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Search Engine Optimization

in 2022

and Beyond

Forum search engine optimization – can it be done with so many members who are not SEO-minded with their content?

Forum search engine optimization is possible if you follow some basic rules as a forum owner. But it isn’t to say that it will not be a challenge if comparing it to something like blog SEO. A challenge, yes it will be, but impossible? Not at all.

And in this guide, I’m going to explain how to achieve forum SEO in 2022 and beyond.


Work on Technical Aspects of Forum Search Engine Optimization

Make sure you focus on security, speed, and optimization for your forum SEO.

For security, you must use SSL, and your forum should start with HTTPS rather than HTTP, which means your forum is a secure site (a Google SEO factor). Your forum needs to be on a fast server as Google ranks websites based on how fast they are. Finally, it would help to optimize your forum for SEO using friendly URLs, sitemaps, htaccess usage, and related.

While you’re at it, get your site on something like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your efforts.


Focus on Mobile User Experience

Everyone is on mobile devices these days, even most forum members, and it is critical to optimize for them.

Your forum needs to look perfect on any mobile device using it. You should optimize everything for mobile and don’t add any new addons or themes unless they are friendly for mobile use. There aren’t a lot of desktop users out there anymore, and why should there be when you should be able to use your phone.

Providing the best possible mobile user experience will boost your forum search engine optimization strategies.


Post Unique Content Often to Improve Forum Search Engine Optimization

The challenging part of forum SEO is content creation because your members will not have SEO in mind.

You must make sure that you don’t force forum members to use SEO because it might be too complicated for them and scare them away from the community. Instead, it would be best to focus your SEO-friendly content efforts on your posts. Create quality content as much as possible and make sure the content is engaging and viral for your forum.

Your content alone can do a lot for forum search engine optimization.


Other than the tips above, focus on building great backlinks through ethical marketing practices and make sure you don’t try to cheat the system because Google is pretty smart these days. Good luck with your forum SEO. Share this article with a fellow forum owner if you’ve enjoyed reading it.



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