for Facebook Groups based around topics within your blogging niche.

Join these groups and start looking for posts.

Many people ask questions about these groups’ niches, which provides great blog topic ideas.


8: Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for food and travel bloggers.

You can search for pins relating to your blog niche and generate many great new ideas.

You can also use Pinterest to promote your blog posts and generate more traffic.


9: Popular Social Media Posts for Ideas

Look on any social media platform that your audience is on.

Search for the most trending but modern posts within your specific niche.

Write about those topics, and as a bonus, be sure to promote them on social media.


10: Turn X Threads into Blog Posts

Whether you have written a great X thread or someone else has, they can make for great blog topic ideas.

If you borrow the idea from someone else, be sure to credit them on the post and link back to their original post on X.

Go for threads on X with a lot of engagement, likes, and shares.


Get Blog Topics Ideas through Organization

Organization is one of your best friends when brainstorming blog topic ideas. There are so many great ways to gain new ideas through organization.


11: Old Blog Post Ideas

Take your old blog posts and either create new ones based on them or update old ones.

Make sure the new information is modern and adds to the value of the original post.

Be careful not to target the same keywords and harm your search engine ranking.


12: Brainstorm New Ideas

Take some time out of your day to focus entirely on brainstorming.

You might be out of blog topic ideas because you’re not giving yourself a break.

Quit doing everything and just focus on coming up with some new ideas.


13: Turn 1 Post into a Dozen Posts

You can turn one post into a dozen posts to get new ideas for your blog content.

The process is simple.

Create an outline for one post and turn every section into its own article.


14: Fill Content Gaps

Look for some popular posts on Google Search using keywords associated with your niche.

Read these posts and look for gaps in information that have been left out.

Take the opportunity to create new posts about those topics, but ensure you fill the gaps to make them unique and better than the original ones.


15: Keep a Content Calendar

Start keeping a content calendar with posting ideas.

This will help you never run out of blog topic ideas again.

It will also help you stay organized and consistent with your content.


16: Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

Stay ahead of the blogging game by posting ahead of time.

Pick a day to create a bunch of blog posts.

Schedule them to post ahead of time so that you stay ahead of your consistency.


17: Maintain an Idea Database

Every time you get an idea for your blog, write it down.

Keep a spreadsheet or Word document with all of these ideas.

An ideas database is one of the best ways to prevent writer’s block as a blogger.


Get Blog Topics Ideas through Analytic Means

You should also use analytical means to come up with new blog topic ideas. Utilizing your analytical data can help you focus on topics that will actually get read.


18: Survey Your Audience

You should take any opportunity to survey your audience.

You can do this on your blog, through social media, and your newsletter issues.

Survey them for ideas on what they want you to write about.


19: Study Your Analytics

You should ensure that you have analytics going for everything you do.

Research what each metric means until you understand them all.

Look to your analytics to see what articles have done best in order to get new blog topic ideas.


20: Look through Comments and Emails

You should always welcome comments and emails.

These engagement components are great for coming up with new blog topic ideas.

Check your blog comments, email replies, and social media.


21: Get Everyone on Your Team Involved

If you have a team for your blog, get them involved.

Everyone on your team should come up with a new topic idea at least once a week.

This will fill your idea database up quickly.


22: Conduct Competitor Research

Take the time to watch and listen to your blogging competitors.

What kind of content have they been posting about lately?

Research their content and trends in your niche to get new ideas for your blog.


23: Conduct Keyword Research

You can get a lot of new blog topic ideas by conducting keyword research.

Look for related keywords that are ideal for targeting your content.

You also need to do this in order to do better with SEO, so it’s getting two birds with one stone.


Use these Post Types for Blog Topic Ideas

Sometimes, the best way to get new blog topic ideas is through formatting. Luckily for you, there are tons of different ways to format your blog content to align with popular trends.


24: Expand a Short List

If you’ve made a post that features a short list, expand it into something bigger.

For example, this post has 59 list items, but I could expand it to 100 if I wanted to make it bigger.

List articles always do well, so expanding on the ideas is typically a great choice.


25: How To Posts

How to post formats can give you a lot of great blog topic ideas.

The great thing about it is that how-to searches are among the most popular on Google, too.

You can gain a lot of great ideas by putting how to in front of a topic.


26: Listicles

Listicles make for easy ways to generate new blog topic ideas.

Take any topics in your niche and turn them into a list article.

Listicles also do really well in search, so they’re good for your ranking.


27: Interview Experts and Readers

If you’re out of blog topic ideas, why not conduct some interviews for new posts?

You can interview experts, have an expert roundup, or even interview your followers.

Interview posts are very interesting and usually bring in a lot of readers.


28: Lessons Learned Posts

Lessons Learned Posts are great for when you need new ideas for your blog.

Recall a mistake you made in relation to your blogging niche.

Write up an article about your mistakes and the lessons you learned from it.


29: Behind the Scenes Posts

Everyone loves to see what happens behind the scenes of a blog.

You can show your followers how your life or work is behind the scenes.

These kinds of posts are always very interesting for readers.


30: Case Studies

Try case studies for new blog topic ideas.

Do extensive research into a topic within your blogging niche.

These articles often have the most backlink impact on your blog, too.


31: Ultimate Guides

An ultimate guide is a great way to beat writer’s block.

This is like a how-to guide, but it’s huge and includes every detail you think of to add to it.

These are another type of blog post that gets backlinks more than most.


32: Respond to Customer reviews

Look through your customer reviews for blog topic ideas.

Find a bad or negative review and respond to it in the form of a blog post.

This is a good way to take up your product and have new content to post.


33: Industry or Niche News

Take a shot at being the first to put out news about your niche.

News always gives you blog topic ideas.

Start posting news and industry announcements around your blogging niche.


34: Share Your Story

Create a post that is all about your story.

However you got involved in your niche, you can turn the story into a blog post.

Make sure your story resonates with your readers for the best success.


35: Controversial Blog Posts

Controversy makes for great blog topic ideas.

Create some posts that are considered controversial in your niche or industry.

Be prepared for some negative feedback, as these kinds of posts are often very viral.

Blog Topic Ideas

Use Tools to Get Blog Topic Ideas

Utilize the hundreds of thousands of tools available at your disposal to help you generate new blog topic ideas. Many of these tools were created to help you be better at blogging production.


36: Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator is a HubSpot service that allows you to generate new blog topic ideas.

Put in a keyword based on your blogging niche.

Then, you’ll get new ideas to write about based on what the service gives you.


37: Answer the Public

Answer the Public allows you to put in a keyword and get search results.

It gives you question-based results, which makes it perfect for how-to articles.

This is a great tool to use to get a lot of new ideas in one setting.


38: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo lets you analyze trends within your industry, and it is great for getting new blog topic ideas.

You can enjoy a free trial that might be enough to get you started on some new ideas.

But you might want to consider upgrading to keep the valuable idea generator at hand.


39: Quora

Quora is one of the best websites online to get new blog topic ideas.

It’s a questions and answers site.

Look for questions based on your blogging niche and turn the answers into blog posts.


40: Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics analyzes searches and mentions around the internet.

You can use the data to get new ideas for your blog topics.

If you use the Pro edition, you can unlock even more useful features.


41: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is great for generating new blog topic ideas.

This is mainly because of how customizable it is to gain these ideas.

For example, the free version of ChatGPT can give you new ideas for a specific niche that targets a specific audience.


42: YouTube Inspiration

Utilize YouTube to generate new blog topic ideas.

Search for videos within your niche and watch or listen to them.

Write down topic ideas based on what the videos are about.


43: Podcast Inspiration

Podcasts are also great for getting new ideas for blog content.

Find podcasts about your niche and start listening to them.

You’ll find all sorts of new blog topic ideas to start adding to your list.


44: Forums and Reddit

Forums and websites like Reddit are old-school ways to get ideas, but they still work well.

Join forums and sub-reddits in your niche and look for questions.

Questions typically make the best kind of posts when searching for them on forums and Reddit.


Unique Ways to Get New Blog Topic Ideas

There are many different, unique ways to gain new blog topic ideas. You just have to experiment with different methods to understand which one works the best for you.


45: Ask Me Anything Session

Conduct an Ask Me Anything Session for your followers to give you new ideas for blog content.

You can do this on your blog utilizing comments, videos, or even through an email newsletter.

Definitely respond to the comments with the short answer, but write a blog post for the long answer.


46: Newsjacking

Viral news and stories are being posted all the time.

They make for great blog topic ideas, and they can send a lot of traffic to your blog.

Start paying close attention to industry news and media sites.


47: Reoccurring Blog Themes

Create a blog theme if you need ideas for new blog content.

This can be a series of articles, for example.

Write a series of articles about a certain topic, and you’ll have many new, great ideas to keep flowing.


48: Expand/Update Existing Blog Posts

Take your old blog posts and modernize them.

Every blog post can be updated.

Even if you have a post about something that is no longer relevant, you can update it to provide an alternative.


49: Ask Readers What Favorite Posts Area

Ask your readers what blog posts they like the most on your blog.

Ask them what blog posts they like the most on other blogs.

Use their answers for new blog topic ideas on your blog.


50: Write About What Readers are Working On

Keep an eye on what things within the niche that your readers are working on.

Start writing about what they’re working on.

Provide high-quality and a lot of value to help your readers out.


51: Branch Off Previous Popular Posts

Look at your most popular blog posts for new blog topic ideas.

Create new posts from older popular posts.

You’re basically bringing the topic back up again.


52: New Ways to Explain Ideas

Sometimes, you can totally rewrite an entire blog post.

This is because things have changed, and you have an easier way of explaining things.

Take advantage of this concept when you need new ideas for content on your blog.


53: Play Devil’s Advocate

Turn the tables for new blog topic ideas.

Play Devil’s Advocate on a certain topic that is popular.

You can also learn new things by reversing your beliefs, and that will give you more topic ideas.


54: Find Competitors Most Popular Content

Find other blogs in your niche and look at their most popular content.

Use that content to get new ideas to write about on your blog.

It’s okay to cover the same topic, but make sure you do it in your own words.


55: Make Unpopular Posts Popular

Look for unpopular posts that you have written about or someone else has.

Make it your mission to write a new post to make the topic popular.

This can give you some unique blog topic ideas if you really put your mind to it.


56: Read Comments on Other Blogs

Surf the comment section on other blogs in your direct niche.

Look for questions, problems, and concerns that you could use as topic ideas for your blog.

This is especially helpful when your blog isn’t getting that many comments.


57: Curate Content

Content curating makes for some great blog topic ideas.

This is where you take your content, someone else’s content, or a mixed bag and make a post with it.

You’re basically linking to other content in a curated and organized fashion to go with a specific theme.


58: Write About What You’re Passionate About

Your passion is truly one of the best generators of blog topic ideas that you have access to.

The areas of your niche that you’re most passionate about should be what you write about.

If you have no passion for your niche, then you’re in the wrong niche.


59: Cover Every Topic Your Competition Covers with Gap-Filling

If you run out of ideas to post about on your blog, turn to your competition.

Write articles that cover the topics they have written about but fill in the gaps that they missed.

Make sure you write it in your own words and never steal from another content creator.


Final Thoughts About Getting New Blog Topic Ideas

This sums up my tips on how to generate new blog topic ideas and beat writer’s block. The ideas above are also meant to help maximize your traffic by focusing on ways that are popular and trending amongst bloggers all over the internet.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, please share it with other bloggers. You can also give me a one-time tip for writing and publishing this post for free. I would very much appreciate it.

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