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Many people suffer from missed opportunities because they think they must wait until they reach a certain level of expertise.

I’m not a well-known digital marketer or content creator.

That doesn’t mean I will wait until I get known before trying to sell my services as a marketer and writer. Missed opportunities to me are missing the ability to grow my expertise.

The only way I can prove to others that I’m good at marketing and writing is to do it.

Missed Opportunities

Waiting for something to happen never ends well.

Instead of accumulating missed opportunities, you should get out into your niche or industry and get involved and known in it as much as possible.

There might be people who ignore you because you’re unknown, but there are also people who will notice you, which aids in your becoming known.

Don’t miss an opportunity to do what you love.

Get out there and do it.

Shawn Gossman

About the Author

Shawn Gossman has created content, blogged, ran online communities, and shared a passion for digital marketing for over twenty years. Shawn believes the best way to help content creators, businesses, brands, and marketers is to give away more than you sell. The same advice is recommended for the readers who follow this blog. Shawn also offers various services for extra help in content creation and blogging.

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