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Make Every Sentence Count



You must make every sentence count when writing for your business, brand, or organization online.

Nowadays, people skim-read. You do it. I do it. Everyone does it. It’s when you just read a little bit each time and continue to scroll as you’re reading. Everyone is on their phone these days, making it easier to do it.

When I search for something, I’ll read the first couple of sentences, and if it doesn’t impress me right away, I’ll find something else. I’m sure you will do the same. The majority of our consumers will be doing the same thing too.

So, it is of the utmost importance that we make every sentence count when writing for the web, and in this article, I will show you how to do it without it being a complicated task.

Make Every Sentence Count with Storytelling

Make Every Sentence Count

Everyone loves a good story. That’s why so many book authors keep writing books.

Storytelling is an art. It is an art to tell the story that you want others to know. But it’s also a digital marketing art. Storytelling can hook readers, keep their attention, and result in them performing an action you request in your story timeline.

One thing I focus on with my content is the organization of the topics and words I implement. This allows me to tell a story with my content. I don’t just mean a quick story here and there. I tell a story for the life of the content.

Storytelling lets you make every sentence county by gripping and keeping the reader’s attention. If you need help mastering storytelling, buy some books, read them, and dissect the story that keep you reading the most. Learn from the great stories that are already out there.


Audit Every Sentence You Create

Many assume content needs to be a certain length and will often fill articles and other written content with fluff and filler sentences.

Fluff and filler sentences are just there to add words. These sentences usually relate to what the topic is, but they provide no new benefit to reading them. They’re just there to make the content look bigger. But the truth is that long articles don’t make you gain a customer or a follower. You earn them by selling them what you’re trying to sell with your words.

I audit every single sentence I make. I ensure the sentence is as quick to read as possible. I also provide that the sentence contributes something new to the reader. I make it a habit to try not to repeat things over and over again unless it’s appropriate. The idea is to make every sentence count by eliminating sentences that don’t count.

A great exercise to master auditing sentences is writing a long article and then shrinking it. Write something like 1,000 words long. Then try to shorten or remove sentences until the article is 500 words or less. This allows you to understand what sentences matter the most and what do not.


Seth Godin likes to Make Every Sentence Count

Seth Godin is one of my marketing role models, as I’m sure many of you would also agree.

He’s a pioneer in content creation and digital marketing. He creates many projects that benefit marketers. He’s written many great books that can help you achieve your marketing objectives. He writes daily. He writes different lengths of blog posts. Each of his sentences counts for something. This is because he knows how to make every sentence count.

Seth is the inspiration for me for actually doing this blog every day. He’s inspired me to blog every day on this blog and another popular blog I maintain. And because I make every sentence count, I can blog every day on two blogs without it being overwhelming. Not paying attention to your words will keep it overwhelming because you’re focusing on the wrong goals.

You can improve your writing and creation styles by finding someone out there to look up to and become inspired by. Who is your Seth Godin?


It sounds like so much work to make every sentence count. But in reality, you can do many things each time you write to make it a simple process. Follow the ideas I’ve listed above, which will help you. I use them every time I write, which has worked well for me. Follow me on Twitter for more great tips like this article.

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