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Are you a beginner forum admin? Is 2022 the year you want to create your own message forum community? Do you worry that forums may be dead or no longer worth making? Does being a beginner forum admin worry you? These are all fair questions to be asked. I’m here to tell you that creating a forum in 2022 might be one of the best things you can do. Creating communities, focused communities is important for many factors whether its business or pleasure. So, if you’re looking for create a forum in 2022, here are 5 beginner forum admin tips that you might want to consider!


Beginner Forum Admin Tip 1: Choose a Niche

The general all-topic niche is extremely saturated and because of social media, it will be harder to market that niche. So, I highly recommend choosing a specific-niche market to create your forum about so that you have a better chance of creating a community. A niche to those of you who don’t know is the “topic” that your forum will be focusing on. My forum ‘Outdoor Adventure Topics’ focuses on the outdoor recreation niche for example. Don’t just choose any niche either, you need to choose a niche that you know a lot about or something you are deeply interested in. If you choose something you have very little knowledge of, you risk running out of things to post about, and you’ll probably burn yourself out. Your niche should be your passion.


Beginner Forum Admin Tip 2: Choose a Mission

Whether or not you plan to make your forum into a business or not, you should still create a mission for the community. Your mission doesn’t have to be very big, and you don’t have to display it. You just need to live by it and practice everything on your forum to align with the mission. The mission of my ‘Social Creator Talk’ for example is to create a community of social media marketing folks that are willing to help one and another get better at the trade. Your forum just needs to have a clear direction that you want to take it so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with unreasonable result expectations. If you define a mission, then it will be easier to set smaller goals that will eventually meet larger objectives in relation to the mission of your forum.


Beginner Forum Admin Tip 3: Set Goals and Be Patient

After you create a mission for your forum, start setting smaller goals that lead to larger objectives. For example, I might set a goal of “100 members” after 3-months of being launched. The ultimate objective may be 1,000-members after a year. Each quarter, I’ll advance my forum marketing activities to gain more membership. Don’t just set a goal for 1,000-members and then become impatient when it isn’t happening at a fast rate. Forums don’t work like that anymore because there is a lot of competition (especially with social media) and a lot more people online these days. During web 1.0, it was a lot easier. You must be patient as a beginner forum admin!


Beginner Forum Admin Tip 4: Start Small and Grow with Time

When you first launch your forum, start small. Don’t create too many categories and boards. Only create a number that you are comfortable with keeping active by yourself. For a while after starting your forum, you are going to be the only one making new content and you want to make sure most of the sections are getting frequently added new content. Start small and let the community grow with time. I’d grow your forum list based on member demand. If members want to see additional boards and categories created, that is when you should create them. You don’t want to create too many and not only overwhelm yourself but overwhelm your members as well, do you? Start small and grow with time and you’ll be thanking yourself for it later in your forum career.


Beginner Forum Admin Tip 5: Don’t Spam!

Spamming is a good way to kill your forum fast. In 2022, search engines have advanced AI-based algorithms that can easily detect spam. If you spam too much, you’ll never show up in ranking search pages and your forum could even be blacklisted. One of the best places you can promote a forum is on promotion and admin forums (those that allow you to promote that is) because it’s a forum already established with people who like forums. After that, you should create a social presence and share your forum content on your social media pages as well but be careful about how often you share them. You should “give” more than “sell” when it comes to social media. You might also investigate guest blogging opportunities within your niche as well. There are many ways to market your forum without spamming.


And that’s all, folks! My 5 Beginner Forum Admin tips article is complete. I hope you have enjoyed these tips and there are plenty more where those came from so be sure to check back for new articles as I continue to update this blog. Please comment on this article with other tips you have for beginner forum admin folks out there. Thank you for reading and be sure to give this article a share!



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