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5 of My

Favorite Marketing Podcasts


You’ll Love

Marketing podcasts benefit you if you want to learn more about marketing and scale up your business.

There are so many marketing podcast shows online. Many top-performing social media platforms are even adding podcast features. Podcasting, in general, has grown into a trend over the past few years. Podcasts are so convenient to listen to when commuting, working out, or working.

I listen to a ton of podcasts. Some of my favorite podcasts focus on digital marketing and content creation. If the podcast is boring, I don’t listen to it long. But there are a few that I love enough to share with you.

So, let’s jump into my favorite marketing podcasts so you have incredible shows to listen to when you get time!


Marketing Podcasts: The Copyblogger Podcast

I’ve been following the Copyblogger Blog since Brian Clark first started it. I’ve been into blogging and website building for over twenty years.

When I discovered a podcast for it, I listened to a few episodes and got hooked.

It’s hosted by the Copyblogger’s newest CEO, Tim Stoddart, and co-hosted by Trends Writer Ethan Brooks.

The two just get on and talk. It isn’t scripted. They don’t routinely interview others. They give you straightforward copywriting and marketing tips from their experience. Every show I’ve listened to resulted in me learning something while ending the show happy and amused.

Tim is a copywrite and marketing genius. Ethan is a newsletter expert. These guys together are pure gold for whoever is listening. It’s number one on my favorite marketing podcasts list.

If you haven’t listened to the Copyblogger Podcast, head over and check it out today.


Marketing Podcasts: Marketing Against the Grain

This podcast comes from the folks over at HubSpot, an excellent website for everything marketing, CRM, or whatever need you might have in that area.

The show is hosted by Kipp Bodnar, the CMO of HubSpot, and co,-hosted by Kieran Flanagan, the SVP of Marketing for HubSpot. The two senior people over marketing working together on a marketing podcast can only mean one thing – valuable information worth listening to.

Like other favorite podcasts, it isn’t a boring scripted show. These two constantly debate and bicker, making the show much fun. They talk about some exciting things about marketing, too. They have some unique interviews.

I’ve learned a lot after listening to all the latest episodes. So, check them out today if you haven’t already!


Marketing Podcasts: Social Media Marketing

One of my favorite social media marketing websites is Social Media Examiner, which has always been a lovely blog and resource website.

A while back, I discovered that the CEO of the website, Michael Stelzner had a podcast for the show. I started listening to it and have been hooked since.

His show is everything about succeeding with marketing on social media. The other day I listened to one about modifying your Instagram profile, and after making the recommended changes, I saw an increase in CTAs on my bio. It is great stuff on his show, and he is enjoyable to listen to. He was made for podcasting!

I recommend checking out this podcast today if you want to destroy it on social media.


Marketing Podcasts: Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Another one of the marketing podcasts that Social Media Examiner does is the Social Media Marketing Podcast hosted by Jerry Potter (yes, it rhymes with the boy wizard, LOL).

Jerry talks to all sorts of experts on different social platforms when there are updates for the platforms. So, every time YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook have new feature releases – you can expect a show about it.

It’s been the way for me to get new updates on social media features to include in my marketing playbook.

Check out this show today if you want to learn more about all the new social media features being released.


Marketing Podcasts: The GaryVee Audio Experience

You need to get out more if you’ve never heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. GaryVee (for short) is one of the most famous marketers online.

Some people don’t like his style. He is cocky and foul-mouthed and will quickly tell you how much you suck. But then he will tell you exactly how to succeed right after. He is a motivational marketing speaker in many ways.

His shows are exciting, and he is living proof of my belief that “everything can be content” because that is what turns everything into.

If you’ve not checked out the GaryVee Audio Experience yet, you must now listen to a few of his episodes.


These are some of my favorite marketing podcasts. Listen to these shows and you’ll learn something about marketing that you didn’t know before. I’ll be posting a second article with more of my favorite shows about marketing in the future. Until then, check me out and Twitter and give me a follow because I provide even more tips there.

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