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New Year’s


We all make New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, most of us.

Many of us do it for our health. Many do it for our family. But, whatever the reason, many people fail to complete their New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s usually because they resolute too much and cannot complete it in time, or they resolute something with which they are not entirely on board.

But we can still set measurable New Year’s Resolutions for our businesses, brands, and organizations.

We need to think small and dream large!

Create small resolutions (goals) that will eventually lead to completing larger resolutions (objectives) over some time.

If you want to earn $100,000 in revenue with customers this year, don’t target $100,000 as the goal. Instead, target a divided amount to work towards each month or quarter. Target something you can measure before reading the main objective. If you meet your monthly or quarterly goal, measure how you did it. If you don’t meet it, measure what went wrong. Then you can update your plan aimed at completing your main objective.

You can do the same with other online venues you maintain online.

For example, my goal is to get to 365 days of blogging every day on this blog. I’m measuring this goal day by day. I focus on when I get the article done, how far ahead I’ve scheduled, and what has changed to make me change my routine.

So far, the year’s end has given me a lot to do. So, I am currently creating articles the day before they publish. I measure what I can change to create each one at least two days before they publish, and then I’ll work on three days, four days, etc.

If you have an online community resolution focusing on increasing membership – concentrate on a wildly small number of membership goals each month, measure, and then move the number up as you make changes to persuade non-members to become registered members. On the other hand, don’t set a high goal that will be overwhelming to complete.

You can reapply this method to other venues, such as social media marketing, email marketing, customer relations, etc.

Happy New Year’s to all my readers, and remember to set New Year’s resolutions for your online space that are measurable and actually achievable.

Shawn Gossman

About the Author

Shawn Gossman has created content, blogged, ran online communities, and shared a passion for digital marketing for over twenty years. Shawn believes the best way to help content creators, businesses, brands, and marketers is to give away more than you sell. The same advice is recommended for the readers who follow this blog. Shawn also offers various services for extra help in content creation and blogging.

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