How to Pick the Perfect Blogging Niche

Can’t decide which blogging niche is the right for you?

Then stick with me because this post is all about choosing the perfect blogging niche and what to look for so you can be sure that it’s possible to monetize it and be successful.

I’ll show you some basic steps that you need to follow when choosing the blogging niche that you’re interested in.

Making money online should be fun, and your online business shouldn’t feel like a day job. This can be done by choosing a blogging niche that is right for you so you can enjoy writing your blog post.

Let’s start.

Blogging niche

What is a Blogging Niche

Blogging niche is a topic of your blog. It’s the thing you’ll be writing about all the time.

Some people say that you don’t have to be glued to a particular niche to be successful. But, it is mostly believed that having a niche improves the qualities of your blog.

Because when you have a niche your content is focused on a single topic. If you decide to just write about anything that comes to your mind, your blog can be kinda messy.

Visitors may not realize what your blog is about, and that can hurt your chances of success.

Before I share tips on how to find a profitable blogging niche, I want to tell you something about authority and niche blogs, and to give you some examples of niches that you could go in.

Authority Blogs VS Niche Blogs

Authority blogs are relatively large and can cover a wide range of topics. For example, ESPN is an authority website. It covers all the sports. So under the sports category, there’s NFL, MLB, NBA, and each of those has additional subcategories.

When you are just starting a blog I think it’s very important that you don’t go that way.

Instead, narrow that down.

Ideally, you will choose a domain name that allows you to be broader in the future, but you want to start small with a very specific niche, with the potential to grow into something much broader.

A niche blog typically covers a narrower topic. One example is one of my first blogs Wizards of Weed. This is a good example of a niche site.

Overall, it’s cannabis, but there are seeds, paraphernalia, clothes, and all kind of subcategories that could be covered on this website. So there are lots of different topics that you could cover.

Broad Niche vs Narrow Niche

Now comes the question of how narrow do you go. I’m going to use a few examples here.

So a narrow example would be running shoe reviews, the niche is tailored to a very specific product, that’s all you talk about is running shoes. It’s narrowed down a lot. But it still can make some revenue because it’s covering products, you can recommend products and make some commissions there.

If you were to broaden that just a little bit so it covers running equipment, you’d have a little bit more growth potential.

Okay, so that is just one example.

Another narrow example that’s a little bit broader is 50+ men’s fitness. So it’s another very specific audience. There are lots of revenue potentials, again, but it might have somewhat limited topics because it only covers men’s over 50.  So if you’re a man over 50, this is a perfect blog for you.

A broad example would be fitness overall, it’s too broad. It’s targeting all aspects of health and fitness.

Of course, there are tons of topics, but there’s going to be heavy competition. But there’s also lots of revenue potential.

When you are just starting and you have no authority, it would be almost impossible to rank for broad keywords.

So the pro tip here that I can leave you with is even if you start narrow, choose a domain name that will allow you to grow in the future.

Best Blogging Niche Ideas in 2022 + Niche Blog Examples

I compiled a list of the most profitable blog niches, which are also the most common niches out there. I’ll just give you ideas about what a good niche blog looks like so you have a direction for your blog to follow.

Best blogging niches

Health and Fitness Niche

Health and fitness are one of the most popular blogging niches. It is a huge niche and there are lots of blogs that you’ll be playing against. If you choose the health and fitness niche you’ll unquestionably find an audience in this sector.

Health and fitness blog example- My Fitness Pal

Niche blog example

Personal Finance Niche

Everyone wants to make more, or save more money. Personal finance blogs are popular and have large audiences. Also, there are lots of different topics you can write about.

Personal finance blog example- The Simple Dollar

Blogging niche example

Fashion Niche

Fashion is another very popular blogging niche where you can make lots of money. It works wonders in combination with Instagram, which is the best social media platform for the fashion niche.

Fashion niche blog example- Not Dressed as Lamb

Blogging niche example

Food Blogging Niche

If you like cooking or baking then this blogging niche is for you. Food blogs can be very popular. It’s good to know a bit about photography because in the food niche, you’ll be sharing recipes, so you’ll need to take photos of your great-looking food.

Food niche blog example- Serious Eats

Blogging niche example

Make Money Online Niche

There are tons of blogs out there that cover this topic. If you are experienced in blogging, marketing, or building an online business then this is a niche for you. However, there will be a lot of competition and it won’t be easy to find success in this niche.

Make money online niche blog example- Smart Blogger

Blogging niche example

Gaming Niche

Gaming niche connects a wide range of things like game news and reviews, instructional videos, people hanging out and playing games, or competitive gaming championships. Gaming blogs are most popular among young men.

Gaming niche blog example- Kotaku

Blogging niche example

Crafts Blogging Niche

If you are engaged in knitting, sewing, or any other type of craft, this blogging niche might be the right for you. The best social media platform for crafts blogs is Pinterest. So photography skills are a plus because you’ll need to be able to include great photos.

Crafts niche blog example- A Beautiful Mess

Blogging niche example

Pet Niche

Millions of people have pets and they don’t mind spending money on them. The pet niche is one of the best niches to make money through affiliate marketing.

Pet niche blog example- Blog Paws

Blogging niche example

Dating and Relationships Niche

The dating and relationship niche has always been a good blogging niche. You will always find an audience to read about dating and relationships and want to know some tips and tricks to help their relationship blossom.

Dating and relationships niche blog example- Kyle Benson

Blogging niche example

How to Choose Your Blogging Niche

Telling you the perfect niche that you should go into is pretty much impossible because all of you are different.

You have different passions, you have different interests, you have different expectations.

But whenever you just starting your blog or a new project you should look for these niche must-haves.

These five things that you’re looking for are important measures to make sure that niche is good and profitable before you even consider moving forward.

The perfect intersection of these categories is going to be the perfect niche for you.

5 Niche Must-Haves

Blogging niche must-haves

1. What are You Passionate About, or What are You Interested in?

This could be gardening, sports, sandcastles, whatever. It can just be something that you do in your spare time that you have an interest in, like maybe gaming.

Now I want to discuss these in a little bit more detail.

Do you have to be passionate about your topic?

The answer is no, you don’t have to be.

But it’s more ideal, especially if it’s your first blog, it’s going to be in your best interest to pick a niche in something that you enjoy. That’s going to keep you more dedicated to the site.

Especially if you’re writing the content and doing a lot of work on the site, you’re more likely to succeed if you have some interest in what you’re writing about.

So it’s easy to push work aside when you aren’t passionate about the topic. But when you are, you’re going to care more about the user experience, you’re going to understand your audience because you are passionate about the topic.

You’re going to think about your site layout and how it looks and feels. So this good user experience equals more time on your site which equals better rankings.

So if it’s not your first website, if you built many niche sites, you can go into niches that you’re not passionate about.

But if you plan on doing most of the work, and building the blog yourself, I think that a requirement is that you are passionate about the topic, at least somewhat.

So hopefully that explains the question of passion a little bit better.

2.  Is it a Buff Niche?

The next thing you should always be looking for is to choose a buff niche. Buff niche is a niche where people are consistently interested in the topic.

Niches like golf, tennis, internet marketing, fitness, pets, musical instruments, and gardening are all buff niches because people are always interested, looking to get more and more information about them.

Ideally, you want the niche to be something that people were interested in 50 years ago, and they’re going to be interested in 50 years from now.

A perfect example is the relationship niche. People were falling in and out of love 50 years ago, and that’s not going to change.

Bad examples would be things that are built around a fad. Like for example, Pokemon Go or something like that.

Do you think people still gonna be playing Pokemon Go in five years?

Probably not.

But are they going to be playing tennis five years from now?


3. Are There Any Successful Competitors?

Knowing that there are some websites out there that are making money is a good sign. So if you look in your niche, and you can’t find anyone else that’s making money, well, you probably shouldn’t go into that niche.

So you’re looking for niche recurring income potential. You’re looking is anyone making money on monthly basis in that niche.

That means that people are interested to spend money every month regularly. So people are already selling something and people are buying it.

You don’t want to create demand for something new. You’re looking for something that already exists.

4.  Are People Searching for Topics Within a Niche?

Another category is search volume, you want to make sure that people are searching for the things that are in your prospective niche to make sure that you can make some money in that.

5. Are There Any Affiliate Opportunities?

Then you also want to be able to see that there are some available products that you have products you can review and recommend.

So you want to find affiliate opportunities that are already set up, in other words, that there’s already an affiliate network or affiliate programs out there that are already offering products that people can buy.

If you look and there are lots of affiliate opportunities that are already set up, then that’s great.

If you go too narrow, you might only have a couple of available products. If that’s the case you want to broaden your niche out maybe a little bit.

So these are the five items, these are the five market must-haves that you’re looking for when choosing your blogging niche. When you can get these categories all to intersect, you have found your ideal niche.


So the rule of thumb is, when you’re choosing a blogging niche, don’t go too narrow so that you box yourself in so that you can only talk about one thing.

But also, don’t go too broad. Don’t just be a digital marketing blog. If you’re covering everything in digital marketing, you might lose relevance.

So if you want to be seen as an expert in some blogging niche, don’t go too broad. Find a middle there.

Think about the narrow topics that you can cover that you’re passionate about, but choose a broader domain or brand that can extend in the future.

Now it’s your turn.

What holds you back from choosing your blogging niche? Tell me in the comments below.

Anthony Miller is a blogger and freelance writer who helps busy bloggers get long-form, SEO-optimized content for their blogs, so they can focus on other important aspects of their online businesses.

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