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Message forum promotion is a lot harder in 2022 than it was in 2002. This is because there is so much competition in almost every niche. But message forum promotion isn’t impossible. You just must use the right techniques and analyze what works and what doesn’t work. A big tool to familiarize yourself with forum message forum promotion is A/B testing. Test strategy A against strategy B and figure out which strategy is best. But coming up with the right message forum promotion ideas is the hard part, right? Well, look no further than this article because I am going to show you 5 tips on message forum promotion in 2022.


Message Forum Promotion Tip 1: Competition

Look for other message forums in your niche. Join these forums. But don’t add your forum to your signature or promote it… Instead, establish yourself in the community. And I mean establish yourself deep into the community. Be social. Make friends. Become a popular member of the community. Try to be as helpful as you can be – answer help requests related to the niche and contribute content that other members love and loath for. This message forum promotion tip is all about developing your reputation in the niche. Next, you want to start connecting with your new friends on social, through messengers, and by email. These new friends are the ones you want to promote your forum to. Ask them to join to help you get your community going and ask them to invite their friends. These will likely be loyal members of your community in the end.


Message Forum Promotion Tip 2: Admin and Promotion Forums

Join admin forums and promotion forums. Establish a membership and then advertise your forum where it is allowed. Request post exchanges. Request register for register. But be active in the general discussions and niche-based discussions on these forums. There is nothing wrong with using these forums, you want to know why I say that? It is because they are forums full of people who love forums. With the significant rise in popularity of social media over the years, the forum population has really shrunk but the ones who are still into forums are often found on forum promotion and forum admin forums, and you should be joining them for those folks. But they’re going to detect who is there to post their links and run so you must become an established member of the forum before you even get noticed.


Message Forum Promotion Tip 3: Start a Blog

Start a blog within the niche of your forum. Try to keep it updated with new posts at least once a week. Link to your forum posts within the blog. Make sure the links are relevant to the content that you are posting on your blog. The best strategy to make this as smooth as possible is to post new topics on your forum to get a discussion going. Then take snippets of the discussions to be added in quotes on your blog posts, linking back to the original forum topic and replies. So, make your blog posts around already created and established forum posts. This will allow you to cross-link between the two types of websites and send your blog traffic over to your forum.


Message Forum Promotion Tip 4: Social Media

Get on social media at least for the sake of your forum. Get on all the major ones and choose a username that directly identifies with your forum. Keep that same username for all the social networks you are joining. Create pages for your forum on each of them. Share a combination of dedicated social content, memes, and links to new topics on your forum. Invite friends and family to like or follow your pages. Join groups related to your page niche, establish a membership within the groups, and post a link to your page if you are allowed to. Remember, don’t be a spammer. Full transparency through, most social networks have made external links lower in the “see this” post food chain. They don’t want you to send people away from their websites. So, traffic might not be as great as you will imagine but it is still worth trying to get who you can.


Message Forum Promotion Tip 5: Ads

Spend some money! You don’t have to spend a lot of money but if you want the best results, you might need to spend a little bit. Buy some Google ads but I have the most success with Instagram and Facebook ads to be honest. I usually spend anywhere from $40 to $65 for about a week’s span of ad life. I might get anywhere from 3 to 30+ members out of it. You must play around with the ad’s controls and choose to customize it yourself especially if you can choose interests.


And that’s what I have for you! There are 5 message forum promotion tips to help you get more visitors and potential members to your online community. Be sure to leave a comment with other tips you might have and share this article with other forum owners. Thanks for reading!



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