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Free Blogging Tools

to Use

in 2023

Do you like free blogging tools?

I know I do.

It takes a while to earn a profit with a blog. So, every chance we get to save money is a good day.

Luckily, the internet is so widely used that many free blogging tools are available at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free tools for blogging that you should be using now!

Free Blogging Tools for Writing and Editing

Writing and editing is the main core of blogging. It usually takes the most time. There are some great free blogging tools to make writing and editing easier.

Free Blogging Tools

1 – Google Docs for Writing

Google Docs is all you need to start writing your blog post.

It’s fast. It’s free. And you can even allow access to make it a team effort if you have multiple authors writing a post.

Many bloggers use Word, but that costs money to use. Google Docs is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to spend anything.

Start using Google Docs today to have a platform to write out your posts for your blog.


2 – Grammarly for Editing

Grammarly is a perfect tool for assisting you with editing your blog post.

It uses AI components that will learn from your tone and writing style. In addition, there are a lot of great features that will help you write the perfect blog post.

Grammarly is free to use, too. They have an excellent premium upgrade available, but the free version will do what you need out of it.

Just don’t rely on Grammarly to be the only editing you have. You need to put your human editing element in there, too.


3 – Blog with WordPress

Use the WordPress self-hosted blogging software to publish your content.

It’s free and has tons of great features. My favorite feature is the ability to schedule blog posts – it allows me to stay ahead as a daily blogger. In addition, the software is updated frequently and is used by over 40% of the internet.

You’ll need a domain name and web hosting for it. I’ve used DreamHost for over 15 years. This is an affiliate link; if you use them, I’ll earn a commission.

Get some basic shared hosting and a domain name, and install WordPress so you can blog like the other 43% of the internet.


Free Blogging Tools to Help with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important skill to master as a blogger. It will help rank your content on Google so you can be found more quickly. Many great free blogging tools are available to help with SEO and make it easier to do.


4 – Keywords Everywhere for Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere is an excellent tool for researching keywords for SEO.

This is a free browser extension. You install it, and then every time you do a Google Search for keywords you want to rank for, it will give you tons of keyword research information.

There is an excellent premium edition if you want more information, but the free version is all you need to start with.

You can do some outstanding research on keywords using this great extension.


5 – Google Search Console for SEO Scoring

If you want to do the best on Google, you should use a Google Service that helps you do that.

Google Search Console used to be called Google Webmaster Tools. It allows you to track the search engine performance of your blog’s website.

This is a free service. It tells you everything you need to know. It will even tell you what you’re doing wrong so that you can fix the issues Google is having with your blog.

Every blogger who wants to rank high on Google uses this feature, so you better use it too.


6 – Yoast SEO for WordPress SEO Structuring

Yoast SEO is by far the best SEO plugin for WordPress blogging software.

You want to know when you’re doing too much for SEO. If you do too much, Google might penalize you for it. On the other hand, you’ll miss opportunities to help rank your blog content if you do too little.

Yoast SEO will score the structure of your SEO practices each time you want to publish a post. Then, you need to input a target keyword, and the plugin will do the rest for you.

After I started using Yoast SEO, my Google Search rankings went through the roof.


Free Blogging Tools to Help with Marketing

Marketing your blog content is vital for getting readers. But there are so many options when it comes to digital marketing that it can feel overwhelming. Luckily, plenty of free blogging tools help ease marketing along the way.


7 – Canva for Mobile Social Media Creations

Download the free Canva app on your smartphone to help with creative social media content.

You can create images, short-form videos, and other content you’d want to help market your blog posts on social media.

Social media is one of the best places to market a blog. But everyone scrolls past regular text like it’s not there. Canva will help you get readers by creating visually appealing social media content.

The free version is generous, but there are paid versions that make it even better.


8 – Buffer for Social Media Scheduling

Buffer is an app and desktop service that allows you to schedule social media posts.

After you create your content to share on social media, you can schedule it ahead of time on all the popular social networks using Buffer. You can even schedule Twitter threads, and that’s free, too!

The free version of buffer is likely all you need to get started with scheduling social media content.

Scheduling social media content is ideal so you can focus more time on engaging with your community and writing more blogs.


Free Blogging Tools to Help You Make Money

Making money with a blog is always a great thing. Getting paid for all the hard work you put in will further encourage you to keep going. There are some great free blogging tools available to help you make money blogging.


9 – Patreon for a Membership Community

Patreon is perfect if you want to create a membership community and get paid for it.

You can create payment levels and give different rewards for each. There is no cost, but Patreon does take a small percentage of the payments made to you.

Many YouTube creators use Patreon, but other artists, creators, and entrepreneurs also use the service to build a membership site feature.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of building a membership site yourself, I recommend using Patreon to make it easy.


10 – MailChimp for Developing a Newsletter

You need to create a mailing list to accompany your blog.

You can make money through advertising, paid newsletters, and selling products/services to your subscribers.

A mailing list will also keep you in touch with your readers and customers if social media goes down. Social media is rented space, and you can lose it. You own your mailing list, so you can’t lose it.

Start a mailing list now so you can grow it rather than wait until it’s too late.


The above free blogging tools will help make blogging easier once you start using them. The best part about it is they’re free. I use every one of these tools except for Google Docs because I’ve had Word for years. If you like this article and want to see more like it, let me know by following me on Twitter and sending me a message about what you want to see.

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