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13 Free SEO Tools to Help You Rank Up

Do you like free SEO tools?

I like anything free, to be honest. But, unfortunately, SEO tools are typically high dollar. Ahrefs and SEMRush are great tools, but unless you’re making money or an agency, you’re not using them because of their $100+ monthly price tag.

But lucky for you, there are enough free SEO tools out there that will get you by.

The expensive tools are excellent because all the features are there, and they’re easy to use.

But if you’re OK with having multiple sources of tools, then this is an article you’ll want to save.

Free SEO Tools

Let’s look at some of the best free SEO tools available. Note that some of these tools have freemium features meaning some features are free or limited but require payment for further use or access to better features.

Free SEO Tools

1 – Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics is an excellent source for SEO because it’s made by the search engine that you should be ranking for the most. In the end, Google is where you want to rank.

Get to learn the newest product of Google Analytics. It’s GA4. That’s taking over soon, and the old analytics will stop working.

You can track so many details through analytics. With GA4, you can do even more.


2 – Answer the Public

Neil Patel recently acquired this. It allows you to put in some keywords that you want to rank for. Then you’ll get full results on questions searchers are asking on search engines relating to those keywords.

We all know that questions and how-to titles make for great content, blogs, and articles. This site is an excellent help for that sort of marketing play.

This is an excellent site for when you want to come up with new content to create on your blog or even social media.


3 – Grammarly

It’s essential that you use proper spelling and grammar in your SEO. This is because spelling and grammar are ranking factors with Google. So, to rank better on their search engine, you must practice proper grammar.

Grammarly is a great tool to aid in editing your content. It works with most word processors, mobile devices, and browsers.

After using it for less than a year, Grammarly alone has sped up my writing process significantly.


4 – Yoast

If you use WordPress, you have to add Yoast to it. It’s a free SEO plugin will loads of features. For example, it’ll audit every post and page you create and suggest improvements. So you can master your on-page SEO by using Yoast.

It’s amazing how many features are free on the Yoast plugin. It’s constantly rated as the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Yoast has to be my favorite plugin for WordPress. It’s always the first one I install.


5 – Uber Suggest

This is another Neil Patel product. The free version of this SaaS gives you a lot of generous features. For example, you can conduct keyword research using this tool. It has many features you might see on costly SEO tools but with a generous free allowance.

If you decide to upgrade to the paid version (I did), it’s still dramatically cheaper than the expensive tools and just as powerful.

You definitely want this in your arsenal for free SEO tools.


6 – Buffer

Buffer is an excellent tool for scheduling content to post on social media. It can be a challenge if you run multiple social pages on different networks and want to remain consistent. With Buffer, you can schedule everything. It makes it so much easier.

You can even schedule Twitter threads on the free version of the software, which is nice because threads do a lot for your social presence.

The free version of Buffer lets you do quite a bit, and you can stay ahead for a few days, so you don’t have to give daily focus on posting to social.


7 – GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a powerful free tool for SEO success. Page Speed is a significant ranking factor for Google. So detecting page speed is what this tool will do. It’ll also report what is slowing down your website. That’s useful for correcting things and making it faster to browse.

A slow website will not only rank lower in search engines but also annoy your visitors enough that they won’t want to visit anymore.

It’s essential to have the fastest website you can have. Cloudflare is an excellent option for helping you speed up your site for free. That’s a bonus tool for you.


8 – Keywords Everywhere

This tool allows you to search on Google search and then see keyword ranking details on the search results page. The free versions give you a lot of essential data. However, I’ve upgraded to the paid version, which is cheap and gives you even more research data.

It’s important to conduct as much keyword research as you can. Unfortunately, not many free SEO tools are available for this. Keywords Everywhere is an attractive option.

It runs off your browser, so you can disable the extensive when you’re not using it.


9 – Google Search Console

Anyone trying to rank on Google should be using Google Search Console. This used to be called Google Webmaster Tools for us old-school marketers. It will basically tell you what you’re doing right and wrong for your website on Google Search.

You should use this because it’s like getting free algorithm secrets from Google. Of course, they won’t give you the complete ranking formula, but they provide you with plenty of tips.

You want to use this free tool because it also tells you when you do wrong.


10 – Google Trends

Google Trends is another great tool for SEO. You can type in keywords and see how they trend on Google search. Anytime there is a free tool by Google, you should use it. It is the search engine you want to rank for at the end of the day.

Not every keyword is worth trying to rank for. And sometimes you run out of ideas. The Trends service by Google is a great way to counter these issues.

Adding Google Trends to your library of free SEO tools is excellent.


11 – Google and YouTube Search

Google and YouTube are free SEO tools. Start typing in your keyword on either search box. They will give you suggested search queries as you type. These are based on what people are searching for. That is great for keyword research.

Using a combination of long-tail keywords, questions, and highly competitive keywords here is good. As a result, you can get all sorts of great ideas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about what people are already searching for.


12 – People are also Asking

Search for a target keyword on Google. On the first page of the results, you’ll see expandable questions that people are searching for associated with your keyword. These are great questions to consider creating content for.

Make sure you provide exactly what they provide in your own words. But you also need to add something new and unique to it.

A lot of SEO and content marketing is copying others and reinventing the wheel but in your own voice with your added insights.


13 – Ahrefs Free SEO Tools

Ahrefs is the most expensive SEO tool out there. But they have a lot of great free SEO tools to help you out. Some of their tools help you with keyword research, while others allow you to generate new ideas.

Take advantage of the free tools the paid sites and services offer. And then try some free trials here and there to use some of their better tools.

Ahrefs has a great bundle of free tools that should help you with SEO.


And there you have it. 13 free SEO tools help you rank on Google and other search engines. Please share this article with your marketing and blogging friends if you find it helpful. Follow me on Twitter for even more SEO tips.

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