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Most Effective Ways

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Are you struggling in creating great blog content? Is blogging becoming an overwhelming task due to a lack of successful results? A lot of bloggers, beginner to expert, feel this way at times. The worst thing you can do about it is quit blogging. The best thing you can do is take the steps you need in creating great blog content that will boost your views and engagement. And I want to be perfectly blunt with you, it’s easy to create the best content but it’s hard to do it as well. The easy part is that anyone can do it, the hard part is the motivation that is required to do it. In this article though, I’m going to make it a lot easier for you to start creating great blog content with these proven most effective ways.


1 – Creating Great Blog Content by Staying Up-to-Date

Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and technology associated with your niche. You don’t want to get caught writing about old news or topics that have significantly changed. Find news sites, mailing lists, and other blogs focusing on your niche or industry and follow them daily. Once something new comes out, research everything you can about it and get a full understanding of it.


2 – Creating Great Blog Content by Writing More

Write daily! Seriously, if you want to get better at content creation, you should be writing every chance you get. Write a little bit each day or write a lot each day – whatever your time and energy can afford. I have a few blogs that I maintain. Because of that, I write at least one article daily, each subject changing each day. I’m able to keep all my blogs updated ahead of time.


3 – Creating Great Blog Content through Audience Intelligence

Study your audience! Get to know their likes, dislikes, wants, geographical information, ages, where they hang out online, and anything else that is public knowledge. A great blogger can write great content about an audience they know a lot about. You should know a lot about your audience and if you don’t, get out there and start gathering intelligence, now!


4 – Creating Great Blog Content with Collaborations

Collaborate with other in your niche or industry. Maybe this is business networking on LinkedIn. Maybe this is doing projects with other bloggers. Maybe you want to help a new blogger get established. Find those in your market and collaborate with them. You scratch their back and in return, they scratch your back.


5 – Creating Great Blog Content by Offering Solutions

Find the biggest gaps, requests, and questions within your market. Those are what you should be writing about. But make sure you’re giving away solutions. You should always give more away than you sell to be an effective content creator. Follow the 80/20 rule of marketing. 80% is free, 20% is sales.


6 – Creating Great Blog Content by Questioning Everything

Always question everything. If solutions already exist – question them and find out if there is an easier way. If you want the best content, make life easier for your audience. Challenge yourself here. Do experiments. Analyze the results. By questioning things, you can turn yourself into a major power playing figure in your niche or industry.


7 – Creating Great Blog Content with a Competitor Analysis

Seek out your competition. These are other blogs that are writing about you’re writing about. Conduct a competitor analysis on them. I suggest doing SWOT which is finding out their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then take what you have learned and better your blog with that knowledge. Every blogger should be analyzing their competition every couple of months (or at least once a quarter) to stay on top of the game.


8 – Creating Great Blog Content by Mastering Your Editing

Get good at editing! I can’t tell you how many times I misspell things, leave words out completely, and use horrible grammar. I’m sure I’ve done it at least a few places in this article. Listen, no one is perfect. But you definitely get better at it. Really pay attention to what you write and focus a lot of effort on mastering your ability to edit.


9 – Creating Great Blog Content by Establishing Authority

Find communities within your niche and establish your authority on them. This means you should join social media groups, blog comments, YouTube communities, message forums, and even question sites. Establish yourself as an expert in your market by helping others. Be original and as resourceful as you can when doing it. Don’t ever get upset for answering the same questions over and over again because you’re the expert after all.


10 – Creating Great Blog Content with Effective Article Types

Write articles that people are searching for. How To articles are noted to be a big winner when they solve challenges and are written to make the tasks simpler for the reader. Top 10 and list posts (like this one) also do better on search engines and for those looking for them. Try to provide more list amounts than other when doing keyword research.


11 – Creating Great Blog Content by Learning from the Pros

Find the best blogs in your market. Study these blogs. Read their first ever article and go from there. This might take you a long time. You might have to do it as you go on. But I bet the knowledge you will get from them will master your ability to create the best possible content that you can create. The pros are pros for a reason – get to know them and learn their stories.


12 – Creating Great Blog Content by Writing for Readers

Listen to your readers! Really listen to them. Pay attention to watch they are asking and requesting. That is what you should write about. You want more readers, sure, so you need to be diverse about your content. But you also want to keep elder readers around for as long as possible. By paying attention to a creating content for your readers – you’ll have fans for life.


13 – Creating Great Blog Content through Industry Interviews

Find people in your industry and request to interview them by email. Some are going to say no. That’s fine, keep trying. If any of them are trying to promote their books, websites, software, or stuff like that – those are the ones to go for. Offer to promote their stuff in return that they give you an interview for your blog.


14 – Creating Great Blog Content by Guest Blogging for Authority

You should be a guest blogger on other blogs. But write these guest posts to promote you and not your blog. Tell the bloggers that you want to help more rather than promote something. Half the time, they’ll let you at least promote your blog in your bio. But write on their blogs as if you’re writing on your own – the best content possible. People need to see you on different outlets.


15 – Creating Great Blog Content by Doing Case Studies

Conduct case studies in your industry. You should especially do this around the biggest questions, help requests, and gaps within your market. Survey people. Do group studies. Make a case for results and answers through extensive research. People really geek out on this sort of stuff and it can make pretty popular while allowing you to create awesome content.


16 – Creating Great Blog Content by Reviewing Stuff

Find products and services in your niche. Buy them or use free trails. Then create extensive reviews of these products and services. No basic Amazon comment reviews, either. You’re review should be the best possible review for that product. Top other reviews you find. On the flipside, brands will usually notice this and start sending you free stuff to review. It really is a win-win situation.


17 – Creating Great Blog Content by Sharing Success Stories

Anytime you succeed in your market is an opportunity for great blog content. Turn your success into a detailed step-by-step instruction manual. If you have made a win, show other people reading you blog how to make that same win. By helping others with your success, you develop great content at the same time of developing extensive industry expertise.


18 – Creating Great Blog Content by Sharing Your Failures

You should share your failures, too! Don’t ever be ashamed for failing at something in your industry. Don’t feel like you need to hide it. You can take that failure and turn it into content to help your audience avoid it. I cherish my failures in blogging because I can tell you what not to do as a blogger because of them. See what I mean? Failures = Valuable content!


19 – Creating Great Blog Content with a Book Club

Start a book club on your blog and a reoccurring post type. People love books! You can read books and share reviews of them. You can have readers do the same and share their experience with the books. Make sure you keep books directly relatable to your industry or niche. And as a bonus, you usually learn something new every time you read a book.


20 – Creating Great Blog Content with a White Paper

A White Paper is usually a very extensive industry report. It covers everything about the industry, an analysis of the industry, failures and gaps in the industry, and the predicted future of the industry. Extensive reports like this should take time to create because they need to be heavily researched. Produce one of these and you’ll win the gold for blog content.


21 – Creating Great Blog Content by Writing an eBook

A lot of folks tense up at the thought of writing a book. A lot of work goes into writing a book. Whether you offer a book for free or to sell it, you can imagine that it will still be a challenge. But if you want to top your content authority, you should really think hard about writing a book based on your niche. eBooks are wonderful for this because it’s practically free to write them. Think of an eBook as simply a bunch of your articles put together. Don’t be too intimidated by them.


22 – Creating Great Blog Content with a Mailing List

Start a mailing list! This will allow you to collect contact information of your biggest fans. Then you can share your new content with them. Those who subscribe to a mailing list are looking for content otherwise, why subscribe? So, it is a win-win really because you’re sharing content and they’re reading content. Make your mailing list worthy but offering exclusive content that readers will only find on that list.


23 – Creating Great Blog Content by Updating Old Content

After a year of creating a post, analyze it with your favorite analytics tools and see if people are still going to that older content. If not, you should update it to modern times. Update the title to reflect the new year and modify the posts to add a few new paragraphs or changes that are needed. Take advantage of the “strike through” feature and then add the new content with a yellow highlight. This will not only make all of your content better, but search engines will notice the changes as well.


24 – Creating Great Blog Content by Being Helpful

No matter what – you should always go out of your way to help others in your niche. This is why it is so important to establish yourself as an expert and authority through online community development. You will find people within those communities who need help. Help them out in any way you can with issues evolving around the niche. Show these people that you genuinely care about their needs as well as their wellbeing. Be a leader!


25 – Creating Great Blog Content by Removing Flops

Sometimes content just doesn’t work. I once spent time creating an extensive list post, over 100 steps, and in the end, it just flopped. I ended up deleting it. Sure, it took me days to make and deleting it did feel a little devastating. But you got to remember what we’re human after all and some things just don’t work. Don’t keep up content that doesn’t work and don’t keep wasting your time trying to make it work. Just scrap it out and focus on what actually is giving you working results.


26 – Creating Great Blog Content by Always Being Friendly

No matter what – keep a friendly and positive attitude. It is really easy to say something on the internet and that statement be looked at in a different way. You might take offense when offense was never intended. If you have an outburst because of it, you look bad in the end. Mitigate that by remaining positive at all times, assuming that all statements are positive, and by not giving in to the negative. Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, people who are being negative in comments and what not are hurt. They’re scared or hurt by something and that makes them negative.


27 – Creating Great Blog Content by Always Learning

And finally, my favorite tip out of all of these suggestions – always keep learning! You should always try to learn something new about your niche or industry. I recommend learning something new every day. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend 8-hours a day learning. You can learn something in 5 to 10-minutes. But I would definitely take a day here and there to do some extensive learning as well. I personally like listening to podcasts during commutes, exercise, and stuff like that. Learning should never stop.


And that is how you can start creating great blog content on your blog. Like I said from the start, it’s easy but it’s hard. While this article was creating to make the hard part a little easier, it doesn’t solve it all. You still need to empower yourself to become motivated. You also have to be willing to give it time because the blog competition online is pretty oversaturated. Don’t let that discourage you though. Instead, take the tips above and the ones you’ll along the way and work on creating that awesome content for your blog. If you enjoyed reading this extensive article, please share it with another blogger that you think will enjoy reading it.

Now it’s your turn my friend! How many of these tips have you mastered along the way? If you could add a 28th option to this article, what would it be?

Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman


Shawn Gossman has been blogging for nearly 25-years. Shawn is a digital and social media strategist and enjoy content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Shawn is a certified Digital Marketing Strategist and has an MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado.