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How to Grow Your Newsletter Quickly

Are you looking to grow your newsletter?

Would you like to grow it quickly?

Growing a newsletter seems like it would be a difficult task. Some people even claim it’s dead. Why would anyone want a newsletter when social media is where it’s at?

I’m here to tell you that you want a newsletter. They’re not dead at all. And it’s not that difficult to grow one.

I grew one from 60 subscribers to nearly 1,000 in about a year. That’s a lot of subscribers in such a short amount of time.

And I definitely want to share how I did it to help you grow your newsletter today!

Grow Your Newsletter with a Strategy

To grow your newsletter, you first need to create and follow a newsletter strategy.

Why do you want to start a newsletter? How often do you want to send out your newsletter? Can you remain consistent with your newsletter?

Ensure that you create a strategy for your overall newsletter before focusing on growing it.

A strategy will let you create goals and align them with your objectives.


Add the Ability to Subscribe to Your Website

The best way to grow your newsletters is to ensure people can subscribe to them on your website.

I wouldn’t say I like popup ads with a passion. So I don’t run them on my website. But there are a few popups I will run. The first one is a cookie notice to comply with GDPR standards. The second is my newsletter subscription invitation.

Popups anymore are not routinely used. So any popup you have will grab the attention of the viewer. If you put the right copy in your popup, you can use it to your advantage to gain new email subscribers.

You should also ensure every page has a newsletter subscriber box. Try to keep it closer to the top of each page. For example, I put mine under my logo and navigation.

To grow your newsletter, people visiting your website need to know it exists.

Grow Your Newsletter

Grow Your Newsletter with a Free but Limited Gift

If you want new email subscribers and get them quickly, you need to offer a timed gift.

People love free stuff. But sometimes people don’t always try to grab free stuff right away. Instead, they may tell themselves they’ll be back to collect the free thing later. And then most people usually forget after that.

So you need to add a sense of urgency to get the free thing by making it a limited-time offer.

Grow your newsletter quickly by offering a gift for a limited time to everyone who subscribes. The gift can be digital, like an extensive guide, templates, or even an eBook. Just make sure it’s worth immediately subscribing for.


Make Every Issue Count!

Every issue of your newsletter should count.

This is where strategy comes into play. How good can you make each newsletter issue? Each issue should be better than the last to keep subscribers. Can you consistently send your issues out? If you send one once a month, try to be consistent about sending it once a month.

It’s essential to audit every sentence you put into your newsletter. Every sentence needs to give the reader something or keep them hooked to the ultimate reward after checking out the rest of the newsletter.

If you genuinely want to grow your newsletter, it must be excellent.


Why Even Have a Newsletter?

Social media makes it easy to get followers. So why on earth would you need to grow your newsletter? Why even have one in the first place?

Because you own the list!

Social media is 100% rented space. You don’t have access to the email addresses of your followers. If your social account gets hacked or suspended or the platform shuts down – there is nothing you can do about it. It’s in their terms, every platform, I promise. You’ll lose everything, and that’s the end of that.

With a newsletter, you own the list of email subscribers. You have access to your audience. You don’t have to worry about something shutting down or suspending you. You have to ensure that you don’t spam.

You should grow your newsletter because you never know what social media will do.


And that’s how you grow your newsletter. The practices listed above are what I used to go from 60 to nearly 1,000 subscribers quickly. And I get more and more subscribers each week, too. If you found this article helpful, please share it with others who might also find it useful. Follow me on Twitter for more mailing list and content marketing tips.

Shawn Gossman

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