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10 Easy Steps

to Increase

New Blog Visitors

in 2022


Are you interesting in learning how to increase new blog visitors in 2022? Do you have a brand new blog? Do you already have a blog but would love to learn how to increase your daily visits? In this article, I’m going to show you how to increase new blog visitors in 10 easy steps. Whether you have a brand new blog or a blog that has been around for a while, my article was created to help you increase visitors to your content. Let’s grow your blog now!


Step 1 – Increase New Blog Visitors with Social Media

I’m sure you’ve read this before that you can increase new blog visitors by using social media. The problem is that not a lot of people suggesting this idea give you pointers on how to actually do that. See, in the old days it was so easy to get traffic from social media. But nowadays, social media doesn’t want you to leave their networks so external links don’t get as much reach weight as they once did. So, you have to evolve with social media and try different strategies.

This is where A/B testing really helps. This is when you conduct a marketing experiment (A) and record the results. Then you conduct another marketing experiment (B) and record the results. It is best if both marketing topics are related but each experiment is different. Then you simply compare A and B to see which works better than the others. Test out what works with your blog marketing on various social media networks.

My strategy is simple on social media. I join each one with the intention of building a unique community on each one. I then post using the 80/20 strategy. I post 80% of content that is internal and exclusive to that specific social media page. Then I post 20% of links and external content pointing to my blog. It helps if you can share blog articles to active groups that you are a part of. Make sure you can, don’t spam, and it helps if groups members know you well and enjoy what you have to say. Social media works if you’re willing to put the time into it.


Step 2 – Increase New Blog Visitors with Other Blogs

You can also increase new blog visitors by tapping into other blogs that are related to your blog. Search for other blogs in your niche market. Now create meaningful and engaging comments. Include your blog link if there is a field for it. If not, your objective should be to develop authority on your username. Make sure your username is the same as what you use on your blog and make sure it is unique. For example, “Shawn” is going to be a lot harder to add blogging authority to than “Shawn Gossman” is. So, I use “Shawn Gossman” as my username everywhere. Again, make sure you comment is meaningful and engaging otherwise you might be seen as a spammer.

You could also contact other bloggers and ask to participate in collaborations. In this days and age, collaborating is a big deal. No more are we competition trying to beat out one and another. Now, we collaborate with each other and help each other out more than we go against each other, and that is a really good thing. So, contact other bloggers in your niche market and ask to collaborate. One cool idea would be to share articles where you give tips and the other blog gives tips in the same articles. You can both have an article each on your blogs and share readers in the process. Two authorities on the niche working together to help the readers of their blogs.

Another great way to gain new visitors is to write posts about other bloggers. I’m saying make it a habit to feature another blog in your niche market by writing a whole article about them and their blog. Link to their blog. Say positive things about their blog. Say what about their blog helps you as a blogger. Post with the intention of sending readers to their blog. And then when you’re done, send them the link. Don’t ask for them to do the same, let them decide on that but I bet they’ll share your post on their social media. It’s good to be kind to your niche community and visitors are watching and appreciating that sort of thing from you in the end.


Step 3 – Guest Blogging will Increase New Blog Visitors

If done correctly, guest blogging is a big way to increase new blog visitors to your blog. Now notice I said, ‘if done correctly’. I say that because there is a large swath of bloggers who write articles with the intent of pure commercialism, affiliation, or advertising. These bloggers are hurting guest blogging for everyone because some blogs are too afraid to accept any guest posts because they fear it will be from these types. So, I suggest guest blogging using the following strategies for being able to successfully submit a blog.

Find a blog you hope to be able to guest write for. Write the blog post before you ask to be a guest blogger. Really! Write it out first! Make is awesome! Be unique, genuine, creative, and add the most quality possible to your article. Don’t include any links and especially don’t include any commercial or affiliate links. Now email/contact the blog owner where you want to guest post on, attach your article, and ask if you can guest blog. Your payment for doing it should be a simple link to your blog in the bio section of your article. This will give the blog owner a chance to see the awesome article you wrote before they can say no. If it doesn’t work out, use the article on your own blog.

If you don’t want to write the blog, then you could contact without an article instead. But make sure you are thoroughly explain what you want to write. Also, don’t add a link until they blog owner and you have discussed the project. Explain you want a simple link in the bio portion of the post. Give them the link after a few emails have occurred in between you and the other blogger. Again, don’t ask for commercial or affiliate links. If it is your intention to write an article with those types of links, my post probably isn’t for you.


Step 4: Increase New Blog Visitors with Your Articles

Your articles alone can increase new blog visitors – did you know that? Really, they can! All you need to do is write the best articles possible. Every article you create on your blog should be as genuine and unique as possible meaning that article isn’t found anywhere else. Every word should be your own word and every sentence you grab the attention of the reader. Don’t include filler content that is just meant to make the article longer. Write that article as if it was a best-selling novel that you want people to read front to back.

After you write your awesome article, work on its search engine optimization. I tell you to do this after you write the article because you always write for humans first and then modify it to work with search engines without dehumanizing the article. You might have to change the title, modify a few headers, and make sure the keyword you target for is throughout the content. But here is the thing, search engine Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving so rapidly that it is starting to forget the old ways of SEO and concentrate more on the human thought of finding content. That is something you really need to study up on and start practicing now.

You have to be consistent about creating content. Consistency will do two things. It will discipline you to write in a formal manner that will result in content creation success. And it will also tell search engines how often you write content and when to send you more reach for your content. If you only want to write a new post once a month, just make sure you are submitting one at least once every month. I will say this – more bloggers have success when they are submitting posts at least 1 to 3-days a week. It is a lot to do and a challenge to stay consistent but if you can do it, you will likely notice an increase in visitors for sure.


Step 5 – A Bad Design will NOT Increase New Blog Visitors

Your blog design matters when trying to increase new blog visitors to your website. How does your blog design look to you? Is it easy to find things in a matter of seconds? It is bulky and difficult to navigate? People are all about being quick to find information these days. Does your blog design slow down the loading speed of your website overall? A slow website or blog can harm your search engine ranking and prevent new people from visiting your blog. It is best to have a clean and easy to use design. You should use colors that are great for marketing but also easy on the eyes. Make sure your theme looks different from everyone else and get a custom one if you ever get the opportunity to get one made.

Another area of the design you should focus on is the wording you use. You want to keep sentences short. Reread and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Be personal with your wording – use words like “You” and “me”. Use words like “don’t” instead of “do not” because don’t is way more personal as if you and me and talking to each other face to face. You should also keep to the point and as mentioned above, don’t put in filler content. You also want to write as if you’re writing to middle schoolers. No, your readers are not ignorant – it is just easier to understand and doesn’t require to reader to think too much on your content. Make is easy and simple to understand.

Make sure everything is easily accessible on your blog. Make it easy to find things. If you cover your blog with ads that look like the navigation, it will likely just annoy and frustrate visitors. I know it does me and I usually don’t visit those blogs again. If someone has to use the scroll button in order to find your blog page, then you are doing something wrong. That should be at the top so that is can easily be clicked onto. Your most important links, information, and features should be at the top or at least during the first few scrolls of the mouse. You can definitely be certain that most people are not seeing what is on the bottom of your blog pages.


Step 6 – Reply to Everyone to Increase New Blog Visitors

If you want to seriously increase new blog visitors, you should be replying to everyone on everything. So, if someone makes a comment on your blog posts, you should reply to them. If someone makes a comment on your social media page post, you should reply to them. If someone just sends you an email thanking you for your blog, you should reply to them. But your reply shouldn’t be a generic comment back. It should be two parts. (1) Your comment should be thoughtful and (2) your comment should end with a question. The idea is to engage the person who left the comment or message and keep the conversation going. That is how you turn a simple visitor into a fan through relationship building.

But how do you get comments on your blog posts in the first place? How do you get comments on social media pages? How do you get emails? It’s simple really – you ask questions. Consider everything you post as being a face to face conversation with an individual not with an audience. The goal here is to talk to the person and get a meaningful and positive response in return. Ask questions that you know will get a response and start a conversation. Engage with those who respond back and keep the conversation going. You’ll reap the benefits of this if you turn it into a habit.

Ask plenty of questions in your articles and on your social media pages. Everything you post should have questions within them. On your articles though, continue to ask questions throughout your content. But you should especially ask a question at the end of your comment and ask them to answer in a comment. Try to pay attention to the first few days of your blog post and engage with those who comment. Don’t lose any sleep of course but still try to answer as quick as you can.


Step 7 – Focus on Trending Topics to Increase New Blog Visitors

You should be focusing on topics in your niche or industry that are currently trending. Your blog content should reflect this. If you want to increase new blog visitors to your content, it needs to be content they are wanting to see. You can talk about the same old topic over and over again or you can talk about the topics that are hot. You should always be keeping up to date with those hot topics. One of the best ways to do this is to subscribe to the best news and industry blogs for your niche and pay attention to what they are announcing. Pay attention to other blogs in your niche and looking for content trends. Write for the now, not for the future or the past.

Another important thing to do for trending content is effective keyword research. You need to be finding and researching keywords to rank your content for. This is for search engine optimization as well as staying up-to-date with the current hot topics. Try to rank for keywords and key phrases that are not oversaturated. Sure, a hot topic may have a lot content for it, but can you find a unique and genuine way to present it instead of doing what everyone else is doing? The idea should always be to teach someone something new with every post you submit.

Repurpose your articles for social media, too! Take your article and create smaller posts with its content for social media pages linked with your blog. Like I told you before, social media networks want you to keep your audience on their networks and their algorithms will assist with that. So, you can win by creating content for that social media page and then telling people to Google your blog for more. It is a good bypass around posting an external link. Twitter Threads also make for a great way to promote a micro-version of your article with a link back to your blog at the end.


Step 8 – Mailing Lists with Help Increase New Blog Visitors

Start a mailing list to increase new blog visitors. Really – think about this with mailing lists, they’re your real estate. What does that mean? Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and the other social networks are like apartments. You rent these spaces, but you can be kicked out or if the complex closes, you lose that space. A mailing list is like a house you own because it’s yours. You don’t have access to the emails of your fans and followers on social media. If you lose access to social media, you lose access to your fans and followers. If you have an active mailing list with your fans and followers, you have their contact information. That is what I mean by it being your real estate.

You can start out using a service like Mail Chimp where you can start sending newsletter for free and to quite a bit of people before having to pay. I’m still using the free versions myself. Start a simple monthly newsletter or go quarterly if monthly is too much. You can include new posts you have created, news about your blog, social media pages you have made, and special offers for fans and followers of your mailing list. Be sure not to make the mailing list too commercial otherwise it will seem spammy and make people start unsubscribing. And always make sure they can automatically unsubscribe, or it will hurt your ranking and could lead to legal issues.

Place your signup box on your website, the blog homepage, and every blog post. You want all readers to easily be able to find and subscribe to your mailing list. You should also give them some kind of added benefit with bonuses for subscribing. The mailing list should be free of course. But you should offer benefits that they can only get by getting your mailing list. Some people make the mistake of offering one thing for subscribing such as a guide, template, or eBook but then the person may unsubscribe quickly after getting the free bonus. So, what you really want to do is offer a bonus benefit each time you send out a new newsletter and make sure you’re marketing that feature.


Step 9 – Increase New Blog Visitors with Start Pages

A good start page will increase new blog visitors because it is giving them a great place to start. You shouldn’t create a start page until you have started creating content on your blog. Your start page is going to list your best content in a manner of where it is in order following the needs of your readers. For example, the start page on this blog will eventually have a step-by-step section on how to create, market, and profit from blogging where I’ll list my best content in that order. The start page is good for visitors who show up after the blog has been going on for a while but want to start at a decent point where they’re not overwhelmed.

You should keep your start page simple. Put the link to it after your homepage link and right before or right after your blog link on the main navigation. You people to be able to find it quickly without having to scroll their mouse. You might even create a Call-To-Action for your start page on a side bar but make is flashy enough to be seen but not to annoy a reader. Make the page itself simple, like I said. It needs to be to the point and arranged in a way to caters specifically to new blog visitors. You could always make a Q&A list which links articles as the answers to the comment questions new readers will likely be asking.

Keep your start page updated. Pending on how much content you make; you should at least be routinely updating your start page once a quarter. If you’re posting 2 or more posts a week, you should update your start page at least once a month. The more you update a static page on your blog, the more reach it may get on search engines because Google and other big search engines are seeing changes and coming back to record those changes to update search results. If you’re linking to popular content, it is going to further rank your start page on a better level than it was ranked before. You should really make it a practice to keep all static pages on your blog updated in some way or another.


Step 10 – Online Communities are a great way to Increase New Blog Visitors

Online communities are a great way to increase new blog visitors to your blog content. You have to search for the online communities for your niche. These may be on social networks. They may be on other types of websites. They could be on discussion forums or chat servers like Discord. They might be on Reddit. Search for them and join with the intention of being active and building relationships. Help people as much as you can and remain positive. Make friends and it will be easier to invite your friends to your blog.

Quora and related answer sites are a great way to send new visitors to your blog. You send them by making your credential a credit to your blog. For example, my credential is “Founder,”. You don’t want to spam or add links to your blog as the answer because that isn’t how it works, and you’ll likely get banned. Instead, you’re advertising YOU as expert in your niche market or industry. The more you develop your reputation as a market authority by answering questions as helpful and genuine as possible, the more people will want to learn more about you and go check out your blog. Be active, answer questions frequently, be friendly, and be extremely helpful.

Start building your own communities as well. Social media is a great place to do this or even consider creating a message forum or subreddit. Create a private community for your fans to network with one and another on the topics of what you’re blogging about. And most of all, make that community easy to access you so that your fans and followers can get that more one-on-one experience with you. These communities can eventually evolve into something more like earning blogging profit.


And there you have it! 10 easy steps to increase new blog visitors. Do these steps and I promise you will start to notice a big difference. I’d love to read about success stories from those of you who have tried any of these steps on your blog. Comment below telling me which of the steps you have tried and what kind of results occurred from trying it out on your blog. As always, thanks for reading and please support me for creating this free article by sharing it with other bloggers that you know.

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.