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10 Types of Transactional Social Content to Use in 2023

Are you using transactional social content?

Transactional is social content that converts viewers into buyers of your products and services.

Social media is a great source for selling your products and services. But not every piece of content will be the best type to convert into sales.

To help you out, I will present you with 10 different types of transactional social content. Use this content to help convert followers into paying customers.

How to make Transactional Social Content work

For transactional social content to work, you need to use copywriting techniques.

Copywriting is a strategy where you use sales language in your content.

There are different strategies for using it. Some of my favorite techniques are the PAS Strategy and the AIDA Formula. Mastering your copy and your social posts to convert into customers will start to do better.

Now let’s move on to the 10 types of transactional social content.

Transactional Social Content

1 – Showcase Your Products

You should post content that showcases your products. If you have physical products and it’s appropriate to showcase them with people in the content, that tends to be helpful.

Some great examples of this would be photos of people hiking with your daypack product on or a video of cyclists riding with your cycling apparel on. You can use images that relate to your services if you have services.

Ensure the images, video, or copy pops and catches the reader’s attention.


2 – Seasonal and Holiday Themes

You should create transactional social content that aligns with seasonal and holiday themes.

If you have products with a holiday theme or a color combination that could apply to different holiday color schemes, this would be a good post.

If you have different products for different seasons, you should also use this type of post.


3 – Restock, Limited, and New Drop Alerts

Always try to share content that highlights restock alerts. Restock alerts will tell a viewer that you have a product that has recently been out of inventory due to being popular.

Limited Stock Alerts will also be good content share. Limited tends to psychologically impact buyer decisions because the product is about to be gone.

New drops are good to share because it’s your new product.


4 – Behind the Scenes

Not all social content should be transactional social content. You want to make sure you continue to build a community.

Showing behind-the-scenes content allows your community and customers to get to know you. When someone feels they know you more, they are more likely to purchase from you.

Showing behind the scenes of how you conduct your business is a great example.


5 – Promote Events in Your Niche

If your niche has events, you should share them as content.

This is another community-building type of content. You could promote products that could be used for the content. It would be a great way to promote products while promoting events in your industry.

This will also help build your reputation in your community.


6 – Post Blog Posts that are Helpful

Create blog posts that solve problems and share them as transactional social content.

If you can answer the hardest questions of your niche and provide them in an easy blog post, many conversions can occur with that, especially if you link to a product that helps solve the problem or improve it.

Blog content also helps your reputation and website. You should be creating blog posts every week.


7 – Show Customer Reviews

If a customer makes a public review, you should promote it as transactional social content.

Promote the review along with the product they’re reviewing. You can promote the entire review along with the product one day and then a snippet of the review on another day. There are many opportunities you can do with this.

People want to see proof that other people are using your products.


8 – Do Giveaways for CTAs

Post content that gives away products or merchandise that promotes your brand in the form of a giveaway.

You want to make sure you do it with a CTA (call to action) involved. The CTA could be signing up for your newsletter or creating an account on your page. It could be something like making a purchase or renewing your membership.

It’s fine to give stuff away without an action needed, too.


9 – Start an Ambassador Program

Start an ambassador program for your brand or business.

Ambassadors can do a lot for your marketing. They’ll bring your new customers and visitors. They’ll help make your sales. They’ll be loyal customers themselves. If you haven’t started one, focus on your first and best customers and recruit them as ambassadors.

To help make the program more prestigious, do seasonal recruiting and have limited spots available.


10 – Reshare Customer Content Using Your Products

Look for content from your customers and ambassadors that are sharing your products.

When you find that content, reshare it. Share your traffic with their profiles. Many of your customers and ambassadors might be trying to be influencers and brands themselves. They’ll be thankful for you sharing their content, and they’ll likely remain loyal.

It’s okay to share their content when your product isn’t shown.


Sharing transactional social content will help convert visitors to your channels into potential paid customers. Use the tactics above to get started and watch your sales increase. Thank you for reading my article. If you enjoyed it, please follow me on Twitter for more tips.

Shawn Gossman

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