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Industry Struggles

To Win

the Industry

If you want to make it in your industry or niche, solve industry struggles.

If you want to be number one and win the competition of your niche, solve industry problems.

If you want to be the best at everything, solve the most challenging struggles.

Find your niche industry’s most significant complaints, questions, and problems. Exploit them. Find a solution. Write out the answer. Rewrite until it is super easy for your audience to do. Then publish and promote.

You’ll win so hard that everyone will feel it.

Solving your industry struggles is how you become the top of your niche.

How do you find Industry Struggles for your Niche?

You’ll have to sit down and do your research.

I will not tell you that this will be an easy task. It’s a struggle for a reason.

The first thing you need to do is find your audience. Go where they are at. Specifically, go where they are socializing at. That’s where you’ll find discussions, questions, and angst about industry struggles in your niche.

Start recording those problems so that you can get a start on how you need to start researching more to solve them.

Your audience might be on social media. Maybe there is a Facebook group or Twitter community they’re socializing in. They could be congregating on a blog focusing on the industry. Perhaps they’re on a message forum or Reddit. They could be anywhere. Your job is to find them and start listening.

Solve Industry Struggles

How are you going to Solve the Biggest Problems?

How will you solve industry struggles when no one else is solving them in the first place?

I get why you’d ask that question. It’s a good point. My follow-up would be, is anyone in the industry actively trying to solve those problems? If yes, how are they trying to solve them? Are they putting in the hard work needed to solve problems?

That’s usually the underlying issue of why the struggle exists in the first place. No one is putting in the right amount of effort to solve the problem.

What if you can’t solve the problem? But what if you can? You’ll only find out when you try to solve the problem. If you never try, you’ll never know.

And during those moments when you don’t think you can solve industry struggles, consider this: You are a part of a specifies that went from discovering fire to creating the internet. Something tells me that you can solve problems if you put your mind to it.


How do you Solve the Most Challenging Industry Struggles?

There are likely many challenging problems in your niche and industry.

There are many of these types of these complex issues in every industry.

You can be a problem solver by thinking like a problem solver.

The first step is learning. Start learning everything you can about the problem. Then start learning everything about each component that leads up to the problem. Learn as much as you can about the industry. Learn about how others have tried to solve the problem and where they failed at. You need to learn continuously, which will help you solve the most complex industry struggles.

Then you need to start doing trial and error.

You’ve researched the problem. Now create a list of various solutions. Start reviewing the answers and keep notes on all changes, improvements, and overall failures.

Keep doing these things until you find the answer.

Then, as easy as you can make it, present it to your audience, making you number one in your niche and industry.


Everyone wants to be at the top of their competition. But they’re trying to solve the most significant industry struggles out there. Getting to the top would be a breeze if they were to solve them. Work your way to the top of your competition by following the advice above. And be sure to follow me on Twitter for more tips and resources like this one.

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