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You’re Allowed to Take a Break

It’s okay to take a break.

Not everything has to be about the hustle.

So-called “experts” will tell you to make, make, and make on social media daily.

They say the day you take a break is when your downfall begins.

Your downfall doesn’t begin that day.

It begins when you overwhelm yourself to a point where you start to give up.

But if you take a break, you can prevent that.

Use scheduling features like Buffer or something like that to schedule ahead of time if you don’t want to miss a day.

But take a break and unplug now and then.

I’m an outdoor writer and marketer. I take breaks by getting outdoors and sometimes for a few days with no technology.

And when I come back, I’m ready to jump back into the hustle.

But I’m not feeling overwhelmed doing it that way.

And I don’t lose anything I worked hard for, either.

Because I know it’s okay to take a break.

Shawn Gossman

About the Author

Shawn Gossman has created content, blogged, ran online communities, and shared a passion for digital marketing for over twenty years. Shawn believes the best way to help content creators, businesses, brands, and marketers is to give away more than you sell. The same advice is recommended for the readers who follow this blog. Shawn also offers various services for extra help in content creation and blogging.

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