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22 Social Media

Promotion Tips

for Your Blog

in 2022

Social media is a powerful outlet for promoting your blog. A lot of people think social media is a waste of time for blog promotion. This is because a lot of social media platforms limit reach on external content. However, there are plenty of ways you can promote your blog on social media. In this article, I’m going to show you 22 proven social media promotion tips to start doing now in order to get more traffic and readers to your blog. For ease of use, we’re going to focus our efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram which are 5 of the top social media platforms of 2022 and beyond.

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Social Media Promotion Tips for Facebook

Facebook is my number one source of traffic in terms of social media sources. I used to get a lot of traffic from Facebook before they changed their algorithms. Even though, I don’t get as much traffic from them, I still get more from Facebook than any other social media network. And I’m still getting a lot of traffic, at that. I’m going to be transparent about this one – I’ve worked hard and put a lot of time in on developing a community on Facebook. In order to get the best results from marketing your blog on Facebook, you will need to build a community, too. Anyways, let’s get on with the social media promotion tips for Facebook.

Tip #1: Create a page, create a group

Create a page for your blog. This is a page aside from your main profile. Don’t make a profile the page where people have to add you as a friend. Make a legit Facebook page with the page creation feature. Name your page after your blog. Keep brand names the same everywhere. You should also create a group associated with your blog’s topic. You don’t necessarily have to name it after your blog, but it might help develop a fanbase. But it should focus on the same topic as your blog does. Make sure you’re inviting people you know who like the topics of your blog to your new page and group. Ask them to invite their friends to like your page and join your group as well.

Tip #2: Use the 80/20 Marketing Method

On Facebook, you should use the 80/20 marketing method on your page and your group. This means 80% of exclusive content and 20% of promotional content. Exclusive content is Facebook-native content. That means photos, videos, infographics, visuals, and other media that is exclusively posted to Facebook and no where else. The other 20% is for promotional content. That’s links to your blog posts, blog pages, and the blog itself. If all you do is post external links, not only will it turn off your audience, but Facebook will take notice and rank your content lower where it will lose views.

Tip #3: Join Communities, Promote Yourself

There are two-parts to this. First, create a cover image that spotlights your blog and make it the cover of your personal profile (your actual profile). Make sure that image can be seen by the public. Now, join groups of Facebook with your personal profile and become an active member of them. Obviously, these groups should be about your blog’s topic. Become active. Become extremely helpful. And be as friendly as you can be. The idea is for people to want to know more of you and highly enjoy your activity. They’ll check out your profile and see your cover image and that will get them to your blog. Next part – like other pages (not groups, I’m talking pages) as your Page (not your personal profile, as you blog page) and frequently comment on their posts as your page. Make engaging and quality comments. Don’t ever spam or advertise with these methods.

Tip #4: Paid Advertising on Facebook

Even though iOS changes and pricing has made Facebook ads different than a few years ago, the feature is still very useful. Consider purchasing some Facebook ads here and there. You don’t have to break the bank to advertise your blog. You could pay anywhere from $5 to $15 a day and get a lot a great traffic and new readers. The idea though is to customize your ad as much as you can. Use a good picture or video, good text, and  a good Call-to-Action. Customize interest categories, demographics, and regional targets. The more you customize you  ad, thee better it will do. Don’t rely on suggested ads as they are not as friendly as one might think.


Social Media Promotion Tips for Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful way to promote your blog. With a short character count, you might not agree. But that limited amount allows you to shorten your marketing efforts and go for the goal a lot quicker. I get a lot of traffic to my blog from Twitter. But just like Facebook, you have to make sure you are developing a community on Twitter in order for it to work properly. Now on to the social media promotion tips for your blog on Twitter.

Tip #1: Advertise with Visual Appeal

When Tweeting a message that promotes your blog, you should add a visual appeal to it. Don’t just put some text in with a link. There needs to be an eye-catching image or video attached to it. People tend to scroll past text quickly. But if they see something that catches their eye, they slow down, or even go back to it. You need to make sure what you use is eye-catching though as not all images and videos are going to be. I recommend studying the psychology of color marketing for a better idea of what visual appealing media to post.

Tip #2: Threaded Tweets

So, with this suggestion, you are going to Twitterfy your blog post. Basically, using the threaded Tweet feature, you will create a mini version of your blog post for Twitter. Create little sections identifying some of the article but don’t give away all the goods. On the last Tweet, you will encourage people to check out the full article. You can either link it to your Tweet or tell them to click the profile link which could have the link to the article in it (use Link Tree or something like that). Threaded tweets tend to do well on Twitter so why not take advantage of this feature?

Tip #3: Join and Create Communities

Communities is a new feature on Twitter allowing members to create their own social community or join other created communities. You can always create a community based around the topic of your blog and start there. You can also join communities and members will see your profile with information about your blog and how it relates. Just make sure you are providing engaging content that is exclusive to Twitter and not just spamming. You should never spam – it is a good way to ruin your blog’s name as well as your own name.

Tip #4: Twitter Spaces

Twitter released a feature called Spaces. This is where you can enter or host audio rooms. There are no video features, just voice. This makes public speaking a lot easier without being seen by others or seeing the faces of others. This is a very popular feature on Twitter and people are always surfing around for live spaces. You should consider creating a Space to talk about the topic of your blog. If there are other spaces available that share the topic, join them, and try to speak on a few of them. It will get people within your niche to take notice of you and in return, send them to your blog.


Social Media Promotion Tips for Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for blog promotion. This is especially true if you’re promoting a female-interest topic. Pinterest tends to be used by women more than men. However, don’t let that discourage you from promotion on Pinterest if you are a male. Women just dominate it as a user group. You can create a profile, boards, and pin your posts directly to the boards. I suggest creating boards like you would with categories on your blog. Now let’s get to the best social media promotion tips for promoting your blog on Pinterest.

Tip #1: Be Active on Other Boards

Don’t just be active on your boards, be active on other boards as well. Pinterest is a community more than it’s a social network. This means that you need to interact with other people and their content. But all social media are communities after all. Pinterest is no different. Don’t interact with the communities in an attempt to advertise, it could be seen as spamming. Instead, interact and engage to be helpful, an authority of your niche, and as someone who is the friendliest person anyone will ever meet.

Tip #2: Use Basic SEO on Your Pins

Keyword research on Pinterest is a good idea. Research what keywords your blog posts are targeting. Check to see if it is too competitive or not. Check other pins appearing the target those topics as well. Are they using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics? If not, you have a better chance of ranking your pins higher. Use keywords in titles and in your pins but don’t keyword stuff. The same logic of using SEO of Google applies to using it on Pinterest.

Tip #3: Use Visual Appealing Images

Images are what is going to be eye-catching to an audience on Pinterest. They’re not searching for words with their eyes, they’re looking for stuff to see – images! Your images need to be eye-catching and awesome to see. They need to draw people in. Go take a look for yourself on Pinterest and look for visual appealing pins that catch your eyes and make you want to click into them. That is the best way to get creative ideas. What would make you click on a pin? That is how you can make clickable pin images yourself.

Tip #4: Help Others on Pinterest

Always be willing to help another user on Pinterest. This should especially be applied to the niche of your blog. Look for questions and give them useful and original answers. The idea is to show people in your niche on Pinterest that you’re an expert and an authority of that niche. Always be friendly and helpful no matter what. The moment you aren’t friendly is the moment you will significantly harm your reputation. Remember – the same question will be asked again and again, don’t get upset about it, take it as an opportunity to teach someone something new and to make you look better in the niche.


Social Media Promotion Tips for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful way to promote yourself as an expert in your niche. It is also a good way to promote your content within a niche. Just like with any social network though, LinkedIn is a community and requires you to be active in the community in order for these social media promotion tips to actually work. Just like on your own blog, you have to be active in order people to notice you. It is common sense, really.

Tip #1: Increase Your Network

LinkedIn is mainly a B2B platform. This means Business to Business more so than Business to Consumer. LinkedIn is a great way to gain guest authors or even brands that wish to collaborate with your blog. You can definitely still find readers on LinkedIn if you blog about a market that exists within communities already established on the platform. You need to be networking as much as possible and growing your network. Target people that are in your niche. Read their blogs and engage and get noticed so that they will do the same for you.

Tip #2: Write on LinkedIn

I know you’re probably working hard on your blog posts. However, to truly be an effective marketer on LinkedIn, you’re going to have to write on LinkedIn. You need to write articles associated with your blog posts and publish them. Don’t copy word for word as that will do more harm than it will good. Be original and just cover the topics with new content. And then invite readers to see more on the issue or more on the topics by checking out your blog posts.

Tip #3: Setup Your Profile Around Your Blog

Create your profile as if you’re creating the profile as the CEO of your blog. Don’t list other places you’ve worked at. Don’t list certification for other activities you’ve learned. All you need to list is information about you being the founder of your blog. You can list education, certifications, awards, and interests as long as they directly relate to the content and niche of your blog. In order to effectively market your blog on LinkedIn, you need to be promoting yourself as an authority in the niche and the founder of the blog you are promoting.

Tip #4: Got Money? Get Ads

It’s not a shocker that LinkedIn has the most expensive ads for a social network. But it is owned by Microsoft after all, right? But their ads are also known to work really well. If you have the money to afford the ads, you might consider purchasing some here and there to advertise your blog posts. You should save big content for these kinds of ads since they are on the expensive side. You want to make sure you get a bang for your buck.


Social Media Promotion Tips for Instagram

Instagram is a little more challenging when it comes to giving you the best social media promotion tips, but it isn’t impossible by any means. Instagram is more of a media sharing platform than it is a link sharing platform. So, you really want to promote yourself as an expert in your niche more so on Instagram than promoting your actual blog. But there are plenty of ways to promote your blog, for sure!

Tip #1: Post Stories with Links

Instagram recently enabled the link sticker in stories for most all accounts. Utilize this feature! But your story media and text needs to have a strong call-to-action within it. You have to entice people to click that link. You need to be creative here. I suggest you experiment with an A/B styled testing frequency. Test one story style and then test another, compared the two, and decide which is best. You should be posting at least 4 to 8 stories a day. It is a hot feature that most Instagram users go to first.

Tip #2: Reels

Create reels on Instagram. Instagram is really pushing for more reels and reels tend to get way more views than anything else. Create reels based around your blog’s niche. Put the hook within the first few seconds. Ask people to visit your blog towards the end of the reel for more information. I recommend posting 1 to even 3 reels a day. It is a lot easier to create a 15 to 30-second reel than it is to create a full-length video, so take advantage of the ease and get them created.

Tip #3: Post and then $1.80 Strategy

Create a great post or reel about your blog. I recommend something relatable to your most recent article. Put in the creation to check out the link on your profile (which should be the article!). Then submit it. Now choose 10 hashtags that relate to the content you just blogged about. Search for the 9 best posts in each of those 10 hashtags. Comment on each of the 9 posts with a short but very engaging comment. Try to get noticed. Try to get a response. Be friendly. The idea is to get noticed hopefully people visit your page and most recent post quickly right after it posts to engage with it and thus go click your link. Props to Gary Vee for his $1.80 strategy!

Tip #4: Don’t Cheat

A lot of people of Instagram cheat. They do follow for follow. They buy followers. They buy likes. It’s junk! It’s not real! It will do nothing for your blog. You’re not getting real readers, you’re getting bots. Instagram may notice and ban your account or even shadow ban it. Other will notice and know you’re a fake and it can ruin your reputation. The best way to get big on Instagram is to put in the work. Everything requires work online in 2022, the internet is way too big and way too competitive to do anything the easy way anymore. Keep that in mind!


Bonus Social Media Promotion Tips

The following bonus social media promotion tips are meant for all social media sites that you promote on.

Tip #1: Embrace Failure

Don’t let failure drag your down. Just because promotional tactics are not working doesn’t mean you should give up. Failure, to be honest, is an awesome thing even when it costs you money. It is awesome because it allows us to build our authority and experience. If I had never failed at blogging, I wouldn’t had ever been able to make this blog to show you how to make your blog better. My failures allow me to teach you something. It allows me to teach you how to not make mistakes that I made. Failure is important and if you don’t embrace it, you’re doing is wrong.

Tip #2: Learning Never Stops

I give this tip more than anything and I’m going to keep giving this tip out. Its because its true! You should never quit learning about your niche. You should always stay on top of it. Learn the latest news and innovations, learn the gaps and weaknesses, and learn anything and everything about it. Spend a few hours a day learning and do it every day. If you don’t have time to do that, can you at least spare 10-minutes a day? 5-minutes a day? I think you can. And you won’t regret it, either.


And there you have it – 22 Social Media promotion tips for blogging. You can use these tips for any blog of any niche. Social media is definitely a good place to promote your blog. And people are still very much interested in reading blogs. I do it all the time and I really don’t like to read that much but like I said, learning is important. If you have enjoyed this post, please share it with another blogger that you think would enjoy reading it.

Now let’s turn the mic over to you – comment down below and tell me out of these 22 social media promotion tips for blogging, which one do you find most important? If you could add a 23rd tip to the mix, what would it be?

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.