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Are you looking for free forum promotion techniques to help increase membership on your online community? Then you need to be marketing yourself as an expert in your niche market. One great way to do this is with question sites. Websites like Quora for example are a good choice for leveraging your authority to those who are seeking information about your niche. These type of question sites are still very popular and active with thousands of new questions being asked about most topics each and every day. And in all honestly, the format of these websites is a lot like message forums. So, let’s jump into the how to use question site for free forum promotion.


Free Forum Promotion Doesn’t Equal Spam

If you want to join a question site with the intention of linking to your forum on every question – stop! Don’t join because you’ll be considered a spammer and probably banned for it. Don’t join at all if you plan to answer a question with your forum link. That is not how this form of free forum promotion works. You should be joining to answer questions within your niche market in hopes that it will raise your popularity enough where people want to know more about you and connect with you. That is the purpose of joining one of these types of websites.


Profile Links are Your Free Forum Promotion

When you join one of these question sites, make sure you customize and edit your profile – fully. Not completing a profile makes you look bad and disorganized. Add a photo or avatar, put some good bio information in and add your forum link as your credential or title if you can. My credential looks like this for one of my promotional focuses “Founder of”. When I answer social media and marketing related topics, I use that particular credential. If you answer a question that the questioner enjoys seeing, they’re probably look at your credentials to learn more about you.


This is really to help you develop expertise

It’s free forum promotion because it’s free expertise development. If you go on there daily like I do, you’ll notice a ton of questions relating to previous ones you have answered. You can give advice, sound advice and your response my be upvoted as the better response. When that occurs, you start getting more questions geared for you and requested to you. Most of these question sites allow you to create posts like little blog posts – you should do it and provide content that relates to the questions you have answered to expand on the answers you’ve given. This will really build your authority and get people to want to learn more about you.


Expertise is Free Forum Promotion

Free forum promotion isn’t always about dropping a link. If you help people out enough in the niche you are targeting for with your forum, you’ll soon learn the values of being an authority. You just need to make sure you are accurately answering the questions and that you are providing expert answers. It will also allow you to learn. You’ll look up the answers for questions that you didn’t understand so that you know how to answer them in the future. And of course, you can ask questions, too! And you should because that will show the people who are watching you that you’re human too and sometimes you need help. We all need to practice that a little bit more than we do.


And there you have it, folks – use question sites for free forum promotion tactics. It is that simple! Yeah, you will have to put in some work and use that noggin of yours, but it pays off in the end. And the payment is really nice because it makes you look better amongst your niche market peers. Are any of you using these questions sites to develop your authority and promote your forum or website? What other tactics would you assign to this post?



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