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How to Use the PASTOR Copywriting Formula

Is the PASTOR copywriting formula another waste of time sales pitch?

Sales pitches that don’t work often result in wasted time and money. If you don’t choose the right formula, it could negatively affect your offer.

But the PASTOR copywriting formula was created to help convince people that they should take you up on your offer.

It taps into the emotion of the consumer. It makes them aware of the problem. It provides the solution. It tells a story of success. And finally, it gives them a call to action.

To succeed at the PASTOR copywriting formula, you need to read the rest of this article.

What is the PASTOR Copywriting Formula?

The PASTOR copywriting formula is easy to use. The introduction to this article was done entirely using this formula to give you an example of its ability. It was meant to draw your emotions and end with you reading this article. So let’s look at what P.A.S.T.O.R. means and how to use each component.

PASTOR Copywriting Formula

P for Problem

The problem should be the problem that people in your industry or niche face. This can be a significant question or issue they’re having. You can solve it with a blog post or even some kind of product. But first, you need to ensure that you can identify your consumers’ problems.

Present a problem to your consumers.


A for Amplify

To amplify is to make the problem more presentable. You need to remind the consumer again about the problem and what it will do to them if they don’t find a solution. This is meant to agitate the consumer further and remind them of their problem with an emotional connection.

Amplify the problem by explaining what happens if they don’t find a solution.


S for Story

The next step of the PASTOR copywriting formula is telling a story about how someone successfully used your solution. This could even be your personal story for coming up with the solution. But, again, your audience needs something to personally identify with when they are ready to solve the problem using what you have to offer.

Tell a story of a real-life success story of using your solution to the problem.


T for Transformation

The transformation should be what transforms the readers from the audience to customers. You can show an example of how your product or action has solved the problems of those who’ve used it. It’s better to explain this to another person rather than yourself.

A testimonial would make for a great transformation in the PASTOR copywriting formula.


O for Offer

The offer is what you can give the consumer to solve their problem. This is your product, service, or advice. In my case, I offer to show you how to perform this copywriting formula. Your offer needs to sell. This part of your copy encourages people to spend money or give you their full attention.

Your offer is the action you want your readers and consumers to take from your PASTOR copywriting formula.


R for Response

The response is the Call-to-Action of your offer to your readers and consumers. The offer above is meant to convince the consumers and readers that they should take you up on the offer. That’s where you sell them something. The response is the call to action they need to take to accept your offer. It also needs to be just as persuasive as your offer.

Your response is whatever you want the reader to do after reading your initial copy.


The PASTOR copywriting formula is another significant step in selling your products, services, and advice to others in your industry and niche. You need to understand each component, as I have explained above. If you’ve enjoyed this article, could you share it around? Please follow me on Twitter for more copywriting tips.

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