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To have a successful blog in 2022, you need to determine the best blogging niche to start a blog within. There are so many different topics available to blog about. But people tend to make the mistake of choosing the worst blogging niche rather than their best blogging niche and they burn out quickly, thereafter. To kick off my new Success Blog in 2022 article series, I want to focus on showing you exactly how to choose the best blog niche to start you blog around this year.


Your Best Blogging Niche will be a Passion

The best way to determine the best blogging niche possible is to look at what you enjoy the most. What are your hobbies? What are you most passionate about in life? I am passionate about blogging and helping others become a blogger, so the blogging niche is the best niche for me to write about. How about you? What do you think you would like to write about the most? It is an important question to ask yourself – what would you enjoy writing about on a routine basis? Some of the passions we have just don’t fit the blogging agenda. For example, I have a passion for playing Sims 4, but I could never be able to write articles about it on a frequent basis because I just enjoy playing the game and this is it. So, your blogging niche needs to be a passion you would enjoy writing about.


Your Best Blogging Niche is Known By You

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a blogging niche that you know nothing about. Just because something is popular now doesn’t mean that you should immediately start blogging about it. This is unless you know a lot about it then it would be the best blogging niche to take hold of. For example, NFTs are popular as I write this article. They’re so popular that all the social media sites I am on are trying to push them. Everyone is talking about them, too! But if I were to start a blog about them, you’d quickly realize one thing – that I don’t know anything about NFTs. So, I could never successfully start a blog about NFTs until I learned more about what they are and how my ideas could help an audience looking for information about them. If its popular, it would probably do well as a blog but unless you know a lot about it, your blog will probably not do well. Stick to a blogging niche that you know all about for your own sake.


Is Your Best Blogging Niche Popular?

Another important thing to know when choosing your blogging niche possible is to make sure the niche has some kind of popularity attached to it. This means that you need to have a target audience for your blog before you start writing for it. Research on search engines, other blogs, social media sites, forums, and the news for popularity and trends concerning the topic you wish to blog about. If there isn’t much out there or a big demand for it, you might find that your best blogging niche is an unpopular niche altogether. People make this mistake a lot. They start blogging about something they a super passionate about before really doing any kind of research. Then they realize that there just isn’t an audience out there looking for that kind of blog.


And that sums this article up – focus on finding your passion to figure out the best blog niche for you to start writing for. But before you start, make sure you do some research first to see if there is an audience for that niche. In my next articles within this series, I am going to cover ways you can become better with your niche and start getting recognized as an authority in your niche because that is a very important task to do in blogging. Hey, if you like this article and you’re on Facebook, please consider joining my New Facebook Group for Only Blogging to discuss blogging topics with me and members of the community. I’m trying to get a great community going and I’d love to have you as a member. Leave a comment on this blog and tell me what you think and be sure to share it with another blogger that you know!

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.